A sky painted the colors of love (flash fiction)

            We kept watching the mesmerizing sky. Millions of emerald slivers were suspended above us, spinning and swirling. He and I, each dreaming our own private dreams. I thought about how I would never forget this moment and how it might be the highlight of my time in Alaska. I was happy to be here, not falling into an eternal sleep under the trees, but alive, with Sean, looking up at a dancing doorway. On the other side – heaven. As euphoria flooded my eyes, body, and brain, I noticed my head was resting on Sean’s right arm. I wondered what he was thinking as he looked toward the dancing green lights. I looked up at him, even though everything inside me told me not to. He looked away from the green lights and into my green eyes. There he stayed for only a traceable manmade minute, but for an eternity he will remain in my soul.

In that moment, I felt the snow melt into a sea of warm water, rising from our feet and reaching our hearts. We were floating. My head was spinning. This was not happening. The dark whispering trees morphed into a thousand-people-chorus singing a song I had never heard with my ears, but my soul recognized. My sigh released steam into the air that hissed when it met the melting water of my dreams. A muffled cry followed – the sound of released sadness submerged in the melted virgin snow. Not all of my breathe was dispersed to the wind or the water. Sean leaned toward me, inhaled my breathe, making it his own. Then we kissed. Two cold lips instantly warmed by a rising and surprising passion. I let myself sink deeper into the warm water. I don’t know if this is love, but I know in his arms I feel safe, even if I fall too far.  

My flash fiction piece was inspired by spending time in Alaska, in the middle of winter, when I was free-spirited and adventurous, before I got married and serious. 😂 I did have the joy of seeing the Northern Lights while there.✨ Put some sparkle in your step and join me for some moving music and movement. 🎶 Email me through my contact page for details. 💃🏼 Thank you for visiting and reading. Be well. 💗 Michele

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Photo 1: by Pixabay Photo 2: Kourtney Gundersen (Pexels)

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79 thoughts on “A sky painted the colors of love (flash fiction)

    1. Thank you, Ingrid. Magical moments inspired by the Last Frontier! 💖 Freezing moments too. When I left Phoenix Sky Harbor it was 70 degrees. When I arrived in Alaska it was 33 below zero.🥶 It was an adventure! I would like to return when the days are longer and the temps warmer. 🌞 It truly is a spectacular wilderness. At least, it was. I hope you make it!

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  1. Buddy Smith

    Wonderful flash, and the Cure takes me back. We can see the northern lights from here a handful of times a year, but they are usually low on the horizon, and with little color. Alaska is on my wish list.

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    1. Thank you, Buddy. Yes, listening to the Cure is a visit to past memories. 😄 How wonderful that you can see the dancing sky! Do go – you will love it! I would love to revisit Alaska. Beautiful land and people. More land than people. 😆🏔

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  2. Timothy Price

    That was a really fun flash of steamy passion in the far land of frosted darkness, under northern lights. You still have that free spirit, bottled up, well aged, ready to flow once more.

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  3. Like the Aurora Borealis, beauty in the sky with power to sooth the cold winter, your words of romance present a heartwarming read. Thank you for sharing your wonderful writing, Michele. ✍🏼💕✨

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  4. You, serious? I can’t imagine…hehehe. 🥰 I love this story, Michele. It’s full of passion, love for nature, and more importantly, love for the present moment. What you describe is all about being present to all we see, feel, hear, smell, etc. This story was a wonderful experience. ❤️🌹

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    1. haha Right on. Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Focused, yes, but too serious – no, never! 😆 Thank you, Jeff. A wonderful theme you have chosen to focus on. 😁 Love that! I also think writing helps us with being present. 🧘🏼‍♀️ I am glad you enjoyed my sparkling story. 💖

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    1. Thank you, Jaya, for writing a beautiful summary of my short story. May I use it? 😁 Fiery romance melting the snow. 🔥💓 That might be why I still need the A/C on in November. That and dancing. 😂 I love your visits! 🌻

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  5. Ahhhh, the beautiful Aurora Borealis! What an experience Michele. Now, here I go clutching my pearls again 😲…”My sigh released steam into the air that hissed when it met the melting water of my dreams. A muffled cry followed…

    Lawd Jesus help me. And you didn’t think this was a pearl-clutching moment? This is too much hissing and romancing the heat in the melted snow action for me. ❄☃🌨 I think I better go make myself a cup of tea and collapse on my sofa with a fainting spell. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🧖🏽‍♀️☕🥂

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    1. Well, when you put it that way, it is a steamy scene. 🥰😁 No emoji for a pearl necklace? Only prayer beads.📿 I suppose that is a suitable substitute.🤣 Hope you had a nice relaxing cup of tea and spell on the sofa. ☕🛋 Thank you, Kym. 💝 Too much fun! 💃🏽💃🏼

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      1. Girl, I look forward to your sweet comments. 😄Your words are so uplifting, and you can’t help but to indulge in the fun! 🥰 Have a FANtabulous week sweetie pie! 🥧 Oh, and by the way, the prayer beads will do. I could have sworn I saw some other beads at one time, but it probably was just my imagination. 😂😜🤣 Until my next, pearl clutching moment, Ciao! 📿

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  6. Read this post twice, each time felt wondrously different. Only two short paragraphs, you have activated my senses and now have me lost in the magical snowy seashore, pondering the Alaska green lights!🤪😃💗

    Such a skillful and impeccable writer you are, dear Michele!💕

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    1. How delighted I am to learn that two reads gave you two different experiences. Thank you for sharing that, Annabel. I enjoy reading your poems a few times – gaining new insight with each read. In the writing workshops we warm up with a poem, read twice aloud, for similar reasons. A “magical snowy seashore” – fantastic phrase! Your words leave me energized at the start of my week. Thank you! Make it a magical week, beautiful dancing poet. 💖 🤗

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      1. Thank YOU, Michele for your lovely words and insights!❤️ I loved to know about your writing workshop experience. And I must admit some works (including yours) take more than twice read.🍵🥰 There’s different layers of meanings and sensations to savor and sip!

        I am elated that my poems find their way to be appreciated by such a beautiful poetess as you are!! 🥳💕 and you too, enjoy a magical week ahead!

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  7. Your story of young love under the Northern Lights is very interesting. Sounds like you had a great time back in the day! The photos are wonderful as well. Today I worked on a watercolor with a Northern Lights scene inspired by your photos. It is drying but I think it will look good when it dries! Thanks

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    1. Interesting can have many interpretations. 🤔 😂 I did have a great time seeing the northern lights and visiting AK as a young adventurous solo traveler – not quite as great a time as the character in my flash fiction piece. 😆 It was incredible seeing a land so different from the desert southwest. 🌵 Thanks so much Dwight. I can’t wait to see your watercolor creation. I hope you will share on your blog.

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  8. Dear Michele,

    Since I live in Finland, I also have the opportunity to see Aurora Boreales from time to time. I feel then like a little child with open mouth to look at this beautiful natural spectacle. Dancing light in the night firmament according to the notes of heavenly creation. This light is really beautiful and fascinating, it makes your own heart resound and touch in a spherical rhythm.

    Stay healty and happy, dear Michele 🙂
    From heart to heart

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