Hope Full (poem and dance)

Gifted with fabric and thread,
she wasn’t just weaving material
into museum-worthy displays,
she was weaving a life transformed,
stitched together with gold strands of hope,
that she now wears like a majestic robe –
wrapping her in the love,
on others, she has generously bestowed.

She is learning to step,
to receive love and respect,
in her well-earned role as Royalty,
wearing her hope-lined robe –
not granted by a noble decree.
Look closely and you will see,
her delicate garment is a patchwork of life’s,
trials, tears, and adversity
reshaped with artist’s hands
into a brilliant tapestry,
stitched together with gold strands of hope
by her majesty.

We met by chance, a random circumstance.
Some might say, Divine guidance
brought us together.
I would not disagree.
A friendship forged
before friends, old and new, were locked
behind closed doors.
New, in friend years,
but meeting her felt like
returning to a friendship
once held close,
years ago.

Dedicated to my forever hopeful friend, LP.

As I have written before, I believe we should step away from screens, from life, and dance. I hope I have inspired you to join me. It’s not about being perfect or practicing for a recital (been there, done that). It is about listening and moving to music that moves you. It is about moving your divine creation and being comfortable in your own skin. Those who have been reading me for a while know how grateful I am for the gift of movement – if you are new here, you can learn more by reading my story, “Please let me dance again.” 💓 If you would like to join me for a NIA (dance fusion) class via Zoom, send me an email through my contact page and I will send you details. NIA incorporates dance, and the healing and martial arts 💃 Soon, I will be dancing away from my screen to help my friend, LP, with her wedding plans. 👰 I will return Saturday, with what feels like a passionate poem percolating. 🥰 Have a beautiful and hope full day. Thank you for visiting and dancing, of course! Be well. 💗 Michele

from the song, “Hope”
by the band, Fat Freddy’s Drop~
Hope for a generation
Just beyond my reach
Not beyond my sight
I wanna drip like honey from the honeybee
Walk from the river down to the sea
Fly through the thick of a thunder cloud
Break down
Down on the people that won’t allow
Not gonna let them keep me
Not gonna let them hold me
Not gonna let them tell me no

I love the music
I love the music
The music in me
Music in you
I love the music
I love the music
The music in me
The music in you

“Hope” Song writers: Laing Toby Alexander, Faiumu Chris Taaloga, Gordon Iain Alexander, Kerr Tehimana, Lindsay Joseph, Maxwell Warren Douglas, Tamaira Dallas Joseph

Butterfly Photo: my image

© 2021 MyInspiredLife

74 thoughts on “Hope Full (poem and dance)

  1. An enchanting poem and dance, Michele! I especially love these lines:

    ‘her delicate garment is a patchwork of life’s,
    trials, tears, and adversity
    reshaped with artist’s hands
    into a brilliant tapestry’

    It’s a theme which I explored in my poem yesterday! ❤️💃❤️

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    1. Thank you so much, Ingrid. An early morning write for my sweet friend who really is an incredible textile artist, who is beautifully weaving her way into her first marriage. Feels like the unfolding of an enchanted fairytale. 💖 Awesome! I love when similarities show up. 😄

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  2. Oh. My. Goodness! ❣️ You are truly a vision of beauty, Michele, and your sense of movement, so gorgeous and flowing, is stunningly impressive. Indeed, the gift of movement is yours, in spades! Like the graceful turns you weave into each step, your poetic artistry speaks to a kindred spirit of friendship through a tapestry of kindness, respect and love. Congratulations to LP, and thank you for sharing my friend. 🌞🌹

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    1. Oh, my goodness to you! Quite the compliment, Phil. You are easily impressed. You may need to get out more! 😆 I do appreciate you and thank you for your ongoing and generous words of support. 💃😁 Thank you on my friend’s behalf. She is such a loving person and he is a gem. I am very happy for them. 💞🙏

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      1. Hahaha Perhaps, but be that as it may, you are always impressive – beauty, dance, poetry…and video. ✅ Using a fan for a subtle breeze on your hair played quite well, and complemented your flowing dress. And, you remained composed to correct the ‘wardrobe malfunction’, affixing your waist strap seamlessly. 😆 I also noted a martial arts kick at the 2 minute mark…yes, I was impressed. Have a great day, Michele. 🙏🏼🌞

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      2. Oh my! You really broke it down. A publicist and a choreographer. A man of many talents! 👏😂 The “show must go on” with or w/out wardrobe issues. No time for retakes for this video. I taught my dancing daughter the same work ethic, in life and on the dance floor. When she was a tiny tap dancer she biffed it on a slick floor, smacking and cutting her chin. She kept dancing with blood streaming down her chin. She saved her tears for off stage. She’s a strong one! 💪 Thank you, Phil. A most pleasant day to you too! 😄

