Living Poetry

           playing poetry
pebble tossed on a hopscotch square
one step, two steps, skipping in rhyme
get to the end, turn, then do it again

           reading poetry
thank you, Dr. Seuss for writing
lines that still delight
and to you, Shel Silverstein
for your tree that keeps giving

           loving poetry
along the shore in Mexico, a first love poem written
an awkward girl wearing the body of a woman
with him, two years my senior, I was smitten

           teaching poetry
poems I did select, teach, and analyze
grading endless piles left me uninspired
appreciation yes, but in me, poetry was not alive

           writing poetry
two years ago, the awakening of a writer, long denied
the skipping girl caught up with me once again
she kept her pebble and handed me a poetic pen

           dancing poetry
“I love to watch you,” she said last night. “You have extra pep.”
“Thank you, I love to dance,” I said, to the lady who joined our class.
Tis true, what I said, but I know it’s poetry that energizes my step

In honor of National Poetry Month, I spent some time reflecting on my relationship with poetry, beginning with chanting verse, as a child, while hopping into boxes, up through Thursday night, with a conversation that took place after dance class. Poetry, like dancing, has weaved its way through my life, and at this point in my life, they seem to have merged. Tis a beautiful partnership! 💞 Thank you for visiting. Be well. 💗 Michele

A most sincere thank you to J Re Crivello, at Masticadores, Spain, for publishing my poem, “Property Dispute If you would be so kind to visit, he and I appreciate your time. 🙏🏻

Find my photos, reels, and micropoetry on IG ~ @mlsefton

Photo 1: hopscotch girl (Shutterstock) Photo 2: my image, beach photo, San Diego (I don’t have one from Mexico – just as well 😉) Photo 3: captured from my last dance video share, “We deserve to Dream”

© 2022 Michele Lee Sefton

74 thoughts on “Living Poetry

    1. Thank you, Lia. 🌻 A long-term relationship, most definitely, but I don’t think I fell “in love” with poetry until more recently – after becoming an active participant, immersing myself in the writing, not just the reading, of poetry. ✍🏻💖

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      1. I took your early “delight” in the Dr. Seuss poetry as love, but yes, there’s love and then there’s “in love,” innit. :)) Write on. xoxo :)) <33

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      2. You are right, Lia, like so many, I loved those early books and still do, but creating our own poetry elevates the experience and immerses us in a wholeness, an encompassing love. 💗 Thank you so much! 🤗


    1. Yes, it truly is amazing. Especially when we can reflect and identify the important threads that have weaved their way through our life. Processes and poetry coming to life. ✨ Enriching life too. Thank you. 😊

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    1. Passion is a most fitting word for how I feel about writing and dancing. Creative expression, however it shows up, is a wonderful gift, available to everyone. 💝 Thank you, Brad. Enjoy your time in nature with the ducks! 🦆 Looks peaceful and lovely.

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      1. You’re welcome, Michele. Always. 💖 Indeed, and agreed. Hahaha! I’ve been laughing about this line for a while now. 🌳🌳🌳 You always make me smile and laugh. 😁😂 So much fun. Thank you for that. Happy weekending to you too! 🌞

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  1. “Tis a beautiful partnership”, indeed! ✍🏼💐✨ And blessed are those – eyes, hearts and minds – who have found your beauty, energy and creativity an enriching, if not irresistible, experience. Thank you for sharing, dear Michele. Godspeed. 🌞🌹

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  2. Dare to dream my energetic friend and I love the way you composed such indelible thoughts through your impeccable way of “living poetry.” What a gratifying way to celebrate the life of poetry, my dear. I am pumped up with your elixir for today’s poetry moment of reflection.

    Have the most delightful day my dancing queen!!! 💃🏼✍🏽✍🏻💃🏽

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    1. Dare to dream. Yes! A mantra. ✨ It was a meaningful activity – reflecting on poetic life moments. Thank you so much, Kym. I am excited about the added emphasis on poetry this month, and to read poems from fellow writers. ✍🏻✍🏼✍🏽✍🏽✍🏿❤️ My day is off to a delightful start. Thank you – wishing you the same. 🤗

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    1. Thank you, Cindy, for your visit and your generosity. It was time well spent, reflecting on how poetry has weaved its way through my life. I still remember the first love poem I wrote as a lovestruck teenager. I would never share that though! 😳😆 Sweet memories. 💖

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  3. I love each of these little glimpses into how your relationship with word has changed and evolved; gone from stagnant to full bloom and influenced your movement where word connects with dance.

    I found a touch of sadness in your experience teaching poetry. It is as if, in teaching, connection to poetry was lost and all that remained was the analytic nature of dissection without understanding . . .

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    1. Most children are naturally expressive. For me, childhood offered the freedom to enjoy words wrapped in the joy of play, which included reading. A meandering journey that has led me back to that early joy. A wonderful place to be. ✨

      You are absolutely right, Jaya. I still had a connection to the poems I taught, but I had two things working against me that robbed me of fully experiencing, with my students, the beauty of poetry. 1. the overemphasis on test preparation and data tracking, which became more of a burden through the years, leaving less time for creative and expressive writing and discussion 2. large classrooms that made grading and offering meaningful feedback an all-consuming job

      Thank you, for reading and for noticing and commenting on an important aspect of poetry in the classroom. Art in schools needs to remain a priority and that includes written art. 💖

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      1. Truth! What an absolute delight it is to let a poem dance through me, for a few days, a few weeks, immersing in the creative process that can be quite magical. I know you know what I am writing about, walking the path of an independent artist. There are still deadlines and pressures, but hopefully joy and freedom are found. A feeling often stripped away from the core of systems – too focused on trackable end results and speedy delivery. 🤖
        Stay true to artist you!

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    1. Thank you for reminding me of my writing over the last several weeks. 😁 That was a fun write! A learning experience too… observing how poetry has weaved its way through my life. A reflective and enlightening writing exercise. ✍🏻💗

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