Lasting fatherly Impressions (video)

blanket pulled back
bare feet step on the gritty floor
hands grab camera bag
hands throw on a baseball cap
sandy feet slip into damp flip-flops
flip-flops rush out the stuck door
legs extend into the early morning gray
careful steps along the wooden planks

eyes begin to focus and notice
a suspended evening still surrounds
swimming through the thick darkness
releasing its hold when remnants
fall like ashy snow on the hazy ground

golden hour quickly approaching
body pulled by a far-reaching orb
rushing past shifting dunes
brushing along tall grass that sways
finding the pace of rhythmic waves

just a few of us greeting the rising sun
just a few of us leaving our footprints in the wet sand
most still dreaming, sleeping off the night before
waves drowning the sounds of early morning snores

walking and clicking and clicking and walking
I notice one bird, an early riser, a shoreline to herself
I think of you, another early riser
You would have noticed her too –
her hesitation before lifting off
the way her eyes scanned the water’s surface
seeing things beneath, invisible to me and you

remembering you while being splashed
by salty waves and golden rays
a memory washes over me
I snap on my lens cap
I face the rising sun
I close my eyes
I see us…

standing on a sidewalk
talking in a quiet neighborhood
we did not see her coming
we looked up and she was there
timid and desperate she was, trying to be polite
missing teeth behind her fractured smile

she asked you for money
You did not flinch
You did not shoo her away, like an annoying fly
compassion behind your understanding smile
opening your heart and your wallet too
giving her all your cash
without attachments or judgments
She said thank you, holding back tears
You shared a joke to lighten the mood
She smiled and disappeared

You did not speak negatively of life choices that may have brought her there,
nor highly of your own, offered during her moment of despair.

You were no saint
You were an angel

In loving memory of my father.

Today marks a monumental June 19th (Juneteenth) in America, having recently been enacted as a Federal Holiday. Finally! If you are not familiar with the history behind Juneteenth please visit Kym’s site for an engaging explanation. If you are celebrating Father’s Day, which might include honoring the memory of one, may your weekend be filled with love and peaceful memories. Thank you for visiting and reading. Be well. 💗 Michele

More Atlantic Ocean video and beach image included in my recent post, “Writing and Riding the Waves.” 🌊💓

Photo 1: My dad Video: Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean (6/19) Photos 2-6: Hilton Head shoreline (my images)

© 2021 Michele Lee Sefton.

53 thoughts on “Lasting fatherly Impressions (video)

  1. Beautiful. I have spent only two hours at an ocean in the past year, and I feel the miraculous call of the water in the way you present it and how it ties us to the universe. The memory of your father is framed by it. What a lovely memory. One that warms my heart. Thank you.

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  2. Oh! My beauty heart, how lovely you are n your words are more falling from your heart just rolling into a profound tribute to your Dad the Hero. Last lines really touched my heart of he was being so kind king n emphatic by heart ❤ his blessings must be blissful with love n caring wherever you are. Stay happy 😇🙏

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  3. Daggone it Michele, would you stop making my tears roll like a water faucet. 😥 First of all, thank you so much for the shout-out in your post. You know I am humbled by that. 🤗 Secondly, I think this is such a beautiful heartwarming tribute to your father. That photo you posted of him looks like it should be on an album cover! 🥰

    You know, melancholy sets it during special celebrations like this. Oh how I dearly miss both of my parents. Oh the conversations we would have today. But, like you, I cherish the memories of the times we shared through the pain, sufferings, and victories. I hope that such experiences made me a better person, and a better steward than I was. I think your father would be beyond proud of the endearing person that you’ve become and continue to evolve into. Hugs and smooches girlfriend! 😘💖🤗

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    1. Kym, this is my second attempt to respond to you. My first attempt had a silly auto-correct typo and it was easier just to delete and start over. haha You might need to take a break from my teary lines. I will do my best to share some humor soon. 😉 It was my pleasure to share a link to your post. I am glad I read your Juneteenth post just before posting this morning. Thank you for the informative share. As for the picture of my dad looking like he should be on an album cover – that would have made his day! Thank you. 😊

      I have learned that grief and memories come in waves. 🌊 I do miss my dad very much but I am grateful for the sweet memories and the gentle “lessons” that unexpectedly show up. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and loving comments. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend and that your own memories are joyful. 🤗 😘 💖

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      1. Michele, girl thanks so much and I know how infuriating that doggone autocorrect can be. Ugh!!! 😣

        You know, I am so grateful to know people who are so endearing as you are to be in my humble orbit. Thank God for memories…welllllll…some of them anyway! LOL 😉 But even the crazy, unpleasant memories have been and continue to be great lessons of growth and development. Without those challenges, we would probably be mediocre people with mediocre mindsets eh??? 😜

        I understand the waves you speak of. While they are sad at times, and after I have my good cry, I feel grateful, and empowered, cherishing those experiences great or small, good or not so good.

        Have a FANtabulous weekend lady! 👏🏼💖👍🏼 Catch ya on the next great adventure! 🌊

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    1. Thanks, David. 😊

      Early morning thinking and typing. 😆 I need in editor. hahaha He was not IN the Hells Angels either. 🤪 I appreciate your attention to details. You are in angel too. OK, I will stop now.

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    1. You are so kind, Diana. I believe my story of his generosity would have made him smile and he would have enjoyed (and critiqued) my nature photos. He developed a passion for photography after he retired. Thank you for your kind words. 💖🤗


    1. Thank you M & M. I appreciate your reading and commenting on my early morning free-flowing words. He definitely had his “cool” moments. 😎He made his last long-distance solo Harley ride much later than I thought he should have, but he did it. I am glad he did. 💓


  4. Such a beautiful tribute to your father, and such delightful photos. I could just imagine you at the shoreline! I took a break at the weekend so am playing catch up on my reading, but it did me the world of good 🙂

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    1. Ingrid, I am happy to read that you were able to recharge. It is very important to do that when you can. 🧘🏼‍♀️ I truly appreciate you reading my dad tribute as part of your catch up. I am honored and thank you for the kind words. 🥰 The shoreline is a nice place to be… sunrise, sunset, and the hours in between. 🌊🌞💖

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    1. How wonderful. Thank you. This one definitely has that stream of consciousness flow to it and feels like two poems to me, or a poem and a short story. You are right – it was an emotional morning – thinking about my dad while walking on the beach, the day before Father’s Day. My dad passed on Valentine’s Day 2019 and while I have moved through the heavy grief, surprising memories and sadness, washes over me in unexpected ways. 💓 I am sure that will never change and that is ok. 🤗

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