Traveling a Winding Road

Losing myself and finding myself, at the same time. How contradictory. How sublime. Have you experienced this? Do you understand? Maybe you felt it when touched by your lover’s gentle hand. Maybe it was revealed while you were pursuing your passions, allowing your mind to release all attachments. Maybe it spoke to you through words made visible on a page. Maybe you heard it in a song that directed the rhythm of your heart, then pulsed through your veins. Maybe you breathed it in from the scent of your newborn’s skin. Maybe it was your reward for finding the strength to start again.

I know those sensations. I have lived these moments. Moments that can arrive and depart in a single breath, but between the breathing in and releasing we can feel, hear, and see a glimpse of our magnificence and understand our rightful place in the universe. Moments that might flash before our eyes, before our eyes are no longer needed to see. This strange “lost and found” paradox welcomes me under the life-giving trees. I could easily dig my heels into the dirt that grounds their daily sky-reaching existence. One that my nature-loving spirit would claim without resistance. My travel-seeking mind, well, that would take more convincin’!

In the endless ways we may find the free-floating space between letting go and grabbing hold ~ love is the common essence. ❤

Writing Retreat Discoveries and Highlights:
Squirrels really are distracting. Look! There goes one now! What a cute fluffy tale. What was I writing about? Oh yeah…

“Don’t talk to strangers” is advice that sometimes make sense, but strangers are no longer strangers if we are willing to talk and listen. With that said, if a man asks you to help him with his car radio, keep on walking, like I did.

Completing a book-length project is going to be a long-term commitment. Some writing days are going to be a love affair, other days I may want to pull out my hair. Tapping my way to twenty-thousand words today, on the keys and with my feet, my first draft and I are still in the honeymoon phase.

I may not have my dance space, but I still need dance breaks, accomplished by dancing in place!

A bag of butterless microwave popcorn qualifies as a vegan hot meal and there are no dishes to clean up.

There is a difference between city quiet and mountain quiet.

There is a difference between city lights and starry skies.

John Butler, from the John Butler Trio, is a talented musician and decent skater. The vibe of this song, “Wade in the Water,” feels right this morning, as I continue traveling the winding road, outside, lined with trees and inside, lined with words. “Wade in the Water” written by John Butler (click for lyrics). If you are not familiar with Butler’s music and you appreciate good guitar playing, I highly recommend searching for more of his videos on YouTube.

Being in the Cascade Mountains, surrounded by trees, reminds me of a poem I wrote almost one year ago, Under a Sapphire Sky (audio poem) – My Inspired Life. Thank you for visiting, reading, and watching. I will return Saturday (7/24) with another tree-inspired post. Be well. 💗 Michele

Find more photos on my IG page~ @mlsefton

Photos: my images

© 2021 Michele Lee Sefton.

123 thoughts on “Traveling a Winding Road

  1. Oh Michele, you made me so nostalgic with your beautiful post. I actually do know what you mean by losing and finding yourself at the same time… I felt it when my son was born, and every time I kiss the man I love, and now my latest has been poetry…. I completely lose my senses when I write!! But ironically, I know where I stand at the end of every piece. Thank you for reminding me why I love writing! And why I love life, no matter the aches that come with it. Stay blessed and those photographs are just beautiful! 💕💕💕

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    1. How wonderful. Thank you, Diana. 💐 I am not surprised that you understand this strange, but wonderful paradox and you have listed several heartwarming examples. 💗 Losing your senses and finding yourself is a beautiful benefit of writing. I am most often surprised by what shows up when I give in to the process. I am glad you like the photos – I can get lost in that process too! Have a wonderful rest of the week and happy writing. ✍🏼🥰

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      1. Oh, that is a beautiful one, performed by a band with a cool name. It is good to be understood. 😁 Eyes closed and earbud volume up is good. I suggest listening while walking under the tall woods, if you have a chance. Best to keep eyes open though. A tumble can ruin a perfectly inspired moment. 😆 Thanks for sharing. 😊

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      2. haha I could present a rebuttal against your claim, but I will concede and stand corrected. Not tall though, that I will never be unless I climb the tall wood, er tree. Best to do that with eyes open too. 😂 Earthy and fun tree humor. The laughing leaves seem to agree. 🤣

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      3. Well, you are fortunate then, to be traveling the (always) right path. No need for erasers, or back keys, or second-guessing. Leaves you with extra time to make witty jokes about leaves and trees. 😆
        “…on a limb” A very funny joke that leaves me laughing out loud!

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  2. Your thoughts n writings are always indepth sensations my dear lovely Michele. Loosing n finding in just a feel of breath! Isn’t it soo brilliant n awesome?? Such a beautifully penned post it is. Loved it as always, below lines ✌ ❤

     Moments that can arrive and depart in a single breath, but between the breathing in and releasing we can feel.

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  3. Vicki Hunt

    What a melodic and relaxing read. I feel your joy and quiet in your mountain retreat. You have triggered in me a “Breadloaf” moment and I will write it today.

    (Tom and I are staying at a quiet resort in Scottsdale, so I have time to write and think. (or visa versa).

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    1. I am so blessed to be connected to an amazing group of encouraging, inspiring, and fun people. Including you, of course! Your writing and artistic shares expand my thinking and art-loving heart. 💗 Gratitude! 🙏🏼


  4. The Cascade Mountains of your writers retreat looks like the perfect place to get lost and found 🌄 In fact, I was inspired to write a Haiku. Enjoy the quiet mountain atmosphere ✍🏼🌲 but do watch out for those squirrels 😂 Best wishes, Michele 🌞

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    1. My cup of appreciation is spilling over. Thank you so very much! I am grateful to be connected to such caring and talented people. 🥰 Sorry to not ask this sooner, but can I call you by your first name? Or nickname that you use on WP? Whichever you prefer.

