Here’s (not) looking at you kid

A plan hatched, ready to be executed…
(might be my fate after this night)
Shimmy and pry the window, shut tight.
Shhhh, quiet.
Push flowerpot aside,
then slip through the small crack.
Carefully. Don’t break the glass!
Slide window and flowerpot back.
Feet and spirit ready to run
away from confinement and toward fun.

I escaped! I am free!
Not a screaming banshee,
but a teenager fleeing the scene.
I don’t care what happens to me –
just let me live this dream, please.
I escaped! I am free!

Watching their shows,
my absence they won’t notice,
and if they do, I don’t care –
what’s the worst that can happen to
a love struck ninth grader?

Turning the corner,
away from childhood and into the night.
There’s my ride!
Exactly where they said they’d be.
This plan is coming together perfectly!

The three of us –
my best friend riding passenger
and the getaway driver – her big sis.
In a sporty convertible we felt the wind in our hair.
I was floating on a cloud, tossing my worries into the warm spring air.

Our chariot reached the venue
where not one, but two prince charmings were preparing.
A line of people, the likes I had never seen,
stretching from the distant building to the street.

As big sis drove slowly
I began to notice…
we were getting more than our share of stares.
First one young man with spiked hair,
then a girl with a stylish punk flare.
Two glances became twenty, then more.
What is going on? Are we in line for a parade?
Should I wave?

Did the wind blow us into angels
or transform us into supermodels?

No, something about this does not feel right.
We reached the end of our ride,
and the beginning of an enchanting night.
We jumped out, then turned around to wave goodbye.

It was then we saw what the other concertgoers had seen…
stuck to the front of the car’s grille
was a bloody pigeon.
Neck snapped, feather’s ruffled, chest splayed open.
(might be my fate after this night)

True story.

“You probably wouldn’t worry about what people think of you if you could know how seldom they do.”

― Olin Miller

My night with Adam Ant (headliner) and Michael Hutchence, INXS (opening act), landed me in solitary confinement (grounded) for a month. It was worth it. My dad would not let me go to concerts at that age and missing Mr. Goody Two Shoes was not an option. 😍 My dad‘s feathers were ruffled, but not mine; my “punishment” gave me more time to daydream about my two prince charmings. 😆 I had the pleasure of seeing INXS a few years later at a tiny club in Denver, Colorado, just before their popularity reached mainstream status. An older teenager at that point, I did not have to sneak out the second time.😅

Footnotes for youngins’ ~ The title of my post references the movie, Casablanca. If you are not familiar, watch it. If you weren’t familiar with Adam Ant prior to this post, you are welcome. 😂 Oh, and no pictures from the concert – no cell phones, just good times and memories. 😁

Find my photos on Instagram ~ @mlsefton

Photo 1: by Andrea Piacquadio (Pexels) Photo 2: my photo

© 2021 Michele Lee Sefton.

62 thoughts on “Here’s (not) looking at you kid

  1. This is a delightfully fun story poem Michele. I’m glad you had your night of fun before teenage lockdown! I was such a good two-shoes, I didn’t even do things like that. I let myself have fun later in my middle years, and now, I’m downright stodgy. 🤪

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    1. It was a fun night! I am glad I did not miss the show. Great memories and something to laugh about later, me and my dad. 😂 Funny to look back on and think how tame it was. Thank you, Brad. BTW, it is never too late to have fun, or dance! 😁

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      1. Well, the pigeon might disagree with you. 😉 My dad passed two years ago, but yes, we had some laughs later. Turn up the music, move, and the motivation will come. Can’t sit in front of a computer all day! 😆 What surprise?

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    1. My escape was a bit stressful, but successful. 😄 I could have been grounded for a year and it would have been worth it. 😆 The good ol’ 80s. Sure was fun! What was your favorite gig? Thanks, glad you enjoyed my post.

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      1. Poetpas

        We need to rebel when we are young and go against everything we were taught, that’s how we develop and discover our own identity, I think…
        Skinny Puppy and D.O.A. were my favourite gigs in Vancouver. Punk 👊🏻

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      2. I think there is truth to that, yes. A rite of passage. I could write extensively on this subject, but I will refrain. 😆 I will save it for a book. Having our own identity is important, at any age. Good for you! Punk shows were wild! I went to one in Phoenix, but did not stay long. 🤪 I would have liked to have seen Sid Vicious. 😢

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      3. Yes, you are right. 😂 Much to be said about rocks. I already have an outline in my head. Next post! ✍🏼 Absolutely! Wild should remain part of our (grown-up) natures. Are you a rebel with or without a cause?

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  2. I loved Adam Ant, so alluring. My first concert was Styx. The light show was amazing. I went with a group of friends too. I didn’t have the excitement of sneaking out though, can’t believe my parents let me go! The pigeon is true poetry, sad to hear, but perfect for the loss of innocence…

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    1. Awesome! I never saw Styx. Too bad. How fun for you though. 👏🏼 Well said, Rebecca. Dramatic symbolism (pigeon) for my moment of defiance. Albeit a bloody disgusting one. Thank you for the visit and sharing your first concert story.


