Turquoise, Chili Peppers, and Meow Wolf

A long weekend with Sammi Lee now complete –
a weekend that will forever standout as a special memory.
I loved finding her at the airport – a tabletop transformed into a productive space; a beautiful woman immersed in a world where she creates.
I loved flying with her to a place we’d never been, and my motherly instinct to comfort her during the turbulent end.
I loved driving us toward our destination, with her as my navigator and DJ (her sense of direction is much better than mine and she always has the coolest music collection).
I loved going out our first night in Santa Fe and hearing her blurt out “Oh, geez,” then laugh at the shuttle driver’s flirty mention, of “not knowing the hotel was hosting a model convention.”
I loved visiting old churches, seeing the sights, and watching her engage with other artisans.
I loved her asking me about me and laughing at my corny jokes, even telling me, I should do standup, which I immediately followed with a joke. “See, like that,” she said.
I loved toasting our celebrations from a rooftop cantina while enjoying guacamole and a golden sunset.
I loved watching the rain fall from a delicious Café, drinking healthy treats, and breathing in the high desert scent.
I loved going to Meow Wolf with her and being drawn into a fantastical world with outrageous interactive creations.
I loved driving into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and spending the afternoon hiking and taking our time to stop and photograph.
I loved meeting up with my nephew (in town for work) for a birthday eve dinner and watching two cousins reconnect.
I loved giving her a break from me while I swam, and poolside, slept.
I loved every minute of it, but what I loved most of all were the late-night talks between my daughter and me.
✈ 🌞 💕

The Meow Wolf Experience

Artist, Sammi Lee and I had a wonderful time in Santa Fe, New Mexico and look forward to returning to the third largest art market in the country. There is much to see, do, eat, and experience. Santa Fe is also rich in natural beauty and the people are welcoming (and stylish too). Thank you for reading and viewing. Be well. 💗 Michele

To learn more about the Meow Wolf Experience click here: Meow Wolf: Immersive Art Experiences

© 2021 Michele Lee Sefton.

75 thoughts on “Turquoise, Chili Peppers, and Meow Wolf

    1. We had a blast, especially at Meow Wolf. What an experience! So much to see, touch, interact with, and listen to. ✨ Thank you for your sweet support, Suma, and for visiting her website. She is a gifted artist. 💖🎨😁


  1. Congratulations on a wonderful trip & memories with your daughter, Michele. ‘I loved’ reading about your beautiful experience, and you’re welcome to visit anytime I open my refrigerator door 😂😂😍 That’s classic! Have a nice day, my friend 🌞

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    1. How sweet, thank you, Phil. We did make some special memories. Glad you “loved” reading about it. 😆 With temps now in the triple digits where I live, I wish I had a walk-in fridge. Thanks for offering yours. 😂 Meow Wolf is packed with fun “doorways” and many other surprises like that. Truly an artistic and design marvel! Hiking was fun too! 😃 A nice day to you too. 📷😍🤩

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  2. OMG, it looks like you two had THE MOST Amazing time ever! That Meow Wolf experience look wickedly good, especially with you stepping out of the fridge. That’s craaaaazy!!! 🤣 Looks like you and Sammi enjoyed every doggone minute of your trip! How divine dawlink!!! 🤗😎☺

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    1. We most definitely did! 😁 We packed in what we could and hope to go back and do more. Meow Wolf is incredible! The photos tell part of the story, but it must be experienced and with over 22,000 square feet, there is much more to see. It is crazy! 🤪 Yes, other than Sammi get annoyed with my “slow” driving along the curvy mountain roads and my unorganized phone apps, we had a grand time. 😂 Thank you, Kym. 🤗🥰✨

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      1. Girl, you are too much. No, not the unorganized phone apps. Is there really a method to organizing them??? 🤳🏼 Please share if there is. LOL 🤣 So excited to live through such a wonderful experience that you two had. I know you’re looking forward to Part 2 of your girl’s road trip! 🚗 🥰💐

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  3. Wow Michele, you both looked absolutely stunning and I liked the first picture the most (such warmth between you) ! And I enjoyed the creative poem you composed, each started with a bold ‘I Loved..’. It’s a beautiful LOVE poem in its own right!🌸🥰💕

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    1. Thank you Miss Annabel. 💗 That was taken on our last day in Santa Fe. Such a special place with a relaxed, but stylish vibe. I love reading that you enjoyed my poem and appreciate your commenting on all the love shared. 😊 The first draft had just one “I Loved” and then the things I loved, but it looked too much like a bullet list, so I added more love. haha 💖 Enjoy your Friday! 🤗

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      1. I can definitely tell the vibes in you are full tank of LOVE 💕 through your writing and your lovely pictures. Glad you are having so much fun and creative flows during your vacation! 🌸💕 and spending time with your daughter would always be the best of all bests!🥳🥰. Thank you, Michele and enjoy your weekend as well❤️😘

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  4. Ok so that was wild watching you pop out of the fridge❣️
    I LOVED hearing about your amazing time with your daughter in Santa Fe resting, reading, “arting”, chatting, visiting your nephew etc. How fun was that… 👏👏👏 Thanks for sharing💖

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  5. Loved this! Creating such fun and loving memories! What a post, Michele! You coming out of the refrigerator made my eyes grow big. They still are as I type this comment. The Meow Wolf place looks like it was an absolute blast. I am a sucker for places like that. Great post! 😊

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    1. Thank you so much, Travis. 😁 It was a quick, but fun and special trip. We do hope to go back. If you have a chance to go to Meow Wolf, you must! There is one in Denver and I believe they are opening one in Vegas. You would love it!

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      1. I hope that you do. It is a fantastic world of imagination! A grown-up Willy Wonka land without the candy, although there was an amazing “candy” exhibit. 😆There are also several 3D sections – very cool! 😎


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  8. I have never heard of the Meow Wolf experience, but I LOVE that you share a video that offers such a beautiful and intriguing glimpse of the moment.

    It is the little things that I remember about the trips I have been in. The turbulent ride, the dirty cleanliness of the airport, and the broken stones in the sidewalk at small market corners. Santa Fe is beautiful and gripping in your words and the art market is 😍 as well as overwhelming in its creativity.

    Thank you for sharing!

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    1. I had not heard of it either prior to Sammi mentioning it. I am happy you enjoyed the video. There are many surprises and hidden doors and passageways throughout the 22,000 square foot exhibit. An amazing experience! I do hope you can go someday, both to Santa Fe and any of the Meow Wolf locations.

      You remember the little things because you are an astute observer, which contributes to your incredible and descriptive writing. Santa Fe exceeded my expectations. I hope to return and see more of the outdoors. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. It is always a joy when you visit. 😊🌞

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  9. OMG that Meow Experience looks amazing! And how great to share it with someone who loves it too! That is the real high if Creativity. There is a Van Gogh Experience coming to Milwaukee soon and I hope to go and take my kids to it too.

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    1. It was incredible and yes, made more special by sharing the experience with artist Sammi. She was the one who told me about it, being the cool chick that she is. 😁 We had a wonderful time – you would LOVE the art and the creativity involved. ✨ Cool! I hope you get to go to the Van Gogh Experience. It will also be coming to the Phoenix Art Museum later this year (not sure when??). Awesome!


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