Golden Hour

A date with the Divine –
each morning I rise
to greet the golden sun;
she and I become one.

She and I entwined,
we reach for the outstretched
hand of my higher self.
Never quite touching,
but a little closer each day.

A symphony of winged melodies
surrounds the silence within.

Each encounter sublime,
but some mornings hold
a special promise
of all that is possible
in this transitory existence.

A mysterious sensation,
that I cannot explain or control,
but when the breeze is just so
and the rays a brilliant glow,
I don’t overthink the golden moment –
I simply give in and allow
my body and spirit to float.

During this most glorious
meditative morning,
at the start of Memorial Day,
I stretch my hands
and offer a loving embrace
to the memory of fallen heroes.

On this Memorial Day, I will be visiting a Veteran’s Wall that contains a plaque with my grandfather’s name and World War II service etched into it. 💓 He, like so many, was a brave decorated soldier who did what he needed to do to fight an evil enemy, survive, and protect his fellow soldiers. War, I will never fully understand, but I respect those who serve and hold reverence for honorable men and women who have lost their lives in battle.

If you would like to read/listen to a longer poem about my morning meditative practice, give “Your Morning Glow” a listen. Thank you for visiting and reading. Be well. 💗 Michele

Photos: my images taken after my morning meditation 5/31

© 2021 Michele Lee Sefton.