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  3. Guuuurrrrrrllllll, you just don’t know what a big, huge, ginormous smile you put on my face today. 😁 The proof is in the pudding and you weren’t joking when you said that you had your dancing shoes on, and standing by at a moments notice!!! 💃💃💃 OMG, I think I saw a few Zumba moves in there girlfriend! Oh, and by the way, I also think I caught a glimpse of a black pump on the floor in the background by the music stand??? 👠 And a little ballerina action going on too??? 🩰

    You KNOW I was up dancing to that groove as well!!! 🎵 🎼 🎶 I loved how you wove strands of hope, love, and divine guidance into that beautiful poem you dedicated to your friend LP. 💖 💘 💝 So heartwarming and emotional! 🤗 Have a FANtabulous evening my dancing machine! With or without music, always keep dancing Michele!!! 💃🏽

    Hugs and smooches!!! 🥰 😘 🤗

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    1. Now I am smiling at the thought of you smiling. Our smiles stretch across the miles. So do our dance steps! Thank you, Kym. 😁 You are most observant and I am a most undisciplined dancer lady! 😆 Oh well, wherever the music takes us is a fun ride. 🎶💓 I would not expect anything less from you! I meant to mention you, my dancing friend, in my post, then I got in a rush to finish. Next time! Thank you, LP was touched and we had a most productive wedding planning day. It is going to be an enchanted evening (next month).💕 BTW-doesn’t that song have a chill danceable rhythm? Hugs and smooches to you too! You are a delight. 🥰 😘 🤗

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      1. Girlfriend, that song was a perfect complement to your interpretive dancing. I could feel your emotional, yet tranquil and spiritual vibe! 💃💐🩰 You set the night to music. 🎵🎼🎶

        LP’s wedding sounds like it will be magical and loads of fun! 👰💒🤵 You are so light-hearted and refreshing Michele. Don’t ever change that. 🤗🥂😉

        Honey chile, you needn’t mention me in your post because you already connected to my aura! I got you girlfriend. 💯 I try not to miss an opportunity to dance! You can count on me for that!!! 💃🏼😉👯‍♂️🥳

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  4. What a fabulous collage today Michele! I love your first poem and the analogy of weaving our life from the various bits and pieces. And kudos for being so comfortable to dance for the camera. I occasionally dance at home but haven’t danced in public for a long time. Nice song too. Dance on…💃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love your word choice – collage. How lovely. Thank you, Brad. Sharing poems and stories, reciting poetry, dancing… I am at the point in my life where I am choosing to share what inspires me and maybe inspire others too, or at least entertain for a few minutes. 😆 So, get out there and dance in public! 🕺 You might be embarrassed, but I doubt you will regret it later. 😁 I love the musicality of that song. Talented musicians and a groovy rhythm. Yes! Dance on, to you too!

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    1. Reading that I inspire you is a most heartwarming message that makes me smile. Thank you, Pragalbha, for enjoying this hopeful post dedicated to a compassionate and talented woman, who is going to be a beaming bride in a few weeks. 🥰

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  5. You are such a beautiful human being; talented poet, wonderful writer, and elegant dancer, amongst many other things…🥰 I loved your poem, and adore the idea of stitches made out of hope. Gorgeous, Michele. ❤️

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    1. Such love! Thank you, Jeff. Assuming you can hold your own on the dance floor… you are all of those things too. 😁 I am sure you do just fine! 🕺 I am most grateful for your feedback about my hope stitched poem. Hope is such an important word for my talented friend – I was inspired to focus on hope and write that for her today. Thank you for enjoying it with us! 💝

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  6. Stitches of hope…Michele, you brought tears to my eyes this morning. I just love your heart. Your words and movement flow straight from it. I was mesmerized. Music and movement are in me. Your beauty and grace are such a blessing to all of us. 💛💜❤️🤗

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    1. So nice to read you! Thank you, dear dancing Karla. How incredibly sweet you are. I made my friend cry too. Happy tears. 💖 I hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying your book promotion. 😊 Best to you! 💝 🤗


  7. Oh my goodness, this was an incredible poem – so rich with imagery and brimming with hope! I especially loved this line
    “her delicate garment is a patchwork of life’s,
    trials, tears, and adversity”
    It had such a beautiful rhythmic flow and portrays hope marvellously! I enjoyed the song too!

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  8. I cannot decide, Michele, if I love your beautiful movement more or your words, hence I have decided the fusion between both of them is lovelier than each piece on its own! The song you chose gives way for such a calling beat of dance too.
    Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Options are good. 😁 Sometimes less is more, but in this case, more hope felt best. 🥰 How wonderful it would be to be swaying along with their live beats. 💓 Thank you for saying! Your visits make me smile. I have your recent post in an open tab, that I will be reading soon. 😊

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    1. Diana, I say thank you with a sincere smile and happy heart. 💝 Dancing does bring me great joy. I truly value your comments about my creative outlets. Thank you and you stay blessed too beautiful poet. 🤗 💖


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