A Tattered Poem

I am not an alarmist, but please know, if COVID-19 finds me and it is my time to go, how much I enjoy sharing my words and photos. Writing poetry seems frivolous during a time that has become so serious, but perhaps, a few more poems can help lift us.

A Tattered Poem
She held a poem deep within
where no one else could see
where all her secrets lay

She never shared this poem
with anyone for fear
of what others would say

She let the lines dance
through her mind but
never said the words

She kept quiet for chance
a word or two might slip
through her sealed lips

She let fear win and began
pushing the words back
into their hiding place

She carried on this way
ignoring the poet
hidden safely away

and then one day …

She could no longer contain
the words would
have their way

She stood on the street corner
and shouted her poem
as loud as she could

She looked around afraid
of what she had done
letting out her words

She watched people pass by
no one noticed her
as busy as they were

She tried again, closing her eyes
shouting even louder
than she had done before

She opened her eyes and realized
no one heard the words
she had buried deep inside

She sighed and then tossed her poem
into the wind and watched
her revealed words float by

She went back to her life
no longer carrying
the poem deep inside

She passed that street many
times, remembering the
lines she had cried

She laughed at herself for
being so foolish to think
anyone would care

and then one day …

She noticed the streets
once so crowded
had become scarce

She wondered where
everyone had disappeared
they must be living in fear

She walked the street alone
except for the tattered poem
that back to her had blown

She saw on the bottom of
the torn and tattered paper
the scribbled words –

I was feeling so alone when your page blew my way. Thank you for sharing this gift that I want to keep to myself, but I am tossing this tattered poem back into the wind, because these exposed lines may help someone else feel less alone today.

While processing the events of the week – a spreading virus, dropping stocks, disappearing supplies, cancelled events and flights, and people living in (understandable) fear – I had an image of a girl walking along a desolate street, holding one of the few things that our current circumstance can not erase – a poem that she can give away.

Thank you for stopping by. Stay safe and be well and may you continue to find inspiration in a world that is unsettled. Michele ❤️

Pictures 1: Our backyard after a winter rain Picture 2: My daughter in Portland, Oregon Picture 3: Me posing with Jack London’s statute in Oakland, California

Copyright © 2020 Michele Lee Sefton. All Rights Reserved.

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