My sweet tooth is satisfied.
Must be from all the Southern Charm,
because I did not have any peach pie.
My curves are a little fuller in my two-piece suit.
Must be from my wide-angle lens –
it cannot possibly be from the skinny
margaritas I drank near the dunes.
My carryon weighs more
than when we left for the shore.
Must be from all the sand –
too busy swimming to visit a store.
My neck has a crick in it.
Must be from looking up at birds and kites,
and maybe a bronze lifeguard sitting high
it cannot possibly be from the flat pillows
or the long and bumpy flight.
My memory card is full –
both my camera and my brain.
Must be from all the smiling faces
and nature’s breathtaking magnificence.

I did not buy a single trinket, book, t-shirt, or shell,
but I did leave the charming shore with a heart full of souvenirs.

It has been three years since these two beautiful faces appeared in my frame. To put their feet in Southern sand, they traveled far – one by plane, the other by car. Two beach-bound women share more than ancestors, they share a friendship too. College now complete since their last sandy greet, they arrived ready to relax and reconnect. Their laughter carried by a warm breeze, accompanied by the sounds of rolling, crashing, and splashing, made my soul sing.

Thank you for visiting and reading. I hope the rest of your week is happy and healthy. 💗 Michele

Photos: Hilton Head, South Carolina (my images)

© 2021 Michele Lee.

57 thoughts on “Souvenirs

    1. That sure is the truth. Places change and so do we. A wonderful time yes, swimming in the warm Atlantic and walking in the sand is nurturing and refreshing. That will never change. 🥰 Thank you so much. 😊

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    1. It was a marvelous time, and yes, a heavenly experience had visiting along the shoreline and swimming in the water. 🌊🌞💓Hope you have your own heavenly beach experience this summer. Thank you, Brad. 😎

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    1. Thank you, Jeff. 🌞 I haven’t been to SoCal in too long. It is nice that things are beginning to open back up there. My daughter, her friend, and I tried surfing in Carlsbad a few years ago. It is so hard! But fun. I would give it another go (or fall). 🤪 It is fantastic that you were able to enjoy some family time at the beach. It is good for the mind, body, and soul. ✨💖

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      1. You’re welcome, Michele. Always. Yes, it is nice, opening more and more, seems like everywhere. Nice. Ah, surfing, how awesome. Even though I grew up in LA, and relatively close to the beach, I’ve never tried it….I was more into skating. 🤣 I’m sure it is tons of fun….yes, another go! And, maybe fall too…I sure would, many times. hahaha. Indeed, family/beach, good for the mind, body, soul, completely agree. ❤️❤️

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  1. WOW Missy, what a swashbuckling adventure you had eh??? ⛵⚓🏴‍☠️🏖 I know it was bittersweet when you had to part ways from the great Atlantic shore! 😥 But girl, you made it a trip you won’t forget no time soon! ✈ You’ve taken some incredible experiences back home with you that will keep you energized for quite a long time now! Oh yeah!!! 😉🥳😁

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    1. Ahoy! Aye! You are so right, I did not want to leave the water and green behind. 😢 SC and NC are so gorgeous! I did bring home special memories though, and that is a blessing and gift. Thank you, Kym, fun and sweet friend. 🤗

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      1. 🩱🕶👙 Nooooo, from sunbathing, to crickets chirping, to oceans crashing, 🌊 along with some friendly cicadas singing, and then moving to hot temps and sagebrush? 🌡🌞🌵 LMBO I told you Michele, girl you missed your “Stand up” calling!!! 😂😜🤣

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    1. How absolutely lovely, Jaya. 🥰 Mental scrapbooking is the only scrapbooking I do these days. That and the never-ending task of organizing digital photos. Memories are more meaningful and memorable (haha) and they only take up space in the brain, which is limitless compared to my home at this point. 😆 Thank you for visiting. 🌞

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  3. I really like how this poem was structured and presented. Even though many of the issues the speaker in the poem was facing [like a crick in the neck] sounded quite uncomfortable, all of the reasons sounded so beautiful, relaxing and rewarding. Interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a poem written like this before. ❤

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    1. Thank you. You are so observant, engaging, and thoughtful. My poems often show up with their own agenda, which includes how they would like to be structured. 😁 I do like variety so that works for me! I also enjoy irony and sarcasm, which this poem employs. Thanks for noticing and sharing your thoughts.💖

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  4. A wonderful poem Michele. The best souvenirs are free! Great shot of your beautiful young ladies!
    I liked these lines…
    My memory card is full –
    both my camera and my brain.
    Must be from all the smiling faces
    and nature’s breathtaking magnificence.

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    1. I am so honored by your mention. Thank you so much, Jaya. Your poems and your productivity always inspires me and the words you have chosen to describe me and my words contribute to my feeling on purpose. 💖


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