The Poem is Writing Me (audio)

The Poem is Writing Me ~ Audio (poetic prose)

There was a time, not long ago, when this seeking poet would listen with turned ears ready to hear, with fixed eyes ready to see, and with open hands ready to feel. I was content to listen, trust, and touch the living and dying world, beyond myself. A willing poet wanting to absorb, compose, and share so much.

A poet’s path stumbled upon fourteen months ago, has offered surprises, laughs, growth, and at times, sorrow. A pristine path that is revealing my soul. While walking this path, guided by the sun, I felt a swoosh, a lift, and a spin. I was stretched, pulled, and twisted. The world observed and recorded, that once existed outside of myself – was instantly contained within. A new world was born dissolving invisible borders and my protective skin.

The rush of mysterious wind tore from my tight grip, my writer’s notebook and pen. The pair did descend with a tumble and twirl. Space expanding between me and the tools that have helped me to see, hear, and feel. Spiraling, my pen did fracture then split. I saw dark droplets scatter into a thousand directions. Some did splatter on loose papers ripped from their tattered seam. Others did fly into the atmosphere, dancing with dirt and salt from the sea. Others did disappear into clouds, to someday emerge as inky waterless rain that will fill the imprints from my footprints, where, just above my final impression, an unwritten word still hangs. There it lingers – never finished, never heard.

I am no longer a poet writing a poem; the poem is writing me.

Gone is my reflection on the water’s surface. Flowing and formless, I quench the globe and the skies above. I cannot be contained. I am the last splash in a river’s drying bed.

Gone are my barefoot walks on the dew-covered grass. I have slipped out of sight. I mix and mingle with springtails and earthworms. Quietly, we break down and support life.

Gone is the distance between me and the light blue flame. I dance and entice, but I can no longer be intimately held. I am eternal. My intensity can ravage everything or soothe a lonely traveler’s chill.

Gone is the pen within my reach. I now see an outstretched wing that lifts, shifts, then shimmers when it catches a glistening ray.

I am no longer a poet writing a poem; the poem is writing me.

Poems are writing and righting me. 😊

Be well. 💗Michele

Photo 1: mural along Roosevelt Row, Phoenix, AZ Photo 2: Lake Pleasant, AZ

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76 thoughts on “The Poem is Writing Me (audio)

    1. I need to refill my inkwell after that high altitude adventure. 🖋
      I do like to stay light on my toes. 😄
      And soar …
      Just like Enuff Z’ Nuff encouraged me to do in the 80s with their song, “Fly High Michelle” 😂 😂
      Thank you, Yassy. 🙏🏼 😊

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      1. I will say another prayer tonight
        And see you in the light
        Fly high, Michelle
        Fly , there is no limit to blue sky
        Light on toes
        With a smile that sparkles, glows
        You soar
        The inkwell awaits 💖

        Your welcome , Lee 🤗❤️

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      2. In the sky is where I will be
        twirling my thoughts,
        my inkwell,
        and my toes.
        I will watch for you,
        sister dreamer,
        word weaver,
        and angelic creator.
        Together, we will gather
        the ink splatters,
        and shower the world
        with our poems and prose. 💖

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      3. I can already see you in my night sky
        Twinkling , shining
        Your cloud of golden hair streaming
        I am honoured to be
        With you
        In this fabulous odyssey
        We will set the sky alight with the sun on our armour of words

        Bravo , Lee. I am pleased as punch ., giving you a high five soul sis 🤗❤️

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      4. My sky is still day here, but I will wait
        Me and my tumbleweed hair
        will tumble and twirl
        Smiling and delighting,
        I will scoop and save the shiniest drops
        and share them you –
        a light in this world. 💖

        Thank you, dear Yassy. 🙌🏼 😘

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      5. In the blue of your eyes
        The pink of your cheeks
        The innocence sweeps
        Take good care of yourself, you , the fairy with her tumbleweed hair and her quill of golden letters , go out into the world and scintillate into my WP page 📄

        Always , Lee and welcome my dear 🤗❤️💕

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      6. Seriously , I love writing with you ., so in tune with each other. Thank you ., now I must take your leave with a heavy heart.
        Till we meet again , my soul sister sweet , look after yourself.

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  1. ‘I am no longer a poet writing a poem; the poem is writing me.’ I love the transformation you describe here, and the fluidity of your words as you express how you are something that cannot be pinned down or contained. 🌊

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    1. I would be honored to. Thank you Sandra.🥰 I will continue to allow, write, and share and feel overwhelming gratitude when others find beauty and inspiration in my words. 🙏🏼 🤗 😘


  2. There is a certain rhythm in your voice which flows so gracefully. I just listened to the audio twice. I might listen a few more times before leaving this page. Beautiful poem 💖

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    1. How wonderful. Thank you, Mya. 💕 This felt like one that needed to be read. Writing has taken me on a wonderful journey over the last fourteen months, made even more meaningful by connecting with kind and creative people, like you. 😊

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      1. It’s all my pleasure. 🙂 I agree, it needed to be read. Your voice adds a special essence to poems like this. Writing truly is a powerful thing. I am happy to connect with you too. 💖

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      2. I have always loved reading aloud… since I was a little 1st grader reading during story time. 😄 Thank you, Mya, for being in my story circle. 📕 It is so special to connect with you. 🙏🏼

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      3. Aww.. I just imagined little Michelle reciting loud in the class. You look very cute in my imagination. 😍🥺😄 Thank you for making me a part of your story circle. I am blessed 🙂

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  3. A poet’s path stumbled upon fourteen months ago, has offered surprises, laughs, growth, and at times, sorrow. A pristine path that is revealing my soul.

    I was thinking something just like this. Today, I said to my wife that I find myself walking around mumbling words to describe the different sensations that I’m experiencing so that I can convey them to others… poetry has really changed the way I live. It’s amazing.

    Your words were so lovely, Michele. Thank you!


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    1. I love your share, David. Thank you. 🙏🏼

      These are the thoughts I mentioned the other day on your post. Of course, they did not show up like I thought they would… most poems take on their own life, but I had been thinking about how poetry has weaved its way into my thinking, seeing, and feeling, and how I notice more, often on a subconscious level. The path of a poet may ask more of us, including being more vulnerable and open. I think it is worth it. 💓

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    1. A journey I am so happy and honored to share with other poets in this creative space.
      🌟 I am so pleased I stepped on this path a little over a year ago. I do not want to imagine what living through 2020 would have looked like without the inspiring outlet that writing and connecting with other writers around the world has provided.

      Thank you for your encouraging words and for sharing your poems with us. 😄

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    1. I am truly honored. Thank you. 😊
      Thank you for reading my blog through the months and sharing your insightful comments.

      Speaking of beautiful, I am going to share the beautiful poem you wrote, later this month. 🙏🏼


    1. Being peaceful and calm is a wonderful state of mind. I am happy I was able to share and deliver a sampling of that experience. Thank you, Kevin and thanks for stopping by. 🙏 I will be sure to visit your site soon.

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      1. Msdedeng

        My brother-in-law lives in Arizona. I am always jealous of the hikes he takes. I think Arizona’s geography is so cool, the summers not so much. 🙂

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      2. We do have beautiful hikes, mountains, and lakes, but, I agree… unless I am in Northern Arizona, the summers are brutal. Ugh! I am a native of this lovely state, but that does not mean I will ever acclimate to the scorching heat.


    1. Thank you so much. 🙏
      Without words, the idea or spirit of that poem percolated in my brain for a few weeks. Not knowing exactly where it would take me… writing it, or allowing it to write (right) me was a memorable experience. 💖 Thanks again for stopping by.

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