Dreams Do Come True

“There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.” ― Homer, The Odyssey

I am going to share a secret about me, that is known only to those close to me. Even those who know this side of me, have probably forgotten, because it is something I rarely discuss. My “secret” is not intriguing, like a secret identity. Rather, my secret, is probably best described as a mysterious trait. Regardless of how I define this side of me, I rarely share what I am about to share in this post, because it is odd and it just doesn’t fit into the getting to know you conversation. Well, once it did, but that is not the norm. Perhaps if I discussed my quirky trait more often, I might discover that it is more common than I assume. Tell me, reader, if you share this mysterious trait.

Occasionally, with no warning or similar causal circumstances, I dream dreams that eventually come true. Not the type of dreams one might have in the middle of the afternoon, trying to escape the doldrums of life, or the dreams we envision for our lives. I have plenty of those too. I am referring to the dreams we have during R.E.M. The fragmented, sometimes frightening, and often nonsensical stories that usually disappear from our memories, just after we open our eyes in the morning. I am going to share the details of one of my mysterious dreams. You may choose to believe all that I write or dismiss all or part as fiction – the choice is yours. But believe me when I say, dreams really do come true.

*If you are interested in the topic of dreams, the references below may interest you.

A Dreamy Story

Girls’ Night Out
As a new mom, I had not been out with my girlfriends in almost two years when my Phoenix friends called to invite me to a girls’ night out. I was excited to go out with friends and also a bit nervous to leave my baby, even for a few hours. She would be in good hands, but it was still hard for me to leave her. I was excited about where we might go and what we might do, but I already had a sense of the evening’s direction before it even began. I doubt anyone would believe me though.

Dream Details
Months before my friends called to invite me out, I had a dream about going out with the same group of friends. The details of that dream evening was absolutely the stuff of fantastical worlds. In my dream, after meeting up with each other, we found ourselves walking in downtown Phoenix. I had never done that with this group of friends, so this alone was strange. It was dark and the streets were quiet, only a few people here and there. We walked, talked, and laughed and then we turned into a tall building. Suddenly, we were traveling in an elevator without any elevator walls. Part dream fantasy, part Willy Wonka land. We laughed our way up and down the elevator ride.

Back on the street, we continued walking and then we were transported into a bar – a large bar, with hundreds of people. Music was playing. We danced and drank and laughed. Then Dan Majerle appeared in my dream (Phoenix Suns basketball celebrity). Majerle was in the bar, surrounded by fans; he stood above the people gathering around him. This scene was absolutely the stuff of dream creations, bordering on ridiculous. I rarely watch sports and had never dreamed about sports celebrities. The night continued with us enjoying ourselves, laughing and dancing into the evening.

I woke up laughing. What a silly dream. My brain must have been scrambled from being a sleep-deprived new mom. I did not think much else about the dream, but I did not forget it. The not forgetting is an important piece of this premonition dream business; writing dreams in a journal also helps to connect dream details to dream realization. I often remember my dreams, especially dreams like this one. How could I forget this one? I rode a wall-less elevator and an Arizona sports icon appeared. None of these events seemed possible, including me spending the evening in a bar. In my dreams felt like the only place going out would happen at that point in my life.

Glass Elevator and Sports Icon
At least, that is what I thought until my friend Tess called to invite me out with a few girlfriends. After hanging up the phone with her, a twinkle of that dream appeared. I had experienced premonition dreams before, so I knew it was a possibility, but how could any of these events happen? The wheels were in motion though. We scheduled our night out a few weeks from that date. Tess suggested we meet in downtown Phoenix; my friends would plan everything else. A treat for the new mom. Of course we would meet in downtown Phoenix. Here we go.

My husband drove me downtown, then I met up with friends. We walked our way to the first adventure my friends had planned for the evening. My friends took me into the Hyatt Regency building that houses a glass elevator. As we rode the elevator to the top floor, my mind was suspended in disbelief, amusement, and feelings of déjà vu. For the first time, I shared my dream details with my friends. We laughed. They laughed harder – at me. I told them, before our night is done, we will see or meet Dan Majerle. Their laughter turned into disbelief and playful teasing. They said, you’re funny and didn’t give the idea another thought.

