Don’t be so UPpity

Lips adorned with Ruby Woo
make a statement with their style (not their substance).
They speak only polite whispers,
as to not offend or draw attention to.
Like words selectively spoken,
at a formal dinner the correct fork is carefully chosen (without hesitation).

To not know the difference between
a dinner fork and a fish fork would be scandalous!
A lack of etiquette? A guest not properly vetted?
The discerning hostess will surely make a mental note of it.

Wedgewood plates
lightly tapped by Tiffany silverware.
The right amount of clinking
creates a delicate symphony for the evening’s pleasantries.
Small bites slowly chewed (more untouched than consumed).
Waterford crystal reflecting a Rosdorf Park Chandelier.
Perfect posture complements a high back chair (don’t slouch on the velvet).

An impressive dinner party (a zenith experience for some).
For me –
not so much.

I would rather
wipe away the pretenses and painted-on red
and kiss him with my natural self and my naked lips.


Let’s get out of here, she mouthed to him.


Having escaped from the polished perfection
I feel the brush of his hand against my skin
while he pours me cocoa from his thermos.

Distracted by his eyes, dark (reflecting the sparkle of a million stars),
I am slow to notice
the lack of luster in his worn canister.
The dull does not diminish the sweetness
rushing down my throat and warming my core.


Two lovers,
forever banned from a pretentious list.
Two lovers,
free from constraint and judgment.
Two lovers,
free to enjoy life’s finer things.

Thank you for visiting, reading, and listening. Be well. 💗 Michele

Enjoy my musical selection: Thou Swell by Blossom Dearie 🎶

I first featured Blossom Dearie in my post, “Water Under the Bridge” Her lyrics and voice are sweet and romantic – a perfect pairing for some of my posts. 💞

Blossom Dearie (April 28, 1924 – February 7, 2009) was an American jazz singer and pianist who performed regularly in London and in New York City. If you are interested in learning more about her, visit her official website:

Photos: my images, couple by aslysun

© 2022 Michele Lee Sefton

94 thoughts on “Don’t be so UPpity

    1. Thanks a million, Pat, for noticing the details. 🙏🏻I do enjoy creating stories, not only with words, but with photos and facial expressions, if fitting. Side note: smiling is more natural for me… resting bitch face takes my smile’s place. 😆

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  1. Oh my gosh Michele, not the uppity hosts! 😲 Girl there is a time when I like a formal setting but if I find myself in an uncomfortable position, Kym will exit left! 🤣😜😂 I love to dress up, but gurrrllll, I gotta be me! Loved your jazz selection! 🎶🎼🎵

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, some people take their hostessing and their formality a bit too seriously. 🙄 It takes a special skill set to organize a dinner and (hungry) people while maintaining a gracious attitude. 😇 A picnic basket for two is more inviting. 💞 Dressing up is almost as much fun as undressing. 😁 Thank you for adding more jazz to the mix! 🎶 “I gotta be me” smoking a cigarette. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 🤣😜😂 LOL, girl, if walls could talk right? 😱 Yeah, I don’t do “stuffy” that well. I’ll leave that group to talk amongst themselves! Haha! 💃🏼😉🥂🤩💃🏽 Let’s dance the night away, shall we???

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  2. I really love how you dressed up for this poem and how you top and tailed it with your purposeful poses. Your poem as always marvelous, take us on beautifully journey, story.

    Nicely done.

    And the video of thou swell, icing on the cake. A very good post. Thank you for sharing

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Relaxing with a sprinkling of fancy seems a perfect mix. As I wrote this poetic story, I imagined the couple escaping to a star lit field – home is a nice destination too! And that is referenced in the song. 💖 Thank you, Jeff. 😊

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  3. I’m with you, Michele! There was a lot of that influence when I lived in the San Francisco Bay area. But I’d much rather hop into my car, drive up Highway 1, and picnic among the redwoods. Let it all hang out, girlfriend! But you look lovely in your little black dress.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Dawn! Your description sounds heavenly – a perfect day actually. 🌞🌳 I have had the pleasure of doing what you describe sans the picnic basket. Next time! 😁 Thank you for the sweet comment about my dress. I really appreciate that. 🙏🏻

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  4. Lovely and thought-provoking writing, Michele, and I think the definition of “finer things” could vary for each person. It’s fun to browse other comments and I like what Dawn wrote about a picnic among the Redwoods. We do that often among the redwoods at a local park, a truly magical destination. Or camping in the mountains, doing some outdoor cooking with a sparkling lake nearby. The finer things. 🙂
    Great post and beautiful photo!

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