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  5. YOU, my friend, are such an elegant and inspirational write. I found the first couple of paragraphs so relatable, and intoxicating. Chills throughout the body, and, well, the biggest smile, again, and again, as I walked alongside you. I have experienced this; is profound, just like you, Michele. ❤️❤️

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    1. Thanks VG! I appreciate your visits and kind words. My tappy spoons dance was fun, thanks. I am not sure what the next song/dance will be, but I am sure something will inspire me. 💃🏼 A lovely summer it is. 🌞 Same to you! 😊

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  6. Completing a book-length project is going to be a long-term commitment. Some writing days are going to be a love affair, other days I may want to pull out my hair. Tapping my way to twenty-thousand words today, on the keys and with my feet, my first draft and I are still in the honeymoon phase.

    It sounds so daunting, Michele!


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  7. Girl Michele, I truly understand how you have to sometimes lose yourself in order to find yourself. It seems like an oxymoron, but it has a much deeper meaning than that. This line you penned basically reverberates this: “In the endless ways we may find the free-floating space between letting go and grabbing hold ~ love is the common essence.”

    That retreat you’ve been on is certainly doing some transformation in your mind, body, and spirit. Isn’t that a lovely and refreshing thing girlfriend? 🤔💖🙏🏼❤👏🏼😊

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    1. You are so right, Kym. A deeper meaning indeed. We might feel a sense of becoming someone else, or a stepping closer to who we are meant to be. This knowing can arrive in many ways, as I wrote, but it seems most profound when we are not clinging to attachments and expectations… when our hearts are open to love, in its many beautiful forms, including self-love. 💖

      Ok, I will stop. I am turning into a mountain philosopher. Might need more oxygen. 😂 Yes, girlfriend, this retreat is a blessing to my mind, body, spirit, and book project. ✨ Thank you so much! 💖🌄🌞🤗

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      1. Girl, you didn’t have to stop. You are like that Energizer Bunny! 😁 That’s a good thing because you are diving into deeper meaning as you go down this path of renewed awakening. Sometimes we have to step into a new place, a different environment where we can take a deep breath, gain a new perspective and see life going forward in a more rewarding and engaging way. 👓

        Yep, we may have to get you an oxygen tank and have it on standby, because sista you are on a roll now!!! 👏🏼🤗🙏🏼💖💐

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      2. Looks like you have joined me on the philosophizing mountain top! 🌄 Your heartfelt and wise words echo across the land! 😊 I will try not to roll down the mountain! 😆 Thank you so much. You are amazing. 🙏🏼💖

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      3. Well Michele if we roll down the mountain, guess what? ⛰ It will be fun rolling with you. We will laugh our butts off and we will have more philosophizing to talk about along the way up again! Thanks for the encouragement ladybug! 🤗💖🥰

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      4. It’s called reviving the kid in us Michele. 🥳Sometimes simple pleasures are the best. When we did such things as kids, even with the bumps, bruises and blood, we cleaned up, put some alcohol on those bruises and a bandage, and we were good to go! Hugs and smooches girlfriend! 🤗😘💖

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      5. Oh my gosh! You reminded me of going ice-blocking on a golf-course when I was a kid. Of course, we snuck in and were always chased off. If you are not familiar, it is sitting on a block of ice (from store haha) and sliding down a hill. So fun! And freezing!! 😂
        Hugs and happy day to you!

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  8. A moment captured and being captured by the moment! Both are existing at one time. you wrote about it so poetically. Also there is a divine connection involved, therefore a profoundness and awe is revealed and now we share the experience with you in word and photo. thank you!

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    1. Yes! Breathing in an inspired moment, that has the potential to transform us, drawing us closer to our true essence. ✨ Thank you so much, Tony, for your engaging comments and for experiencing the moment with me. 😊 Best to you!

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  9. Moments that can arrive and depart in a single breath – this took my breath away. 💛
    I understand, I hear you and love what I hear.

    Strangers don’t remain strangers if we talk to them – how beautifully said ✨ and yes with discernment.

    Bravo for your journey – of the book project, nature and adventure 💐🌹🏵️🌸🌺🌷Ease and Joy

    The photographs are stunning and I agree with you about the squirrels ❣️

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    1. Pragalbha, your reply is a delight to read. Thank you for absorbing and relating to my thoughts and enjoying my photos. I sure am enjoying taking them. Your appreciation means a lot to me. 🌻 Thank you about the book project – it is going to be a journey! One day, one page at a time. Enjoy your Sunday! 💛

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  12. There is a difference…You tapped into the difference environments with a sense of deeper appreciation. The mountain quietness is different from the city quietness. You have written this with such ease and freedom. My mind has been saturated with the beauty you are taking in.

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    1. It is my pleasure to share. Thank you for reading and connecting to my experiences and words. 🙏🏼😊 You are so right and a beautiful reminder to appreciate all of life’s experiences. ✨ Enjoy your weekend.

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  15. Nature inspired to any human being and feel free from all unnecessary thought, refresh mind and observe positive thought by nature.
    Everything surrounding us teach to be positive and have patience to achieve target.

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