Faded Paisley

A hint of a pattern
mostly washed away
one hanger, one shirt
for life’s special affairs

No trace of paisley
the once dark black
with earthtone swirls
faded to gray

Hundreds of tumbles
endless button-ups
the special occasion shirt
began to fray

Discarded and replaced
a closet full of options
for life’s endless affairs
but to those faded paisleys
none will compare

The video clip is a scene from the 2013 film, The Great Gatsby. Adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel of the same name. One of my favorite authors and favorite books to teach. Thank you for visiting and reading!  Be well. 💗 Michele

Photo: Kravets Misha

© 2022 Michele Lee Sefton

71 thoughts on “Faded Paisley

    1. Thank you, Kymbelina. I am glad you enjoyed my faded poem. 😊 It was grueling work looking through man photos. 😆 There are many gorgeous scenes in that movie – may have to write and post more. ✍🏻🎥💖

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      1. I know what you mean Michele, but honey you picked out one hunk of a man. I’m sure it was a grueling task! LOL 🤣😅😂 As Elvis says, “A hunka hunka burnin’ love!” 😜 Girlfriend, let the creativity seep through your writing pores! ✍🏼🥵👍🏻 Hey, why not???

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  1. I so enjoy the tribute to paisley in this poem, as it feels like appreciation for the styles of the past that helped inform the present. There is also always a lovely feel to something that is faded, as if it has really been loved. ❤

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    1. A splendid description. Thank you, Ingrid! I asked some of my students the same thing. Surprisingly not everyone is a fan of Fitzgerald’s use of flowery figurative language. The young high school crowd… they just need more time to appreciate the finer things in life. There is hope for them yet! 😆

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  2. Timothy Price

    A nice tribute to paisley. Before I started wearing all black all the time in 1992, I used to wear paisley neckties. Now I only wear neckties as part of my AWB character.

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  3. A lovely poem, Michele. It reminds me of many a favorite shirt that ended up in the bin, or recycled into something other than my favorite shirt. 😅😂 The Great Gatsby, a fantastic book. I think I’ve seen the movie too. Have a lovely evening! 💖🌳

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  4. When we give up those rare treasures in exchange for life’s imagined pleasures, sometimes we miss the essential pattern. Mystical write, Michele. <33 I enjoyed reading Gatsby in school. Had a wonderful English teacher, which was a key to loving classic literature. Guess your students are fortunate. :)) xoxo

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    1. Lia, I did not see all of your comment yesterday in my notifications. Cheers to classic literature! 💗 Thank you for the “students” comment – it is an honor and privilege to be a teacher. Now it is with adult writers. I am grateful for the experiences. 🙏🏻


  5. Your writing is absolutely genuine and eye catching. I don’t read much poetry, but I really like yours and your books! I love this one. Sounds like my closet. I don’t have a lot of clothes, especially dress clothes. But, the ones I have have been everywhere and have stories in them. 💕🌻

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  6. So beautiful song by great country singer , my children love his lovely melodies 🌷🙏👍🏻😊
    What a great and lovely voice he have, I’m also love his awesome country music 👏♥️👌
    Thank you dear for sharing this lovely poem 🙏🌷😍 grace wishes 👏💐

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    1. I don’t listen to country music… I think the photo is just a model. Who are you referring to? 🎶 Thank you for being here, Thattamma. You deliver smiles. 😊 I am glad you found my poem lovely – have a beautiful day! 🌞

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  7. How could anyone not love paisley? I am wearing a paisley shirt right now. 🙂
    What a delightful poem Michele! In high school art class, I made a clay bowl from clay I dug up in a cave and painted it in a paisley design. Wonder whatever happened to that bowl! Thank you for reminding me. ❤

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  8. Pingback: Faded Paisley – matured

    1. A faded and frayed shirt can evoke many metaphors, yes. It has been interesting to read the different interpretations. Love that about poetry. Thank you, Cindy! I am pleased by your wonderful feeling and comment. 💞


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