Our Poems and Prints on Display

I hope your week is off to a healthy and happy start. I have some fun news to share and did not want to wait until my devoted post day – Saturday. Yesterday I visited the West Valley Art Museum, a local gallery that just opened a new exhibit, “Treasures of the West Valley.” The gallery has been quiet since COVID interrupted our lives, so it is wonderful to see them displaying and promoting art once again. The gallery is managed by a devoted group of people supporting art and artists in our community. I am happy to share that two of the featured artists are me and my daughter, Sammi Lee. She is the true artist, I just put words together and sometimes they even rhyme. 😆 A few months ago, we were contacted by the curator of the museum who invited us to participate in the upcoming exhibit after seeing a sampling of our work online. Of course, I was honored and excited to participate.

A special invitation made even more special by pairing my writing with my daughter’s art. I have enjoyed creating poetry chapbooks with her (long distance) over the last several months and how fun it is to see our work hanging side-by-side on a wall in an art gallery, for others to enjoy. The gallery is displaying three of my daughter’s digital prints, and two of my poems. My two poems have been previously published on my blog and with COVID making in-person poetry reading an impossibility, I am gladly sharing the audio versions here, including newly added audio of the poem, “The Seen and Unseen that Moves all Things” (audio poems below).

Thank you kindly for reading and supporting the arts during this National Arts and Humanities Month. If you would like to see Sammi’s featured prints and more of her creative work, including her original clothing line, visit her latest collection at https://www.mintakacollection.com/. You can also find more of her work and adventures on Instagram @hazeluminous.art. If you do give her a visit, wish her a happy birthday while you are there. She and I will be celebrating soon. 🎉 🎂

A special thank you to my friend Leese for joining me at the gallery and taking my photo. 😊 This Saturday, I have some more exciting news to share about another poem, not published on my blog. Catch you then! Be well and enjoy your week! 🎨✍🏻 💕 Michele

Audio of two poems on display:  
The Seen and Unseen that Moves all Things” (audio poem) https://myinspiredlife.org/2020/04/18/the-seen-and-unseen-that-moves-all-things/
“Motherly Strength” (audio poem)

Photographs: Taken by me, except for the one of me. 😄

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32 thoughts on “Our Poems and Prints on Display

    1. Much gratitude akshita. 😊 Seeing our work displayed together was a special moment and my daughter’s vibrant prints light up our corner of the gallery. 😍 I love the thought of people strolling through, pausing to read and look. Thank you.

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      1. My pleasure michele🥰

        The work is so splendid, yes it might be such a special moment for you all, and I must say the prints are totally poignant😍💞
        It should be a great thanks to you for sharing this here, letting us all see such beauty..! It is really wonderful 🥰
        My great pleasure to stop by this..!☺

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