Boisterous Toots and Bursting Bubbles

We have all had those days, weeks or even months when not one, but two or more things break, leaving us frustrated and maybe broke too. I had a run of broken things recently, inspiring a poem that helped me to laugh about my windy mishaps.

Boisterous Toots and Bursting Bubbles

My Dyson swallowed a shriveled bean that met its fate
on the cold floor instead of a warm plate,
causing the rechargeable dirt-sucking device
to whistle, whimper, then die.
My clarinet exhaled a boisterous toot
confidently (and perhaps a bit obnoxiously), its note filled the room
then floated to the yard where it gave the birds a scare.
The old woodwind did break the wind it loved to share
when its crumbled cork tumbled to the floor, cold and bare.
I must now get on my hands and knees
and pick up the pieces that my dead Dyson left for me.
Our backyard spa sprung a leak –
difficult to determine the source of the steady stream,
now watering pavers, bursting my bubbles, and making my desert oasis disappear.
I put on my suit, but the jets I cannot join tonight; the jacuzzi panels were removed.
Looking for a different spot to ponder life under the stars and the moon.
I found it, on solid ground; the itchy location will have to do.

Final thoughts about my unusable things …

It blows that my Dyson vacuum no longer sucks, and it sucks that my spa and clarinet no longer blow. πŸ˜‚

Copyright Β© 2020 Michele Lee Sefton. All Rights Reserved.

35 thoughts on “Boisterous Toots and Bursting Bubbles

  1. Oh, you are into bursting bubbles as well, dear Michele!

    Yet the ones you read about on my blogpost yesterday were obviously of a different nature!

    Your “liked” gave me an opportunity to revisit the article I wrote 13 months ago and guess what, another bubble burst this morning!

    And that inspired me to write another post about “assessing our spiritual development.” It will soon be in the making and may have to do with bubbles, somehow…

    Happy Holy-days to you and your family!


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    1. Ha! Yes, different in nature, but since my mention of “bursting my bubbles” was both literal (draining spa) and figurative, my use of the phrase is similar to yours. A feeling or idea that pops in our mind, then moves on, as you described. Thank you for visiting, sharing your thoughts here and your thought bubbles about your recent post. Best wishes to you and yours. πŸ™πŸΌ

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      1. Thanks Michele,

        The concept of my bubbles go one step beyond because, when they burst, they do create damage, or possibly irritation.

        A bubble is usually something I do or say and its point of origination is in ego mind.

        And the point (I will need to make in my new post) is that this damage could be avoided with a little more ‘tuning in,’ or possibly surrender. Or just plain gratitude about living life!

        Love & much Light ❀

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      2. Thanks for the extended explanation. No one likes to have their “bubbles burst,” but that does not always lead to damage, so, I see how your use of the phrase extends the common use. Either way, lets hope for no (more) burst bubbles today! 😁

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      3. Thank you!

        It’s interesting that you said ” lets hope for no burst bubbles today! ” because one burst this morning, as I wrote in my first response.

        The beauty of it is that I could reflect on the bubble that burst on November 12, 2019 [thanks to your “liked”] and how much progress I have made ‘taming my mind.’

        The bubble bursting this morning was easy to handle and didn’t cause much irritation on either side; yet it could have been avoided if I had done things a little differently.

        As you may have noticed, “things” rarely happen by accident in this well-orchestrated universe!

        And that saying goes for bubbles as well. They do serve a purpose.

        Love & much Light!

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