Life is a Mystery

We have all heard the phrase, “six degrees of separation,” but sometimes God/Divinity sprinkles a little extra sparkle on the moment or situation. Let me explain. Last night I struck up a conversation with a stranger and a few questions into our conversation I discovered she knows my all-time favorite teacher who I have searched for, to no avail. I also discovered the reason for my failure to find my favorite teacher… she remarried years ago and has had a different last name since. When I learned this news, time stopped and the tears started. Unbelievable, but not. I made note of the name change, then gave the stranger my card to pass on to my former teacher and hope to connect with her soon. With more joyful tears, of course. I wrote about this teacher, Ms. Bergquist, in a former post, “Thank You for Caring, Teacher” What makes this moment even more incredible is I was in an unfamiliar setting last night, and yet somehow ended up next to this woman.

Sometimes we are in the right place at the right time, then it is our job to be open to meeting, asking, learning, and discovering. ✨ 

Should you choose to leave a comment, thank you in advance. Please know I am traveling a dusty desert road for a few days, so thanks for your patience. 🙏🏻 Enjoy the mystery of life!

Thank you for visiting and reading. Be well. 💗 Michele

Photos: my images from the dusty desert road

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78 thoughts on “Life is a Mystery

  1. Such a wonderful moment, to make this contact of common interest! Congratulations, Michele. 😇 Life is indeed full of mysteries, and you said it well – ones willingness to engage can at times make all the difference, adding value to such right place and time scenarios. It’s a small world! Safe travels, my friend.

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  2. WOW Michelle, talk about Divine intervention. 🙏🏼 So happy to hear that you had that conversation with this person who you did not know, and all of a sudden something or someone you have been searching for was placed in your welcoming hands. That was no coincidence girlfriend. Oh that brings chills to my body! 🥶

    I hope you hear from this remarkable teacher soon. You must keep us informed of this profound awakening. I truly love this. 🥰 Talk about serendipity!!! 🤗💖🤗

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    1. Absolutely! I can’t believe it! One of those moments that could have easily not happened. I am so glad it did. 😄 Chills and happy tears, yes! 💗 I will do everything within my power to connect with my teacher and keep you posted. Clearly we were meant to see other. Thanks so much, Kym. 🤗💖 Crazy life!

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      1. Hey girlfriend, sometimes the rollercoaster of life can produce some exciting memories (past and present). All the best sweetie pie! I love to hear the exciting things that unexpectedly happen in people’s lives. 💝❤💖 Thank you for adding to that magic girifriend!!! 💃🏽💐🍷

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    1. Incredible, isn’t it? A few questions revealed that she had worked at my former middle school after I moved on and where my fav worked. I thought I was hearing things. Even crazier… this did not take place in my hometown, nor was it a teacher gathering. 😆 A beautiful and surprising moment of connection. Thank you, Dwight. 🌻

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  3. That sure is an amazing tale! Once I began talking with a young man in his 20s here in Madison. When he said he was from a particular city in Texas, I began talking about my dad’s work there. Turns out, my dad did not design the high school he had interviewed for there and it was the young man’s father who made the decision to hire someone else! And it hadn’t gone well. Very strange circle. Glad you’ve nearly found your beloved teacher!

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    1. Thank you, Rebecca. I see a teacher/student reunion in my future! It is incredible what we can learn when we start peeling away distance. Thank you for sharing your story. I once flew home and learned I was sitting next to a man who lived in my neighborhood. What are the odds in a city of 5 million people? I have had many coincidences like that. They surround us – just asking and listening uncovers so much. ✨

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  4. Life is unpredictable, that’s for sure – oranges do not drip into our turbans. Most of the time we have to search to find – but sometimes we are found without actually searching. It is one of many things that make life amazing. 🙂

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