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A bit more about this blog~My weekly reflective posts ask you to pause, take a deep breath, and a minute or two, which I hope for your sake, you have the time to do. If you appreciate generous portions of thoughtfully crafted inspiring words, then this space will suit you. Since beginning this blog in August of 2019 I have written about a variety of topics, including the natural world, love, loss, art, dancing, writing, reading, teaching, self-discovery, empowerment, motivation, dreams, isolation, the global pandemic, and social justice issues. My photographs are also carefully chosen to enhance each post and give you a visual escape during your busy day. As myinspiredlife.org enters its second year, readers can expect that I will continue crafting posts that move and uplift, while remembering to highlight life’s playful and funny. I invite you to join me on this inspirational journey where I capture and interpret what I see, hear, and feel around me. Click on the follow button or enter your email below and you will receive my Saturday posts.🌅

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a Poet’s News and a Writer’s Dream (audio)

a Poet’s News My writing week began with a special post about a local art gallery displaying three of my daughter’s prints and two of my poems and I am ending my writing week with another special share; this one is about one poem I wrote five months ago during the National Poetry Month. My …

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