Words Unsaid (audio poem)

A quote just read,
“Sometimes the best response is no response.”

A quote that offers wise counsel, enlightened guidance, sage advice.

Sometimes the best option is to remain mute –
       escalating tension may fail to deliver resolution
Sometimes what appears unresponsive is just temporary restraint –
       eyes closed and lips counting to ten
Sometimes the quiet is permanent–
       the one who needed to speak stands above a final breath
Sometimes a silenced response is not the best choice –
       words unsaid can block a heart and choke a voice

No response.
Crashing into a period (.).
On the other side
is where a void lives.
A time out?
An abrupt ending?
A forever releasing?

Going 120 miles per hour then hitting a wall,
a period (.) that ends it all,
can be jarring,
leaving the mind and body reeling.

Hard to hold back the words
while a body is falling forward –
trying to balance on the tiny dot,
marking the end of an interrupted thought.

Period. Done. End of story.
Because I said so.
A never-ending echo, echo, echo…

Wobbly legs, blurry brain
too shaky to stand tip-toe and contain
words born and fire-formed
inside a smoldering kiln.

Words with this much power
should not remain inside
or they will consume and devour
the one who followed the guidance,
supposedly enlightened,
by biting their tongue and remaining quiet.

Weighty words
should be released.
Somewhere. Somehow.

Hurl them into a fire breathing dragon.
Shoot them into the eye of a hurricane.
Fling them to the outer edge of our origin.

Best case scenario –
return to the scene, where they were born
and offer a response, thoughtful and calm.
If that isn’t possible –
let them tumble from your responsive heart
and spill from your receptive pen.

Only then,
will the spinning
on a tiny dot

A poem that began with a quote and thoughts about the idea of unsaid words was going to remain a few scribbles in my journal, remain unsaid, until three curious things happened a few days ago… within twenty-four hours after writing my journal entry, about what happens when words are swallowed instead of said, I saw the two words (words unsaid/unsaid words) three times in different contexts. Interesting. Three “unsaid” observations motivated me to write the unsaid words that clearly needed to be said. The words win. They usually do. ✍🏻💓

I greeted the morning sun from the Old Pueblo this morning (Tucson, Arizona). I drove down from the valley of the sun yesterday to co-teach a NIA* class to actual 3D people this morning! This will be the first time in over a year that dancing with others will not take place through my screen. I am grateful for the technology that has kept us moving and connected, but it will be wonderful to be close to the energy of other movers and shakers. 😉 I will appreciate seeing smiling eyes and look forward to actual smiles when we can drop our masks. We will be dancing to a set list of Native American music, so I anticipate a beautiful healing dance to take place in southern Arizona. 💃🏻 💓 Thank you for visiting and reading. Happy Easter weekend. Be well. 💗 Michele

*Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts. 

Photo 1: setting sun, Tucson, AZ Photo 2: ASU Tempe campus, back stop shot taken by LP 😆

© 2021 Michele Lee Sefton.

84 thoughts on “Words Unsaid (audio poem)

    1. Bumper stickers can contain a lifetime of wisdom. Or they can just be dumb. 😆
      Thank you, Nick. Funny you mention bumper stickers-they are very popular in Tucson, where I am teaching this morning. Especially, the “Co-Exist” one. ✌🏻☮
      Happy Easter to you and yours. xx

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    1. Releasing our words helps us to grow and heal, I believe. 💓 I agree! An hour of listening and moving to beautiful Native American music should be amazing. ✨ Happy Easter to you and your family. Thank you, Nico.

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    1. Thank you, writing helps to remind or enlighten me to wisdom, that I might otherwise miss. I appreciate you reading the whole story. Apparently, I could not escape those words! 😃 I did enjoy the live class. An inspiring morning. Thanks!

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  1. ‘words unsaid can block a heart and choke a voice’ – oh so very true. These words speak volumes to me, I’m so pleased you got them said 😊 and wonderful that you can return to in-person classes too!

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    1. I am equally pleased that my words spoke to you. I love that. 🥰 I may not have “said” everything I needed to say, but time spent exploring the idea of words unsaid, was time well spent. Even more so when others connect with my penned thoughts. Thank you. 💗 Yes, dancing with people, not through a screen, was delightful and Tucson is gorgeous today, so bonus! Happy Easter to you and your family. 💐

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      1. You have learned more than a few and hopefully you won’t have to have too much shock absorbtion and the ride is joyful with a few bumps. you’re so welcome. happy to share and happy Easter to you!💖

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  2. I love the power behind the thought that sometimes silence is someone counting to ten in their consciousness to be thoughtful and reflective in the heat of the moment. It opens up a new line of musing for me that dares startle, and I love it as much as I enjoy the concept of Nia! Three practices I love in one!
    Love the day, Michele, and thank you for sharing your words.

