Making a Difference During this Fragmented Existence

Like everyone, I am over this virus business and want so much to move along, but I fear, in the U.S., we may be at the start of what is not a sprint, but a marathon. Because writing helps me process life and keep a level head, I once again find myself sharing words that …

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Two Transpiring Paradigms

Tried hard, I did, to push these thoughts aside. I started writing a humorous story about a runaway van, that was sure to get at least one laugh, but the grocery lines are long and the lines that follow this paragraph kept interrupting my funny story with their demands. A war of ideas waged. Funny …

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A Tattered Poem

I am not an alarmist, but please know, if COVID-19 finds me and it is my time to go, how much I enjoy sharing my words and photos. Writing poetry seems frivolous during a time that has become so serious, but perhaps, a few more poems can help lift us. A Tattered Poem She held …

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Delicate, but Strong, Two Windblown Beings

On our last Sunday hike, I was met with a warm breeze, and for just a moment, it brought with it a memory of being a dusty girl who was innocent, wild, and free.