Feel the fear, keep writing! (video presentation)

Trying new things can be uncomfortable, even terrifying. Especially when trying those things can happen in front of the whole wide world, like sharing a personal poem online! 😱 Sharing poetry, stories, and other writing online takes courage. I address that fear in my motivational video message, “Don’t Let Fear Silence Your Writing Voice” (below). My presentation may be most helpful for those just starting their writing-blogging journey or for those who have been at it for a while and need a little nudge to keep writing and sharing. Wherever you are on your own writing-blogging or life journey, I hope you glean motivation from my share. No script. Not a recitation, just me speaking from my heart about my own life-changing writing journey that almost wasn’t because of my fear of publicly sharing my words.

I was excited to learn last Saturday that the two poems I submitted for consideration in the upcoming anthology, Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women, a collaboration between Ingrid Wilson/Experiments in Fiction and Gabriela Marie Milton/editor, were accepted for publication. My poems titled, “Torn from Home” and “Finding Home” demanded a lot of me. It was a deep dive into my emotions and my history. Poetry offers many gifts, both as a writer and a reader, but it can stir up our memories! These two poems certainly were not easy to write, but my willingness to go there also brought healing. I hope they offer inspiration and healing for future readers. To see my additional published work, visit my homepage, “Poetic Storyteller” – more writing that would not have happened if I had let fear silence my voice. Enjoy your journey and happy writing! Thank you for visiting and watching. Be well. 💗 Michele

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168 thoughts on “Feel the fear, keep writing! (video presentation)

  1. My blog has been up for months but I never really had the courage to push the publish button. I stored up posts in my drafts and kept tweaking them because I wanted them to be “perfect” but in reality, I was just scared. When I finally gave fear the boot and hit the publish button, I felt light; like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I felt free and alive and didn’t care what anyone had to say about my writing. I’m perfecting my craft. My best is yet to come. I still feel the fear but I’ll keep writing anyway. Thank you for the motivation and the reminder.

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    1. Nice to meet you, Belinda. 🌸 Thank you for your visit and for sharing the beginning of your blogging story with me/us. I am honored. I wish you the best on your writing journey, and yes, the best is yet to come! 🎉


  2. Everyone has a different stage in their writing journey whether they blog or not, we just have to keep preserving and to keep going as we will eventually be where we deserve to be at in our journey of writing. Really liked this Michele, have a good day 😁

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  4. Discover and Explore

    You are very inspirational and inspiring. Your lovely nature on camera matches your lovely writing style. Thank you for sharing. You are a blessing.

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      1. Discover and Explore

        “Writing is a solitary pleasure. Reading is a solitary pleasure. Does this mean that the writer and the readers do not like humanity?
        On the contrary! Beyond time and space, beyond colors and customs, the writer and the readers share dreams, knowledge, hopes, imagination, and love of mankind.”
        ― Gabrielle Dubois

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