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    1. As a teacher and parent, I mastered the art of taking deep breaths and counting to ten, maybe fifty sometimes! 😂 I love that my mention opens up a new line of musing for you! 💓 You probably would like NIA. The music is gorgeous, the movements are fluid and healing, and it can be adapted to all levels. I was introduced to it in 2008, in Tucson, and then was certified to teach in 2013. NIA has a wonderful international community. 💃🏻 🌎🌍🌏
      The day has been special, thank you Jaya. Enjoy your weekend. 🌞

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  3. Wow, that is a powerful poem, Michele. I was just having a conversation with someone about holding back words, which would only cause another person to feel more emotionally unstable. And, of course, I remember times, most of my life, when I was unable to hold them back, and hurled them into the great unknown. I think it’s a balance between the two, and knowing when to hold them, and release them in another way, as you so eloquently write about, and when to go ahead and deliver them to another. And, I LOVE that ending. Truth, my friend.❤️

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    1. So powerful, the words would not leave me alone. Pesky words! 😂 Your conversation sounds interesting and meaningful. I appreciate your input on the subject of holding back words, or not, as you mentioned. It is sometimes (haha) difficult to know the right course to take, but I suppose if we follow inner guidance and lead with intention and respect for others, then we have given our best. Finding that balance, as you noted, seems to be key in so many of our choices. ✨ My ending was a working ending, then I decided… that feels like the end. Thanks for noticing. 😊 Have a wonderful Easter Sunday, friend.

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  4. “words unsaid can block a heart and choke a voice”
    Oh my heart. I was so happy when I read the title and the poem was incredibly written! I loved how much you emphasised on the power of words and how releasing them when needed is a wise choice. Thank you very much for writing this piece! It was beyond beautiful 💖

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Your message makes me smile.😊Reading allows me to add another layer to some of my poems, poetic stories. Some poems are best interpreted without my voice. I never know until I am done writing. More info than you were expecting, or needed. 😆 The short response – I enjoy bringing a poem to life through voice, so, thank you. Happy Sunday to you!

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  5. A poignant poem, Michele. Well written and spoken too. I loved the deep meanings behind your words. Unsaid words still say a million things… Beautiful. Stay blessed 🌹🌹🙏💐❤️

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  6. A most interesting poem Michele! A time to speak and a time to listen… Wisdom to know which!
    Not an easy task. I liked this very effective line…
    Because I said so.
    A never-ending echo, echo, echo…

    I enjoyed your reading of the poem.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I appreciate your comments, Dwight. Wisdom and sometimes self-control, like when children or students push buttons. As you know. Breathe and count, repeat! 😆 “Because I said so” – something our parents said and we thought we never would, until we did. I can’t say those words without using a mom/parent voice. Haha! Thank you for reading and enjoying. 😊

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  7. Words said, unsaid. I am full of your poem. It’s quite overwhelming the way your thoughts spill into words. I will read it over again and enjoy the picture too. I am glad things are gettin back to normal. Nothin like a hug or a touch to bring comfort.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Happy to fill up your cup and hopefully my said words are “overwhelming” in an uplifting way. 😁 Thank you for reading and enjoying. 😊 Tucson (1st picture) was so gorgeous over the weekend. It was like floating in a spring dream. Slowly, life is returning to a new existence with nonexistent or awkward hugs, but yes, human interaction is comforting and healthy. 🤗

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  8. such a profound piece of poetry and your words spill on the page so poetically and crashing down at the same time.
    such good things to remember….counting to 10 ..one that brings so many memories.
    Powerful lines…
    “Period. Done. End of story.
    Because I said so”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Cindy. 🌸
      “spill” and “crashing” – love your choice of words and assessment 🥰
      A few counting memories, yes.😆 I am a patient person who is not easily provoked to anger, but remembering to count in a classroom packed with teenagers, saved me! Period. Done. End of story. 😉

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  9. I agree Michele Lee. I learn young. Better to hold silence when anger is your voice. And I learn also. Ensure the people we love, family, friends and lover. They must know. You love and care for them. They are the best part of our life. Outstanding poetry.

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  10. Awesome, very nice and thought-provoking poetry from just a single quote. You enlisted the pros and cons of silence in a nice way.
    The quote in itself has so many lessons in it. Sometimes the best response is no response.” just related to “A Wiseman once said nothing.?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Trini. I had a lot to say about words unsaid. 😆 I appreciate your offer to share your space and I love that we shared a coincidence last week. Have a lovely weekend! 🌞


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