Halloween unSeen (audio poem)

“Halloween unSeen” (Audio Poem)
Halloween unSeen
unSettled was my brain during the days leading up to Halloween.
Shouldn’t I be preparing to celebrate the end of Harvest season?
Not our backyard bounty, that is meager and not worthy of attention,
but carrying forward a festive tradition with ancient Celtic origins.
Another day, another event, altered by 2020 COVID hesitations –
replacing my hurried shopping, costume planning, and decorating
for unfestive leisurely reading, writing, resting, and contemplating.

unSavory was my kitchen during All Hallows’ Eve and on this Halloween.
Where are the steamy loaves of pumpkin bread and frosted cupcake treats?
Absent are the scents that should be escaping my oven and filling my space.
My large pot of hot chilli and tins of homemade cornbread for the neighbors
downgraded to leftover vegan split-pea soup, sealed in the cold refrigerator.

unCommercial were my habits during this month of candy-lined aisles.
Where have I stashed the jumbo bag of treats to be traded for smiles?
Maybe I hid it too well, or maybe I ate more than my share of bite-size.
The large witches’ cauldron that is normally overflowing with chocolate
and a pinch of spooky spells, is now stashed in the attic near a pointy hat.

unInvited to party ideas and plans that were entertained, but never transpired.
Where is my costume, wig, and shoes usually found displayed this time of year?
A costume thief must have snuck in, put them on, and then quietly disappeared.
I have other options, hanging above the empty candy bowl, should I be inspired.
A climb and a step into a dusty creaky attic, and I can quickly be transformed
into a gothic princess, Cleopatra, a witch, a nurse, a 20’s flapper, or Super Woman.

unContested tonight will be, without a costume party to conjure competitive spirits.
No chance to view or vote for the best youth costumes at a nearby holiday competition.
No chance to dress up in my own finest make-believe in hopes of a prize or recognition.
Tonight shall also fail to deliver those who contest receiving only honorable mention.
Sensory overload usually lived on this festive night, exchanged for a full moon reflection.

unAvailable for all activities related to Halloween, I decreed several days ago.
Instead, I will be grabbing my camera and tripod and finding a quiet dark road
leading to a field where the moon casts a stolen glow, creating shape-shifting shadows.
I might see coyotes cautiously congregating before they begin their hunt and howl.
Maybe I will see a bat who is also a pointy-toothed immortal, or a werewolf on the prowl.

Happy unHalloween Everyone!
Enjoy your Halloween or unHalloween, like me. 👻 Whatever you do, remember to look up at the Blue Moon! 🌕

Photo 1: September full moon shot, taken from my neighborhood Photo 2: Me taking a photo of two birds of prey high in the trees, Flagstaff, AZ

28 thoughts on “Halloween unSeen (audio poem)

    1. Thank you, yes, I decided to forego traditions and take advantage of our full moon. It should be enjoyable and hopefully I will find clear skies, which is usually not an issue where I live. A few clouds add interest though. 😄 Maybe I will still wear a costume of sorts … some habits are hard to break. 😆 Have fun!

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  1. asumoftheparts

    How fun to recount all the traditions that accompany this fun season and won’t be happening this year. The scariest of all is stealing this kids’ holiday, but hopefully only for this year. Thanks for reminding us of the usual traditions we will be missing. I could smell the cider and cornbread.


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    1. What a strange week it has been, not doing the normal pre-Halloween things. It is fitting for this strange year. I do not have a pulse on if kids will out and about, or not. ?? Tonight should be inspiring and what gorgeous weather we are having. 🌕 I hope you are enjoying your day and finding ways to celebrate. 😄 As always, thank you for your thoughtful and reflective comments.


    1. Thanks for reading! The “unHalloween” term was my state of mind last week-not a term I had ever heard before, during a year we have never had before. 😞 So true, we need to take care of ourselves. I trust that you and your family are doing that, based on your posts. This too shall pass. 🌻


    1. Thank you Rishika. 🙏🏼 I enjoyed capturing the moon, later that evening. I almost didn’t because the skies were cloudy, but there was a break. 🌕 I will share those soon. Enjoy the rest of your week. 😊


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