Saturday Shorts – Sonoran Sunshine

Welcome to the third installment of my “Saturday Shorts.” Today’s shorts include true tales from the Sonoran Desert, helpful tips on how to survive the scorching “dry” heat, and a bonus short, just for fun. It may be cooling down elsewhere, but it is still very hot in my lovely state – we are now at 135 days of over 100 degrees F. and today should bring us to 136 days. πŸ”₯ I love learning about other places and cultures through my blog interactions; I hope you enjoy this post – a snapshot of life in Arizona. All photographs are mine this time (except for the picture of me taking a picture). πŸ“· πŸ˜„ All quotes are mine, except for the one I borrowed from an animated ass. 😜

My camera lens was clean – where the donkeys go, there go the flying insects.

I recently experienced what my photography teacher would have described as a β€œdecisive moment.” The term, made popular by street photographer and photojournalist, Henri Cartier-Bresson, refers to capturing an event that is spontaneous. My moment, that might not exactly fit his definition, was a gorgeous and quickly vanishing sunset. I had only a few minutes to capture the perfectly placed smoke-enhanced setting sun. I was aiming (haha) for several descending shots and I did not want the moment to be a blur (hahaha). Without a tripod, I became the steady stand – elbows in and legs square for balance – I focused and began clicking (cell phone photo below). Fortunately, my camera was properly set and I did not miss the moment! I hope life brings you plenty of sunshine! 🌞 Michele

Cell phone cameras get the job done, but they do not compare to shooting in the manual mode with a DSLR camera, especially one with a telephoto lens. πŸ₯°

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Photos: All nature photos were taken from as far south as Tucson, up to Prescott (Northern AZ) and several places in between. The citrus, salsa ingredients, and rat trap photo (odd list) are from mi casa. πŸ‹ 🌢 πŸ€ 🏑

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23 thoughts on “Saturday Shorts – Sonoran Sunshine

  1. asumoftheparts

    Enjoyable trip down memory lane. As an Arizona native, I’ve experienced each of the scenarios you share. What a beautiful and giving state we live in.


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  2. Poetpas

    Haha, some funny quotes there. The one about the rat and the donkey are right up my street. It’s like one Stan Laurel had: β€œYou can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be lead” 😁

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  3. I must say you have a great eye for photography. Love these pictures. I need to see them again. One read I can’t take it all in. I want a leisurely peek into every picture and word. You have given me quite a cinematic experience with this post. Great quotes there lol my ass ..

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    1. Thank you Yasmin. 😊 Capturing moments visually, along with words, brings me great creative joy. Such a blessing, especially this year!πŸ“Έ ✍🏻 πŸ’— Yes, that funny talking ass … he also gave us a cinematic experience. Quite the animated character. πŸ˜‚

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  4. β€œI paint the objects and places that I love and are a part my everyday life. I find inspiration in the Sonoran Desert landscape in and around Tucson, Arizona where I live. I am very interested in its natural beauty, historic manmade structures, and stories left behind. I am equally interested in the atmosphere that surrounds these places and the moods they evoke.

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    1. Ahtoh, thank you for sharing. Tucson is special for many reasons. We lived there for five years – I miss friends, Sabino Canyon, and several other gorgeous and peaceful places in and near Tucson. Do you have a website?


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