Let Your Voice be Heard (audio poems)

Reading aloud and recording my poems over the last two weeks has reminded me how much I miss reading stories and poems to high school students. So, with that joy in mind, I will continue speaking into my phone and sharing my recorded lines. I have selected two previously published poems to share with you today. If you have been with me for a few months, you may recognize these titles, that you first read on your own. If you are new to this site, then both these two poems, and my voice will be new. However long you have been stopping by, I will enjoy revisiting two poems and reading them to you. **To both read and listen, open poem link in new tab, then push play here, and follow along there.**
“Pointless Poet Writes While the World Waits” by Michele Lee Sefton
“Only So Many Days” by Michele Lee Sefton
Trying new things can be awkward and uncomfortable, but always worth the growth it provides, so thank you for joining me on my newly added audio endeavor, as I work on pacing and audio technology, other than my phone.😉
Either through the mail or on my step, soon, I will be receiving a poetry collection proof for review. When I do, I will carefully look over my lines and my daughter’s beautiful drawings, and make sure everything is as we wish. After completing that task, we will be ready to publish our first of three collections, titled, Being a Woman. 😊

Thank you for stopping by and reading and listening to two of my poems, that although previously published, are still relevant. Have an inspired weekend and remember, there is only one incredible you.💕 Michele

Picture 1: Taken at sunset along New River Trail in Peoria, Arizona  Picture 2: Taken at sunset at Lake Havasu State Park, Arizona  Picture 3: Taken at sunset along New River Trail in Peoria, Arizona

Copyright © 2020 Michele Lee Sefton. All Rights Reserved.

4 thoughts on “Let Your Voice be Heard (audio poems)

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  3. asumoftheparts

    I absolutely LOVED your voice reading of these two poems. It makes them so much more personal and allows the reader to know exactly the emphasis you want on each word. The slow reading really helps to contemplate the words and verses. I use to LOVE reading aloud to my students. I think it is a learning tool that should not be reserved for elementary kids. Vicki


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    1. Thank you for your positive feedback and support, as I explore new features and tools in this format, and as I reacquaint myself with my storytelling voice. I began a love affair with reading aloud when I was in first grade and my teacher frequently called on me to read during story time. I agree, leaving elementary school should not equal leaving behind the joy and benefit of hearing what is on the page. 😊


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