Early Morning Whispers

Whispers from an Early Morning Angel ~ a Poem by Michele Lee Sefton Feelings of love and fragmented visions. I knew you before I met you. Little Angel Spirit, introducing your intentions before you took your first breath.

Traveling the Road to Hana

A few years ago, my husband and I spent a glorious week in Maui. We had many adventures while there, both on the land and on and in the sea. I am sharing an excerpt from my 50 Life Stories collection about our Maui trip. This excerpt, from Story #32, is about traveling the (treacherous) …

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Take Fifteen, then Tackle that Mountain

Tackle that mountain, I will, but first let me rest. Fifteen quiet clicks are all I need, because I canโ€™t climb feeling like this. Exhausted thoughts and limbs just need a brief escape, and then those shoes with extra grip, I will lace. Lights off and eyes closed before I begin my late afternoon ascent. …

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She Weaves Color with Stardust

I am fortunate to have two visual artists in my life who lose themselves in their art and help others see where the expected ends and the imagination begins. One is my daughter, an art and technology major, and the other, is a former coworker and cherished friend. Both inspire me, every week if not …

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Love Can Scatter the Clouds

The veil that blew away in the autumn wind is blowing toward me again. Just rest, close your eyes, sleep โ€“   it is there you will find some peace, the floating shroud whispers its appeal. Enticing and inviting, are these thoughts of repose. More comforting than scabs being exposed โ€“ forcing me to relive …

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