Exciting News to Share!

No, it is not Saturday, but I have some exciting news to share. Our second Being a Woman poetry collection is now available! Wait, there’s more … the first collection, Being a Woman – Overcoming is now available as an eBook. I have been busy creating options for your woman-poetry-reading-palette.

Poem from Being a Woman – Becoming poetry collection.
Clicking on the poem will take you to the book and the “Look Inside” feature*.

The second collection, Being a Woman – Becoming, is an empowered collection of poems that highlight the ability of women to persevere and achieve. This collection also includes three poems that have historical reference that are timely and relevant. I hope you enjoy a preview of that collection, my poem, “Day Break” and the illustrator’s interpretation of that poem. Additional previews are available on the “Look Inside” feature.

Original drawing from Being a Woman – Overcoming poetry collection.
Clicking on the image will take you to the eBook and the “Look Inside” feature*.

The eBook edition of Being a Woman – Overcoming, the first collection, includes original drawings from the paperback edition (formatted for an e-reader), although the paperback version does have additional artistic elements.  

*If not seeing the “Look Inside” feature, try searching from a PC, vs. a phone.

Thank you for stopping by and learning about, what I call, our “Pandemic Project.” Working long-distance with my artist daughter has been a blessing and at times challenging given our distance, but I am so proud of our collaborative work and we are both excited to share! When I see her in a few weeks, we are going to take an updated photo (this one is four-years old). 😆 She (puts up with) loves me.😉

14 thoughts on “Exciting News to Share!

  1. Michele, i love these wonderful drawings. They are so beautiful to me because they are life-affirming.
    In a few sweeping strokes, a beauty is shown that all women can participate in.
    The drawings go wonderfully with the poems shown here.
    Greetings from the beautiful Rhine-Highlands / Germany
    🙂🦋❤🌺 🙂

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