Man, am I dreaming?

Let me look at you,
before you get undressed.
Less is not always more,
more is sometimes best.
In your tailored attire,
adorned with a Guccie tie,
covering a physique so fine.
Your collar getting tight?
Don’t change a thing,
Dearest Darling.
I could stare all night.

Before you loosen that tie
and pop those buttons,
I have an idea…
I hope you’re willing to try.

Roll up those sleeves
and slip those digits
into the wet sudsy sink
and scrub those pots.
Show them whose boss!
Be gentle with my mugs.
Do handle with care.
From heavenly hands
they are made-
my only pair.
Dishes now glistening
with your special touch.
To that laundry basket,
I’ll watch you strut,
then bend over.
In form fitting slacks
picking up
towels and socks–
a form so fine,
I don’t care how
you fold and tuck.
Do take your time.

I can’t believe
what I am seeing.
Man, I must be dreaming.

Some good clean(ing) humor for your day! 😂

Hope you are having a happy and healthy week. 💗 Michele

Photo: WR, Pexels

© 2021 Michele Lee Sefton.

65 thoughts on “Man, am I dreaming?

    1. Cleaning and dreaming! 😆 I had fun writing my dreamy poem, but yes, of course men do housework too. 👏🏻 And I saw a unicorn this morning! 😂 Too much fun, I better get some work done. Thank you! 😄

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  2. 😂😂😜 Thanks for making me laugh, dear Michele ~ I enjoyed reading your poem and hoped to share this brief response…

    Provocative and productive
    With a sense of humor intact

    Doing dishes and the laundry
    For sharing we time – that’s a pact.

    I posted my poem and linked to yours as reference – hope that’s OK. If not, I can unlink. Have a pleasant evening, my friend 🌞

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  3. Good One.
    Visuals and images beautifully juxtaposed so you might as well think of it as a dream
    But I think the Covid Lockdown has changed many a leopard’s spots
    Take my own case: for the first 62/63 years of my life i had dream life
    only son in a Hindu family, doted son, loved husband, andfortunately upper middle class so had always maids and servants all around
    Come Lockdown and no maids, at 63 years of age I first learnt to sweep and swab the house
    and then graduated to cleaning utensils and dishes to help the wife
    Fortunately, now the maids are back and I have happily lapsed back into my charmed existence
    Life is a great teacher

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    1. Thank you and thank you for sharing part of your story. Covid certainly has disrupted many lives and yes, it has changed us. How, varies from person to person. It’s never too late to learn how to sweep! 😆 Be well and enjoy your life.


      1. Thanks Michele
        As a career HR person, having worked for 40 years with people, I cannot agree more with you that it is never too late to change and learn new things
        In some ways I thank the pandemic for showing us a very different side of ourselves, as well as those around us
        Stay well, keep writing and inspiring us

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  4. I am torn between laughing hysterically and connecting more deeply with the underlying idea of beauty in this piece, Michele! ❣️
    In the end I must do both and carefully balance the meaning of a man against the patient side of me. 🙌🏻


    1. The man in the photograph is handsome and writing the poem made me laugh. I hope you were able to laugh with me. I do recognize the gender bias and implications with this piece. Of course men do housework too and I am sure there are women who do not. It was just for fun, however, the inspiration for the poem came from reading many romantic poems, during my 21 months of blogging, with women receiving most of the attention, whether that be through photographs and/or as the attractive person/object in the poem. Does that make sense? Those were my original thoughts, that led me to a dishwashing suit-wearing man. Writing can take us on unexpected journeys. Thank you. You know I always appreciate our exchanges. 🙏🏻

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      1. It makes perfect sense, Michele, as I am one who greatly appreciates not only discovering the greying areas of common ‘pictures’ but also what other people perceive and reveal about the sidelines. 🙂

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