We left the building with the glass elevator and walked our way to the Arizona Center and entered a bar that was actually several different bars connected through openings that allowed bar goers to easily travel from one bar to the next without needing to go outside and back in again. Each bar was different, with its own bar personality, music, décor, and crowd. In the Sports Bar is where it happened. As I was talking and drinking with my friends. I looked up and there was Dan Majerle, quickly being surrounded by people. Just like my dream, he was standing above the crowd, smiling, talking, and signing autographs. Weird. Not that he would be in a sports bar in Phoenix on a Saturday night, but that I would be there watching a replay of what I had already seen during R.E.M.

Look!, I said, almost choking on my cocktail. They looked and their faces froze as they watched my dream come true before our very eyes.

I can’t believe we are actually seeing Dan Majerle! Carrie said, in disbelief.

I did not say, I told you so, because I could hardly believe what had transpired. For a moment I questioned if I was still in the dream. The unfolding of a dream before my waking eyes left me amazed.

We enjoyed the rest of our evening in that bar, laughing and dancing while an Arizona Suns basketball star carried on with his fans. I do not know if I changed any minds or thoughts about the power of dreams that evening, but I certainly affirmed mine.

This is just one example from my mysterious dream life. This dream story was carefree, but some of my dreams are serious. I have “seen” enough to not disregard the serious dream details when people I know are involved. These dreams show up as they wish. I observe, remember, write down the details in a journal, and then notice when living matches the dreaming. I also pay attention to dream events that may be guiding me to do or not do something in my life.

I have not figured out how to dream winning lottery numbers. I do my best to pay attention to numbers that may float through my sleeping hours. 😉 If I do have such a dream, I will need to remember to actually buy a ticket, then I will have a greater secret to keep – my anonymity after going into hiding with my millions. That would not last long though. I enjoy writing and sharing too much to vanish into a millionaire dream sunset. Sharing my writing with an audience is what I enjoy, not to be confused with sharing too much; I hope I never do that! 😆

Thank you for stopping by. I hope your dreams carry you through monotonous moments and propel you into the future of your desires. 💗Michele

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Picture 1: Taken at Fool Hollow State Park Picture 2: City photo by Philipp Birmes

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18 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True

  1. For a while I wrote down my dreams. Right after I wake up in the morning.
    Because it’s easy for me that I usually forget them very quickly.
    In some dreams I knew that I was dreaming and that I would soon wake up.
    Greetings from the bautiful Rhine-Highlands / Germany…
    Rosie 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes, I do that sometimes, but rarely. I prefer to write down the dream stories. Because my dreams always have a plot. Something is happening in them. A picture or drawing only shows a section, a moment.
        But some moments are so important that I sometimes draw them.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. That was an out-of-body experience, evening. 😲 It is quite interesting when those dreams show up – sometimes they are not as fun as this one. I do my best to pay attention and share if it feels like the right thing to do. I have never tested the theory of having telepathic abilities. 😆 I do have heightened sensitivities to people and situations and a strong intuition, so maybe? 💭 Thank you for reading. 😊 🙏🏻

      Liked by 1 person

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      1. I hope you don’t mind with me reading your older blogs.
        I’m sorry for giving you unwanted notifications 🙏🏼
        I can randomly like your blogs, but that’s not my intention, I just want to show a proper respect towards your blogs and the creator (you)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I not only not mind, I am honored, Devang. I keep writing and moving forward, but when I do reflect on or revisit older posts, I am proud of what I have shared over my 2 1/2 year writing journey, so I am delighted that you have taken the time and an interest. 🙏🏻My posts are like children and I am proud parent. I appreciate your approach. “Likes” are nice, but when people like ten posts in 30 seconds, it is obvious they haven’t read a single thing, or much of anything. Authenticity and connection are more meaningful to me than random likes, so thank you. 🌞


      3. My main idea is to learn from fellow bloggers. I started blogging Last year (August), so when I read other’s work, I see their writing style, choice of words etc, and how I can improve accordingly. I know and respect that you have given a significant amount of time to your blogs, and if I like them randomly, that means I don’t care about your work and overall that attitude will not help me anyhow. We write blogs for readers, and if readers can read them and appreciate, that’s true happiness. Honestly, I don’t want to read too many blogs of yours on a single day, rather I want to enjoy them slowly and learn from them. Thanks and have a peaceful time ahead. Also, comments goes in spam, so please keep checking that 🙏🏼

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