Walk with me

Take my hand
and walk with me
along this path
of uncertainty.

You will point
at the spikey thorns
and remind me
to watch my step.

I will point
at the sky
and together
we will linger
on a hawk, free falling.

We will witness
majestic wings spread,
riding the winds.

Silently, we will
and open our hearts
to the heavens.

When the heat comes
we will rest
and catch our breath.

When the rains come
I will run toward
the sheets of wet.

You will laugh
and your cheeks
will turn red.

You will stop yourself
from telling me
to stop twirling.

Everything becomes a blur,
I am soaked
to my core.

My hands in yours,
we will dance
down this road
of uncertainty.

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Photos: my images taken at Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, Arizona (Chihuly glass exhibit)

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