Fresh Toots and Warm Bubbles

This year, I must have been quite nice,
because Santa appeared not once, but thrice.
The first Santa smiled from behind a mask
and courteously answered each question I asked.
Unable to blow in the store due to Covid restrictions,
but satisfied with her responses,
I left with a box of fresh reeds and a shiny new instrument –
in a case more compact than the one I had before.
I was excited to drive home and toot my horn!

The second Santa arrived earlier than expected.
He wore brown from shoulders to toes,
and instead of galloping reindeer,
I heard squeaky brakes when he appeared.
He left a package on the porch, two shades lighter than his clothes.
To my delight, under the plain wrapping,
was a replacement battery making my dead Dyson go!

The third Santa rang my bell promptly and with no surprise.
I was expecting him, but how our visit would go,
I could not pretend to know.
He was a bit rushed and cantankerous too,
not the jolly version of the Santa I thought I knew.
I led him to where he was most needed –
not under the small Christmas tree,
but next to a waterless tub, missing its windy glee.
I offered him a drink and left him be –
hoping he would not burst my bubbles with an expensive repair.
Within the hour, he had sealed the leaking tube
and reconfigured a thing or two, leaving me lighter than air.
I could once again become weightless
while pondering life in a sparkling desert oasis!

Thank you to the Santa who helped me find the right woodwind,
allowing me to blow and disturb the peace once again.

Thank you to the Santa who so expediently delivered new energy,
reviving my sucking device – just in time because it was quite crumby inside.

Thank you to the Santa with the perfect tools, if not a pleasant attitude,
restoring warm bubbles and giving me a mask-free place to frolic and float,
while saying adios to 2020 in my two-piece suit.

Hahahappy New Year’s! 😂 Michele

Thanks for visiting. If you missed the backstory (haha) of my broken wind, here you go… “Boisterous Toots and Bursting Bubbles.” I will not be drinking champagne on New Year’s Eve, but I will enjoy some bubbles. 🤣 I was tooting, “The Entertainer,” by Scott Joplin, on my new clarinet when I took this photo. 🎶

© 2020 Michele Lee

39 thoughts on “Fresh Toots and Warm Bubbles

    1. Thanks friend. 😁 Humor, music, and writing have delivered daily joy this year. Happy to find and share whenever and however I can, and I am most grateful to those who share their gifts with me. 🥰


    1. I am happy to find and share some funny. Thank you. 😁 I think it is a nice complementary sound – best played with others, but I am delighted with my new instrument and will continue stirring the birds and (trying to) drown out the neighbor’s barking dog. 😆 I am not sure how much wisdom I blow through my clarinet, but I will do my best. 🎶😊

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    1. 🎼 💖 I will! I just spent an hour playing with streaming songs… my favorite was Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Beautiful! I may not have a band to play with but at least there are digital options. 😀 Thank you and best to you two! 🥂


  1. I’m so pleased you got everything fixed in time for New Year! I hope you’ll let us hear your clarinet playing some time 😊
    I imagine seeing the New Year in under the stars in a hot tub would suit me just fine. The nearest experience I had was seeing a huge meteor from an outdoor pool in winter. You must see many!

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    1. I never thought I would want a battery for Christmas, but I suppose it is the little things that can bring us joy. Especially when those little things can grow into messy masses. 😆 I am enjoying my new clarinet. Perhaps I will share… a musical and audio challenge! Thank you for suggesting.
      I imagine you are quite cold where you are, based on your wintery photos, which I love. 😍 Your meteor experience sounds memorable! I have seen many shooting stars from my spa, yes, countless satellites, and of course the magical moon. I have seen a few meteor showers, but the most memorable meteor was one I did not see, but its loud boom woke me up. It landed a few hours north, but it felt and sounded like someone was breaking into our house. Amazing! I wish I had seen it.

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