The last, at last (flash fiction)

The echo of music, laughter, clinking glasses, dancing feet, and crisp turned pages lingered in the room. The freshly painted walls were alive with angelic dancers, projected by flickering flames. Two figures on the balcony became one silhouette when he pulled her close. His soft kisses on the back of her neck were interrupted by the sounds of off-key singing below her apartment. With his arms around her, they leaned over the rail and watched the last two guests swing arms and click feet, while skipping down the street. The singing pair turned the corner and became a double exclamation to an enchanted evening. The floating pair watched the sparkling city lights, reflected in eyes and dreams. They breathed in the crisp night air and the possibilities. A world within their reach. A world that could wait a few more hours, because at last, they were alone. At last, two heartbeats would become one.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

― Albert Einstein

A writer’s retreat book project follow-up ~ I completed a major milestone in my book project yesterday and although I am not ready to discuss the details of my book, I would like to note that I am both surprised and pleased by the plot’s progress. When I began working on my project, I was unsure about several things related to writing a novel-length story, including if I could focus on one story for an extended period. Although book completion is more chapters and drafts down the road, I am no longer concerned about having the needed focus to see this to “the end.” My project has taken on a life of its own and I am committed to seeing it through. To do otherwise would cast me into a lifetime of sleepless nights!

In other writerly news, the current The Story You Need to Tell workshop, offered through the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix with author Sandra Marinella, is progressing nicely. We have a large group and the discussion is heavy a times, but writing can heal and a supportive and safe writing community can facilitate that healing and creative growth. Thank you for visiting and reading. Be well. 💗 Michele

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Photo 1: by Reynaldo Photo 2: by cottonbro

© 2021 Michele Lee Sefton.

50 thoughts on “The last, at last (flash fiction)

  1. The passion through your pen ✍🏼 sharing romance again, it’s a pleasure to read your work, dear Michele. And, a splendid quote that you wrote, imagining what’s around the bend. 💕 Congratulations on the progress of your book project, as well – that’s wonderful news. Best wishes, my friend. 🌞


    1. I spent many years teaching books and stories that highlighted tragedy, violence, and oppression. Such is the nature of literature. I did not mind because there are great lessons to be learned in such stories, real or fictitious, but it is enjoyable to write about sweet romance. 💕 Great quote by a brilliant man. I am not due a congratulations yet, but thank you for the support and well wishes. I am getting there. 😄

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  2. Beautiful Michele. 👏🏼 I love your choice of images to pair with your flash story. 📷 Thank goodness, I didn’t need to take a cold shower after this scene! LOL 🚿 🥵 🛀 Girl, I feel the same way you do about my book’s progress too. But, you are still trying and as you take it one word, one paragraph, one page, and one chapter at a time, progress is in the air girlfriend! 📈 So proud of you ladybug! 🐞💐🤗 Continue using the power of your pen(s)! 🖋 ✍🏼 ✒️ Smooches! 💋

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    1. Thank you, Kym. Sometimes searching for a photo is more work than going out and taking a photo. I wish I had taken that photo. I wish I was in New York! Another writer retreat. 😁 Phew! Glad I spared you another shower. It’s a work day – must keep it calm. 😂 It is nice to know I am in good company with book progress. It is a fascinating (and challenging) process. Thank you very much! To the pen! 🥂 Hugs and kisses beautiful lady.

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      1. Awwww, you’re an angel. You’re right about finding that perfect photo. I wish I could blink like Samantha from Bewitched and it would magically appear already Photoshopped!!! 📷

        Here’s lookin’ at you kid! 🥂 And here’s to a FANtabulous retreat! 🍸 🍹 🧉 🍾 😉

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      2. I have angel moments, but I haven’t earned my wings yet. 😆 haha That would be nice! I remember blinking like her when I was a little girl. 😂 Now if I do it is because I have something in my eye. 🤣 Yes and since imagination is my theme this morning… here’s to book signing celebrations! You first!! 😁 📘📗 🍾🎉 Thank you!😘

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      3. Girl, you got me rolling here! LMBO! 🤣 If I blink my contact lens has shifted!!! 👁

        We can do our book signings simultaneously sista! ✍🏼📚🖋 So on that note, we got some work to do now, don’t we??? 🤔 Thanks for the motivation! Here’s to commitment!!! Cha-ching!!! 🤑 🥂 💐

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      1. Thank you, Prakaash. 🙏🏼 I still have a journey with many steps before me, but I do think it is important to celebrate milestones when we are working on (long-term) goals. Even if the celebration comes in the fictional form of glass clinking. 😁


    1. I sincerely appreciate your support. 😊 My book and the writing workshop classes can be intense – all good, but these sweet, soft, and romantic posts are light and delightful to write and elevate me out of that intensity. Life, writing, and art are a blend of emotions. Also all good. Love your description ~ “It sings.” 💗 Thank you.

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  3. You write so beautifully, Michele; where the two became one, we all, in a way, became one with them through your lovely words. I am so pleased to know that your book project is progressing; and, that the writers workshop is going well. Lovely all around. Have a splendid evening, my friend.❤🤗❤

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    1. Very kind. Thank you, Jeff. Inspired thoughts that flow into stories and poems.✨ Writing is such a gift that allows us to express ourselves and connect with others. I also love, and you have touched on this, how stories and poems have their own lifeforce, outside of the writer, allowing readers to internalize them and interpret them in any way that makes sense. Thanks for the positive vibes! A splendid evening to you too! ✍🏼❤🤗

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      1. You’re welcome, Michele. Always my pleasure. A gift indeed, and agreed. Ah! Yes, that is so true. I think it is the beauty of writing and reading inspiring work. And, a splendid evening to you too! 🥰❤️ Maybe I will read my dictionary…haha.😃

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  4. This is enchantingly romantic, Michele! Best of luck with your book project. I’m working on mine at the moment, at the ‘structural edit’ stage. It really takes a lot of self-belief and perseverance to see it through. But I think we’ve both got what it takes ❤️

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    1. Love that description. 🥰 Thank you Ingrid, and thanks for your encouragement. I think I can, I think can… I know we can, I know we can. 💪🏼 🤓 💻 😅 📘 😴
      Your creative output, with all that you manage, is inspirational and motivational for your readers. I am proud of you and grateful for our connection!

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  5. Fun read. Romantic without being corny, which is tough. Just a side note of what I was thinking when I read this a second time: This story, if expanded, could be a neat modern commentary on Plato’s “the Cave” in the Republic. This part in particular: “The freshly painted walls were alive with angelic dancers, projected by flickering flames. Two figures on the balcony became one silhouette when he pulled her close.” Any connection or coincidence?

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    1. Thank you. 🙏🏼 I can be quite corny too. Just stick around. 😆 I am most excited about your comment, in reference to Plato’s work. I had not considered that and you have given me another perspective on this short piece. I hope to have the time to explore your prompt further. My mind is on fire with ideas. 🔥 haha What an interesting writing task this could be! Enjoy your day/night and thank you for the visit.


  6. The atmosphere in this piece is as intense as the electric nature of the photograph! Love the unexpected interruption by the off-key singing and how you wrap it up with a quote to savor!
    Congratulations on the progress made with your novel. 🙂

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    1. It took some searching for the “right” photo and it is never exactly as I would want. I love and appreciate the connections you draw from my writing and that of others, and of course, I love the words you have chosen to describe the connections (atmosphere, intense, electric). 🥰 Romance interrupted… temporarily, by smiles. 😊 Thank you, Jaya.

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