on Wet Concrete, don’t Step

Skin sweating
she watched the tumbling and spinning
stones, rocks, and cement
lifting and crashing
thunderous mixing

Water spraying
she watched the gray sludge become a substance
strong enough to bind buildings
callous enough to bury history, secrets, seeds, and bones

Solid trapping
heat and feet
too slow to move
when the giant mixer began encroaching and pouring
nothing sweet that would rise to a golden perfection

Legs fleeing
a tidal wave of concrete tumbling toward her
devour, it will, without a care or trace
but she has at her disposal, a lifetime of defense –
over traps and fear, she knows how to leap
she knows how to dig deep
she knows how to survive
she will not be buried alive
by its relentless churning

Surely, she can outwit rocks and stones
but water, maybe not
too much wisdom contained in each drop
but never underestimate a determined woman –
she is wise too
a jungle with concrete roots
will not turn her into a lifeless statue
or turn her pumping veins into stone pillars
strong and supportive, but never able to move

Into the wet concrete she will not place her feet –
away from the crushing wave, she will soar, brave and free!

Talented Tash Sultana‘s passionate singing and songwriting in her song, “Jungle,” complements my poem and is my latest dance obsession. 💃🏼😁 Thank you for visiting, reading, and watching. 🎵 I will return Saturday (7/17) with a writing-in-the-pines inspired post. ✍🏼🌲 Be well. 💗 Michele

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Photo: by Cameron Casey (Pexels)

© 2021 Michele Lee Sefton.

51 thoughts on “on Wet Concrete, don’t Step

  1. Naturally beautiful 🌵🌹🌞 Michele 🙏💖 I also enjoyed the accompanying music selection, and wish you a pleasant & peaceful time in the days ahead ~ may the forest be with you ✍🏼🌲

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  2. It’s so wonderful, resonating n fantastic Poem my dear Quetie Queen. I would like to pic many powerful words to highlight the power of you but final thoughts concluded so beautifully. Word’s aren’t sufficient to prise your excellence.

    Into the wet concrete she will not place her feet –
    away from the crushing wave, she will soar, brave and free ❤🙏

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      1. Timothy Price

        Dance is great. I almost became a professional dancer when I was 18. I opted for college instead. I have done all kind of dance most of my life.

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  3. Well Ms. Michele, ya done it again. What an ode to the power of a woman who won’t allow herself to be buried in a quagmire of self-imposed imprisonment. Girlfriend, she will not be the victim of the snares that catch hold of you and won’t let go. 😡

    Wonderful metaphor! Wonderful poem, as always Michele! 👏🏼💖👍🏼🙏🏼

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    1. Thank you, David. 😊 There are several layers to this poem.

      I actually love city life too for the activities and energy, but it is refreshing and restorative to escape to nature, especially when the excessive heat, trapped in concrete, becomes too much. 🥵 Your encouraging words are a treasure. 🙏🏼💗


  4. This is a magnificent exploration of power, and the relentlessness and persistence of the human spirit; and Tash Sultana, I mean wow, powerful. I see the connection between the two and they are both glorious, dear Michele. ❤️

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    1. Yes! How wonderful. Thank you. 💗 Tash is fantastic! Such passion and talent! I am in awe of one-person bands. 👏🏼 Her energy and words are more uplifting than oppressive concrete, both literally and figuratively, but there are a few details that connect the two. I appreciate you taking the time to listen and sharing your thoughts on the subject. 🙏🏼 😊

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  5. Well-said and beautifully composed lines, Michele! This is the last read of my day today and it exudes such courage and confidence that shines from deep within!💕😃 You are a very wise and loving lady, dear Michele!🥰

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    1. To spark your vivid imagination, Jaya, is an honor and a delight. ✨ You are very perceptive. The poem could be a warning, on a few levels. Thank you for noticing and appreciating my kinesthetic nature. 🙏🏼 😊

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      1. Right you are! I will leave capturing planes, in the intense city heat, to the professionals. I will board them whenever I can though. The planes, not the professionals. 😂


  6. soooo weird.. that went through.

    Great powerful poem.. couldn’t get images out of my head with the Florida building..
    Great metaphors with the strength to carry on. not a fan of cities except a few days. have a great time. Tash was great too💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Cindy, for commenting and appreciating talented Tash. 😊 Oh wow, I had not even considered that connection. Shivers down my spine. So sad, but I definitely see how one could make that comparison. I do love that about poetry and literature – the writer writes and the reader forms meaning to the writing, based on their life experiences, thoughts, and views. I also appreciate that about the comment forum – reading how my writing is interpreted and being able to share my thoughts on other blogs. For me it is a constant cycle of having an inspired thought, writing about it, then releasing it. Others expanding on my poetry or stories in some way is an added gift to the process.
      Thank you. 💖

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      1. You are so welcome and her talent is not to be denied❣️
        I was sure you weren’t thinking of that and your writing was amazing. I’ve had a lot of clients coming in right now dealing with the after effects and talking about it so it’s been on my mind ever since they stopped working on it. So sad and nothing like your poetry for sure. Yes it truly is an example of intended outcome as a writer vs experiences as a reader interpreting it to their own experiences which is very cool actually. I soooo agree that inspiration and creativity are to be shared from our inspiration.
        You work is always a gift.
        You’re so welcome💖💖💖

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