Making More Space for Hellos

My intentional change journey involves taking steps to live my best life, now. An important aspect of this process is releasing possessions, thoughts, memories, relationships, and routines that do not support me on this path. Writing and sharing allows me to clear my crowded closets and frees up valuable space. My poem, letter, or whatever label you would like to give it, lists a few farewells. Glance at them quickly, for they are leaving; I am letting them go. Thank you and hello.

I encourage you to take some time, to write your own “Farewell/Hello” list. Who or what do you feel compelled to say farewell to? So that you can make more space for hellos. Write your list. Then share it, shred it, burn it, mail it, or … whatever (helpful) release feels right to you.

Farewells and Hellos

A poem. A letter. A list. Call it what you will.

To the teacher who told me to, “stand in the back row, to hide your full figure” before a group photo-


To the girls who talked behind my back when they had each other, and I stood alone-


To the college student who took credit for my writing and the professor who praised his work-


To the lady who chided me, when I confided that teaching high school may not be my path. “You need to figure out what you’re doing with your life,” she said.


To the people who mistake kindness for weakness-


To the fearful and burdened version of myself-


To the voice inside my head that whispers, “You can’t!” “You shouldn’t!” “What will they think?”


I no longer have room for you. You have been replaced.

With friends.

To the storytellers who give their words breath-


To the fellow dreamers who know we should never stop exploring-


To the artists whose creations make me pause and ponder-


To the inspiring people who support me and shine the light-


To my teachers, your belief and guidance leads the way-  


To the daughter who taught me how to see the world through artist’s eyes and with an open soul-


To the man who met me where I was, and alongside me, has walked the path of love.  


I am making more space for you. I hope that you can stay.

My friends.

Preview of upcoming interview: I will soon be interviewing an inspiring family of five who recently left the security of living and working in Arizona to make a bold move to Hawaii. I look forward to learning more about their journey, which to many, including myself, sounds like paradise. However, I suspect it is not without its challenges.

Picture 1: Me in San Diego, CA Picture 2: My guy and my girl in Oregon (studying on the beach) and in Santa Cruz, CA (heading to a wedding ceremony in the woods) Picture 3: Me in Granville Island, BC

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If you are going through a life change or know someone who is, I would love to learn more and possibly share your/their story on a weekly post. Please send me a note if interested.

Thank you and have an inspired weekend!



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6 thoughts on “Making More Space for Hellos

  1. VP

    Thank you for your insight, once again! I enjoyed immensely reading your blog and viewing your shared photos.
    You inspire me so much to want to reflect on my own journey.
    I appreciate you!

    Liked by 1 person

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