Love Can Scatter the Clouds

The veil that blew away in

the autumn wind

is blowing toward me again.

Just rest, close your eyes, sleep –  

it is there you will find some peace,

the floating shroud whispers its appeal.

Enticing and inviting, are these thoughts of repose.

More comforting than scabs being exposed –

forcing me to relive pain and sorrow.

Don’t resist, just collapse, give in

an escape is where you should begin,

the hovering cloth murmurs its deception.

I listened once, and that was just fine

because a rest is what was needed at that time,

but I am stronger now and ready to fight –

for my self, for my voice, for my life.

I stand firm, ready to face that enveloping cloud,

that hovers above, ready to enshroud.

After a hiatus, nourishment, and rest,

I am stronger, but I need more than strength

to face this approaching cloud and scatter it to shreds.

I need what we all need, a vital supplement –  

of which we don’t always get enough.

I need an infusion of love from dawn to dusk.

To fill my space with joy and drive the sadness away,

starting today, and lasting until the 29th of February,

I will begin a twenty-nine-day Love campaign.

Every odd day I will take a moment (or two)

to comfort myself with extra Love.

Whatever brings me joy, I will make the time to do.

Every even day I will wrap others with the Love,

that from my expanding heart will flow.

The more Love I give away, the more it will grow.

Turning these approaching clouds and their gloomy ways

into scattered fragments that enhance, not retract, Love’s far-reaching rays.

I know I am not alone in feeling this way.

That a month devoted to hearts and candy,

can sometimes betray.

Focusing on Love, when I want to retreat,

won’t be easy; I want to quit

before I even begin.

To stay accountable to my goal,

my Love shares I will post.

Spreading more Love with each scroll.

On this Love quest, I invite you to join,

turning my dream of an infused Love month,

into your own.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my introspective poem that addresses moving through sadness and helping others do the same. I hope your January gave you many moments of joy and your February delivers lots of love. ❤️ Have an inspired weekend! Michele

Picture 1: Crescent City, California Picture 2: View from hotel in Oakland, California Picture 3: Crescent City, California Picture 4: Lake Pleasant, Arizona Picture 5: Walking on the beach in California

Copyright © 2020 Michele Lee Sefton. All Rights Reserved.

4 thoughts on “Love Can Scatter the Clouds

    1. Thank you. 🙏 Being sad from time to time is part of being human, but when I felt a sadness wash over me while in the Valentine aisle last week, I knew I did not want that feeling to pull me down too far or for too long, as I approach the 1st anniversary of my dad’s passing. 💔
      Focusing on love this week, for myself and others, is helping me move through sadness, and hopefully bringing some joy to others. 💕


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