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Arizona native, writing and photographing my way toward intentional and inspired living.

Hi, my name is Michele and I created this blog in August of 2019 as a forum for sharing my intentional change journey, after experiencing two life changes. I began writing last summer to process and move through these life changes. I believed then, that writing through loss and transition could help me create intentional and inspired living. My belief has been validated every week since.

As a life-long journaler, I know the healing power of writing, but I wasn’t as sure about the “sharing” part of this writing journey. Hesitantly, I began publishing posts with the goal of moving through change and hopefully inspiring others, who may also be going through life changes. What I didn’t know at the start of this blog journey, is that sharing and connecting with others (around the world) has given me a creative outlet and brought more healing, growth, and joy than writing (and photographing) alone ever could have. I look forward to continuing on this path and meeting more inspiring readers and writers.  

My weekly Saturday posts include poems, short stories, original photographs, and occasional interviews focused on people who inspire. Initially focusing on change – my change – my blog forum has shifted to more focus on inspiring experiences, people, and places. My main objective each week is to continue writing and photographing, and of course, sharing, however those words, ideas, and images show up. To read my weekly posts, either scroll down, or go directly to my blog feed. If you would like to receive my weekly inspired posts, that include original photographs, please follow my blog. You can also find me @mlsefton on Instagram. Thank you for taking the time to read my words – your valuable time spent reading and commenting on my blog encourages me on this journey. 💗   

Before I published my first blog post, I began writing what I call my “50 Life Stories.” These stories, that I work on weekly, are stories from my life that stand out for a variety of reasons and that, when completed, will total fifty stories. My goal has been to let each subject show up organically, without a clear direction of each story, before beginning this project. I have succeeded in this goal and continue to be surprised (and sometimes saddened) by my memories. However the memories manifest, I am grateful, because the writing experience has been healing and transformative. I am closing to finishing – five more to go (2/18/20)!

Thank you for stopping by and best wishes on your journey! Michele
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Potential Peril at every Turn – Traveling the Road to Hana

Some paths are supposed to be walked on, even encouraged, and others come with a warning. Our Road to Hana tour guide, Alex, considered the, “Warning – Stay off the Path” sign a suggestion, not anything to be taken seriously. We followed Alex, passed the sign that warned us to turn around. “Oh, that’s just …

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