Under a Sapphire Sky (audio poem)

“Under a Sapphire Sky”

Return, I did
From the mountain top
Bringing all of me, I did not
Before the sapphire sky gave
Forth its cool afternoon rains
A gust of freshness did sway
Around my limbs, it wrapped
Cool wind and hot skin, we danced
Head tilted back and body relaxed
One more glimpse at the jewel above
Playing peek-a-boo
With leaves quivering below
Eyes now closed
In a blissful moment
It happened – reality cracked
The flowing breeze stopped
But leave me, it did not
The one who came to Tango,
The partner who held me close
Quickly departed
Leaving me intact
The dancer, did not
Soul fragments now scattered
In every direction
Leaving me exposed and detached
I do not mind
That part of me
Was left behind
Until we reunite –

My mountain soul
Scattered, yet one
Will dance across
The treetops
Then tumble down
After skipping seven times
Across the water’s surface
Joining other stones rolling along
Smoothed and perfected
Along the river’s hidden bed

My mountain soul
Will howl at night
And in the morning
Soar, glide, and dive
Into a rippling reflection
Of the sapphire sky

My mountain soul
Will notice the changing colors
Of waning golden afternoons
Amber, auburn, and maroon
Filling the dynamic canopy
Until leaves gently release
Painting the soil beneath

My mountain soul
Will gather, store, and slow
Preparing for isolation
Following winter’s first snow
Discoveries found in each reflection
Within her own expansiveness
And on the changing water below
My Mountain soul
Waits patiently
For the host she came from
To gather the pieces
And become one
When all is still
I hear her calling to me
Soaring on an Eagle’s wing
She is fearless and free

It happened in a moment, like my poem describes. Lying under the trees, I felt the wind shift and my soul set free, sensing my connection to nature and to life’s limitless possibilities. 🌄

I hope life is treating you well. Enjoy your weekend. 💗Michele

*Photo (left)-Do you see the large bird in the tree? Check out my Instagram post on July 18th to see my captured photo of the red-tailed hawk and to learn more about the plight of this beautiful creature. You can find me @mlsefton

Pictures 1-5: Taken at Fool Hollow Lake State Park, Show Low, Arizona Picture 6: Flagstaff, Arizona (last stop of our mountain camping week)

Copyright © 2020 Michele Lee Sefton. All Rights Reserved.

14 thoughts on “Under a Sapphire Sky (audio poem)

  1. asumoftheparts

    I know I’ve said this before, but this may be your best poem to date. It moves me, I see and feel what you feel—that freedom of soaring on eagles’ wings and skipping along the water as flat stones do. Beautiful imagery. I can see why these sensations, while being experienced, could make you cry.


    Liked by 4 people

    1. YOUR words move me. That moment in the woods under a sapphire sky, that this poem attempts to describe, was so moving and profound. I wasn’t sure I would be able to read aloud without crying. The last stanza is emotional for me. Thank you for reading and listening, and for your feedback. 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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