Passion in the Park (poem, photos, & live music)

Toward him my heart turned
when I heard his words,
      “With your hand in mine,
      we can walk through any space and time
      and leave behind
      this crawl space with its narrow mind
      we can’t deny what we’ve been searching for, for all our lives
      yes, you and I, with love wings we can fly…”

On his notes, my pulsing heart soared above
into the realm of infinite possibilities –
the space of eternal love.

He set his mic down and left.
I grabbed my camera and headed west
toward a sky painted red
      dripping and spilling
         into the rippling
              a heavenly merging

I caught up with my heart, dancing and skipping
in this glowing scene
      blending and lending
         its growing passion
              a heavenly merging

Click here to see full photos (website).

Sunday delivered a special treat – the 150th Anniversary of Tempe, held at the Tempe Beach Park and Tempe Arts Park. I had a lovely time listening to my favorite local singer/musician/storyteller, Walt Richardson, along with my husband and some friends before venturing off with my lens toward the setting sun. In between capturing park and lake scenes, I popped back in to catch two more bands, then I greeted the crescent moon along the water’s edge. Blissful and creative moments – heaven sent.

Tempe is the eighth largest city in Arizona and the location of Arizona State University (main campus). I have many more stories about Tempe and Tempe Town lake, including before the dirt was covered with a lake, but I will save those for another day. 🌞 Thank you for visiting, reading, and viewing. Be well. 💗 Michele

Post note: For more on Walt Richardson and his music, check out my post, “Inspiring Storytellers

The lyrics referenced are from his song, “Love Wings”

Photos & Video: mine, Tempe Beach Park

© 2021 MyInspiredLife

74 thoughts on “Passion in the Park (poem, photos, & live music)

  1. From sounds of the show, then with camera on the go, you’ve shared once again, poetry from your heart through pen. Wonderful words and images, my friend! Have a great day, Michele. 🌞🎶📷✍🏼

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      1. The lake is
        always the same
        just the two of us
        although I
        this marvelous woman
        have never seen again

        we are coming soon
        that I have this
        just me
        really know

        i can
        this woman
        not even know

        each of us both
        to our
        own end

        I do not know
        how many women
        from the
        that I myself
        them to women
        found not worthy
        not in my arms
        have taken

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    1. It truly is – not in the summer though! 😆 I saw Flogging Molly there in March (a few years ago) and it was already too hot! Thank you, Brad. It was an enjoyable venture wandering around with an open heart, seeing the world through my lens. 😍

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  2. A heavenly merging indeed girlfriend. 🌉 Your poem is so melodious Michele, with a passionate, romantic flavor of love, my dear. 💖💘💝 It’s so interesting how the sky in your pictures seems to move with the melody of the spirit surrounding it. Very inspiring girlfriend! 🌇🌤🌅 Bravo my dancing queen! 👏🏼💃🏽🎵

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    1. I was definitely caught up in the moment. My heart burst into the sky and each turn brought me more beauty to capture. 💗 Joy! I will most definitely revisit my photos with your words in mind. Spectacular! Thank you so much, Kym. I love reading that your were inspired. ✨💖 Big hugs from one dancing queen to another.💞

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      1. Awww Michele…sending you a bouquet of hugs, smooches, and deep reflections. 🤗💐😘 You know, when you’re caught up in that moment, when you stop, look around and take in the treasures of the moment. How can you NOT be inspired? Always stay curious and keep a pen and camera handy! ✍🏼📸 Oh, and don’t forget the music girlfriend!!!🎶💃🏽🎵

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    1. Fantastic! That is a generous and delightful compliment. Thank you so much, Jaya. I sure had fun taking them though. 😊 I love learning of your takeaways from this poem. More gorgeous compliments that I will cherish. I did feel those emotions – joy, eagerness, and peace while exploring and taking photos, so how wonderful that you picked up on that. Best to you!

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  3. Ahh I love how your poems are so richly descriptive! And these lines,
    “toward a sky painted red
    dripping and spilling
    into the rippling
    a heavenly merging”
    were just stunning!!
    Beautiful photos too!❤️

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