The Seen and Unseen that Moves all Things

Love is the theme this week. Not just the romantic connection felt between two, but the mysterious force that moves all things into being.

The rhythm of life, everywhere can be seen
from the tiniest seeds, to the tallest of trees
from the deepest depths, to the highest peak
The invisible and pulsing omnipotent force
that pulses every living creature into being
is the same vibrating force beating between
you and me

The blowing winds, sometimes gently carry
the fragile start of a strong and sturdy tree
other times the winds intensely unleash
storms that topple plants and humanity
The winds travel across sands and oceans
releasing creation and drawing it back in
like our rhythmic breath, when it is just
you and me

The shifting land, inching slowly toward
another mass, that is not moving away,
can be felt underfoot when two plates
collide underneath. The bodies tremble
and quake as new peaks and valleys are
formed. The movements are seismic and
cause solid structures to shutter and shake
A force measured but never contained
is the same energy exchanged between
you and me

The matter that makes reality tangible
that which can be felt with two hands
or seen with a naked eye, is the same
matter that must also be amplified
through a lens – either looking down,
looking up or looking within. A great
matter of mysterious origin, the matter
that bursts antimatter into pure energy
is the seen and unseen matter between
you and me

Whether brought into existence
from a gentle or powerful strength
Nothing remains unmoved.
Nothing is left unchanged.
    Not life,
     Not the wind,
      Not the land beneath,
       Not the microscopic or grand matter actualizing all things

and not the expanding
creation, breath, passion,
and connection between
you and me

Thank you for stopping by and reading my poem about a force that can be gentle in its approach, but when unleashed, it is more powerful than all others. The power of love.

We have all seen and felt our share of fear, as we collectively experience the real threats of a global pandemic. We are also witnessing a force overtake that fear, as people, “all it in together,” come together to help each other, whether they share the same roof, neighborhood, or sister and brotherhood. I hope you too feel the love that is flowing so dynamically through hearts and across our planet. Wishing you a weekend of inspired thoughts and abundant love. ❤️Michele

Picture 1: Just before sunset from Sabino Canyon, Tucson Picture 2: When night intersects day, from Sabino Canyon

© 2020 Michele Lee Sefton.

15 thoughts on “The Seen and Unseen that Moves all Things

  1. We are Rosie, thank you. I hope you are as well. Life certainly has been unpredictable and challenging. 😞 I am doing my best to stay positive, productive, and healthy. I wish the same for you – amazing artist that you are! 🥰
    Best to you,


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