  3. What a crazy escape and the days with dare of don’t care were really must be wowww ha ha I loved your joy of share so much dear Angel. Your picture of “on the music n dance” looks soo awesome and Pretty. Loves ❤😇🤗

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  4. OMG Ms. Humphrey Bogart, I loved this. 💖 I think sneaking out and the punishment afterwards was well worth it. Sometimes defiance has a way of pushing the envelop and find out that you really did win the “Oscar”… to hear INXS sing “I Need You Tonight”…OMG! 😱 Now that’s a fainting spell waiting to happen.

    Great crazy memories! But oh…that poor bloody pigeon though!😜 Love this Michele!

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    1. haha You’re the best! That scene! I just can’t. 😭 I am crying, just thinking about it. 😆 Thank you, great minds think alike. Sitting out that show was not an option. Happy 9th grade me and a lifetime memory! 💖 Yes, I was just as excited to see INXS. Too fun! When I saw them perform in Denver, I was close enough to touch, but of course, I did not. I did not faint either. 😆 I did hang out by their trailer though.😁 Poor pigeon. I suppose that was his funeral procession. Long line of mourners wishing him/her a farewell. 😢
      Thank you, Kym, my fun feisty fabulous friend. 🤗 😘💃🏼👯‍♀️

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      1. Michele, to that unfortunate pigeon, “Bad timing Buddy. But it was a slammin’ concert though. You shoulda been there!” 😲

        I wonder if all of those onlookers were still looking at the grill 🐦 after you all joined the rest of the concert goer’s. Maybe they thought how could they forget that bird when there was “always something there to remind me!” Sorry, I digressed. 🤭

        And so, we dance off into the sunset! 💃👯‍♀️🕺 I simply love your spirit Michele. Always remember to celebrate your inner child so you can stay forever young!!! Ciao Dawlink! 😘💋😚

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      2. haha Good one! He sure was a looker! 😂 I could carry on all day with my concluding stanza, that seems to have grown wings. 🤣 LOL (really) We are having too much fun at the low-flying misguided one’s expense. haha
        Thank you so much, Kym. Good times and real laughs. 😁 My inner child thanks your inner child. 🙏🏼 We will let them dance and play with the setting sun. 🌇
        Have a wonderful night. 😘

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  5. Ah, to be young is to care about only one thing in the world at a time and truly live each thing because moving on is simply not something you experience until it is done. I love the freedom and unfettered happiness in your words, Michele!

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    1. Jaya, you truly are a thought-leader. 🌟 Young people do have a knack for being singularly focused and spontaneous. Thank you for sharing your, always interesting, thoughts. It is fun to reflect on silly and carefree times and laugh all over again, or for the first time! 😆

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I am very happy to read that my post delivered happiness and freedom during your visit. 😊 It is a fun memory that I enjoyed revisiting through words (and music). 😁 Not so fun for the little feathered friend whose misfortune gave the story interest, tragedy, and symbolism. And a mess to clean up! ☹ Looking for youthful energy is a worthy pursuit. Think about what made you happy as a child. Being around young people can also encourage that. 😀 Working with teenagers for many years connected me with youthful energy… 150+ of them every day, five days a week also wore me out! 🤪 Thank you for visiting and sharing.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I did find the bird’s story tragic, yes the symbolism 🙂 Wow yes it is a mixed bag of blessings to be with that many teenagers, and agree with how just being around them could fuel my energy. Much Love & Joy to you 💛🌹


    1. Why thank you, VG. I am glad you enjoyed your visit. 😊 I agree, poetry and music make life more enjoyable and music is poetry brought to life.🥰 Thanks, I have my funny moments. Laughing at myself keeps me entertained. 😆 Enjoy your day!

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  6. What a fantastic, whimsical ride you took us on, Michele. Reminds me of being young carefree, and taking risks, which, as you write, were worth getting in some trouble for. 😃 How awesome. ❤️🥰 And, INXS and Adam Ant. Yes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love your description of my post, Jeff. 😄 Thanks for riding along with me. Adrenaline flowing and hair blowing.💓 It was awesome! I am glad I threw caution to the wind! haha Yes and yes!! 🥰 Happy day to you!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Diana, for sharing memories with me. I have been to many concerts since then, but nothing can replace a first concert, especially when it involves an escape and memorable entrance! 🤪 Yes, those were the days, being young, silly, and carefree. 💖 Have a wonderful rest of the week!


    1. I was a determined one! I suppose I still am, but I no longer need to crawl through windows. 😂 Yes, that is a fantastic quote. Thank you so much for the visit and comment. Enjoy your day! 🌞


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