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Welcome to my creative space where I share poems that will move you (some w/audio), stories that will entertain you, photographs that will uplift you, and interviews of people who will inspire you. My weekly reflective posts ask you to take a deep breath and a minute or two, which I hope for your sake, you have the time to do. If you appreciate generous portions of thoughtfully crafted inspiring words with a sprinkling of nature and humor too, then this space will suit you. I invite you to join me on this inspirational journey where I capture and interpret what I see, hear, and feel around me. Click on the follow button or enter your email below and you will receive my Saturday posts.

A bit about me~A veteran High School English teacher who is called to teach, but who stepped away from a busy classroom to pursue other passions, following some life changes and deep reflection. After years of running out of time at the end of the day, I decided to finally make my creative passions a priority. I have been doing so in a variety of ways and every day brings new discoveries. As you will learn if you spend time in my blog, I am a blessed mom to an amazing and accomplished artist, who taught me how to look up from books and see the world around me. When not sitting in front of a screen or behind a book, I find time to dance and I find peace and beauty in nature. When the weekend comes, I explore mountains, trails, lakes, and parks with my adventurous husband. Not completely removed from teaching, I assist Sandra Marinella, author of The Story You Need to Tell, with her important work on teaching narrative therapy (writing to heal). Thank you for visiting and have an inspired day. 💗 Michele
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A Celebration Under Lights

Three days ago, August 5th, I celebrated my one-year blog anniversary. During the morning of my blog anniversary I published an eBook with twenty-five poems from my blog, along with one photograph from each post (link below), and then I digitally shared my eBook and anniversary accomplishment with friends and family. If not for COVID …

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