Moon Dreams, Beams, and Schemes (audio poem)

Under the Same Moon (audio poem)
One Full Moon, Three Perspectives
Moon Dreams
Desperate to rest from waking sleep
the one who tosses, turns, and churns
set out to find the color of midnight
to eclipse a mind void of waking dreams
her weary body resting near a tree
gentle waves and swaying leaves
replace the veil she once did seek
now mesmerized by a shimmering orb
the heavenly body dances and flirts
drawing her close
wanting to dive into the center
of her celestial lover
a hand reaching, fingers brushing
barely touching
the illusion now disturbed
Moon Dreams blurred

Moon Beams
Desperate to be together
the far-flung lovers
who toss and turn when apart
set out to find each other
when a full moon will light love’s way
turning the color of midnight into day
anticipation, awaiting a future destination
under a willow tree, by the water’s edge
where they will drown in their own reflection
held, not in the pond, but in their lover’s gaze
their wait finally over when the moon did crest
running toward where they and leaves will sway
the patient lovers suspend their pace and their breath
upon discovering two who first arrived
under the willow tree, entwined
hands reaching, fingers clasping
barely touching
their lover’s dream disturbed
Moon Beams deferred

Moon Schemes
Desperate to stand tall once again
the ambiguous amphibian
who was once a human
now leaps, licks, and croaks
set out to find a lady, or a bloke
on a night raining with moon beams
a night arousing dormant moon dreams
calling sleepwalkers and separated lovers
searching for the color of midnight
to disappear into the ether
or to be found in another’s sight
a spell cast many moons ago
too many to count, especially with sticky toes
the little green frog has tried
to delight with bulging eyes
to steal a kiss
but no other night has felt quite like this
there, under the willow tree, by the water’s edge
a weeping lady with her body and left hand stretched
having spilled enough tears to fill this pond
the hopeful frog had but one thought–
“we are on the same level, she and me”
without hesitation, it leaped
a frog reflection, it did see
disappear after a smooch was snatched
turning one human into two, now entwined
a curse disturbed
Moon Schemes honored

For those interested in the writing process~During the evenings of August 31-September 3rd, I was out taking photos of the captivating moon. On September 2, while taking a photo of the Corn Moon, I visualized a woman, alone, by a pond, under a full moon. An image of two lovers, under the same moon, but in the distance, quickly followed. Thinking about those images the next day, I began thinking about writing poems showing different perspectives of similar subjects. I had several ideas before the, “under the moon” location became the predominant idea. I wrote the first two poems, “Dreams” and “Beams” during the morning of Labor Day. The frog poem came along a few days later and after several other perspectives tumbled through my brain (the tree, tree roots, a fish, etc.). The frog in the pond, that became the subject of the third poem, was the loudest voice (or croak), and one that seems so obvious and planned, but my poetic journey went through many iterations before writing about the woes of lovers, under a full moon, with a fairy tale twist.   

Thank you for stopping by and reading my poems about what might happen when moon beams shine, which makes me think of moonshine. Another perspective! Next time. Enjoy your weekend! 🐸🌕 Michele

Picture 1: “Corn Moon,” taken 9/2/20 Picture 2: A frog (duh) that has been patiently waiting in my photos for the perfect moment to make an appearance, taken during a backyard party w/my phone, many moons ago Picture 3: An almost full moon taken 8/31/20

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35 thoughts on “Moon Dreams, Beams, and Schemes (audio poem)

  1. asumoftheparts

    I love the stream-of-consciousness feel of the long poem, and I especially enjoy your validation of the writing process—always so important. The teacher in you is showing through, Michele. Vicki


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    1. Thank you yassy. 🥰 I enjoy writing each of my Saturday posts, but this one was particularly fun. Must be something about those moon inspired thoughts. 💓 A second read, a “masterpiece” – I am honored. There are a few things going on with these lines, structure, ideas, parallel structure, and so on … 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. 😊 I also love learning and reading about the creative process and I love to read drafts-I keep all of mine for that reason. I shared the process with this poem, because there were many thoughts and steps between the vision of the lady in the first poem and publishing. Thank you for your helpful feedback. 🙏🏻


      1. I love learning about the inspiration behind creations, whether it is a book, a character, a sculpture, a song, or any other creative endeavor. I imagine the final product is often quite different from initial ideas. Yes, it is a wonder how things find life, and take on a life of their own.


  2. I love how this poem sounds on the lips; the words flow into each other with such ease! I also love that you shared some of the inspiration behind this poem! It is always a treat to me to see how the writer was inspired. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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