Only So Many Days

Life sometimes delivers a diversion

from what currently is and reveals all that can be.

That is exactly what happened to me.

I was walking a familiar path that had become stagnant and uninspired.  





I found only fragments of the sun’s rays here and there.

I kept walking, accepting that this was my fate,

but quietly praying that I would find my way.

That I could find the courage to run




that radiates promise, hope, and wonder.

My dreams were dwindling with each setting of the sun.

Then life took care of what I could not.

It forced me to confront personal loss.

My heart exposed; my soul reclaimed.

I was reminded that I am given

only so many days.

We are each given

only so many days.

Only so many days-

To pause on our well-worn path, look up, and wonder.

Only so many days-

To find a gap in the dark and run toward the light.

Only so many days-

To nurture our own dreams, like we do those of others.

Only so many days-

To greet our fears like a harmless stranger –

look her in the eye, extend a firm hand, and say hello.

Only so many days-

To be surprised by what we can dream up, act on, and accomplish.

Only so many days-

To create our own path and be our own hero.

Only so many days-

To be the incredible you; the only you there is.

Don’t let your hope dwindle.

Don’t let your dreams go dark.

Look for an opening, find





Toward the ray, find the courage to run.

A ray, that might begin as only one.

A ray, that will expand,  

and in time,

 surround you

with love.

To listen to audio file, click here:

50 Life Stories update:  I am currently working on Story #32. I lingered on Story #29 for a bit, because it was such an important story to tell and I needed to relive and move through intense moments and emotions. Story #29 centers around my experience fleeing from a fire in the Black Forest near Colorado Springs in the summer of 2013. Many lives were changed that day, especially the many families who lost homes, and sadly, lives were also lost. I have completed the story and shared the story with a few friends close to the situation. The story has evoked some tears, but it seems to have also delivered more healing surrounding the situation. For that, I am grateful.

When working on the final draft of Story #29, which included adding pictures from my week in Colorado, I had a serendipitous moment that told me I was absolutely on track with my writing purpose that day.

This is what happened, leaving me surprised and speechless:

I had just written out my writing goals for the day, which included completing the Black Forest Fire story. I then opened my FB account to search for a picture, and staring back at me was a picture of me and one of the main characters from Story #29-a lady I met a few days before the fire, and one I formed a special bond with, after fleeing from the fire together. Apparently, six years prior to the day of my writing, I had posted a picture of the two of us, that was taken at the airport, just before I flew home to Phoenix. In the post I told her I missed her. I posted the picture of the two of us five months after leaving Colorado. I had forgotten about the post, and I certainly had not intended on writing our story exactly six years later (or at all). Seeing the picture of the two of us confirmed I was doing exactly what I needed to be doing on the exact day I needed to do it. Special gift of synchrodestiny.  

Preview of upcoming interview: I am in the process of interviewing an inspiring family of five who recently left the security of living and working in Arizona to make a bold move to Hawaii. I look forward to sharing more about their journey, which to many, including myself, sounds like paradise. However, like all major moves, it hasn’t been without its challenges.

If you are receiving my blog through email, thank you for taking the time to follow my blog. For optimum viewing, consider going directly to the web @ for each post. However you choose to look at my posts and pictures, thank you, the only you there is!

Have an inspired weekend! Michele

Picture 1: Sea Lion Cave, Florence, Oregon. An opening that revealed the ocean below and took my breath away. Picture 2: Sunflowers in my backyard Picture 3: Arizona sunset Picture 4: Me in Cottonwood, Arizona @ Dead Horse Ranch State Park Picture 5: Me at the Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona

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