Truth Seekers

In this day-to-day automated existence, too many people skim the surface. It is safer there. Plenty of time is spent skimming, but less purpose and commitment is found there. Less knowing and truthfulness too. Shallow swimming. Shallow breathing. Shallow connections. Shallow living. But in the depths, swim the truth seekers, where things are murky, where one can’t tell if the hand stretched in front of them is their own, or someone else’s.

Some seekers know no other way, for it is in the murkiness where they drew their first breath. Swimming with the masses, fiercely paddling, would be their death. They have learned to relax in the undercurrent, to trust in its changing direction. They are tested by diving deeper, but it is there where life is richer. They do not escape emotion by diving beneath; the deep waters are thick with emotional debris.    

Other seekers fall into the deep through life circumstance. With the masses they tried to swim, they tried to fit in, but with the purposeless paddling, they gave up. Sometimes everything. Exhaustion and resignation replaced with truth and understanding.      

This song, by Rising Appalachia, includes beautiful poetic lyrics. Enjoy a full listen! ✨

A special shoutout… I have been enjoying Kym Gordon Moore’s newly released book, We are Poetry: Lessons I Didn’t Learn in a Textbook. It is impressive in both content and presentation. Not surprising given the amazing woman and talented writer Kym is. I look forward to reading more of Moore and writing a proper review but in the meantime, I could not contain my enthusiasm for her poetic project.

click here to preview and purchase her book

Here is a snippet from her press release:

With nontraditional approaches to disrupt the conventional thought processes about poetry, this book uses the platform of storytelling to change the narrative of poetry. It is not your typical chapbook but begins with chapters covering the author’s observations relevant to her poetry experience, interspersed with ninety-eight poems.

We Are Poetry: Lessons I Didn’t Learn in a Textbook is filled with many surprises you would not ordinarily find in a collection of poetry. Learn about the POEMS method of TheraPoetry and the constructional elements of expanding your poetry patois with ArchiPoetry. This book contains several components that serve as an academic complement and is an ideal addition to libraries, giving creative insight into the poetry, revolutionary movement. It functions as a dialogue engineer designed to build and employ the application of poetry in the fight against illiteracy, functional illiteracy, aliteracy, and disparity.

click here for full press release:

Thank you for visiting and reading. I am grateful. Be well. 💗 Michele

Should you choose to leave a comment, thank you in advance. I am traveling to Tucson this morning to co-teach a dance class and will not be able to respond to comments until later this evening. Have a wonderful weekend. 🌞

Ocean photo by

© 2022 Michele Lee Sefton

151 thoughts on “Truth Seekers

    1. Tamara Kulish from

      Love this! Some truth seekers stay in the deeper waters, as the shallows are suffocating. My 15 year old grandson laments that most people he meets are very shallow, and he can’t have meaningful conversations. He and I have discussed many topics since he was quite small. I told him life is like that, so cherish those people with who it is possible to have meaningful conversations!

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      1. Your grandson is wise beyond his years. Certainly, influenced by your teachings and guidance. I can empathize with him. I have been so engrossed in meaningful conversation with people at gatherings to look up and realize most had left. To find people like that is rare, but like you say, cherish those people. 🤗 Thank you very much, Tamara.

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      2. Tamara Kulish from

        Thanks and LOL! I understand! I always struggled with small talk and mingling. Like you, I preferred to find 1 person and talk most of the evening, than to “work a room”. Let’s just continue being fiercely ourselves!

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      1. Each day I post 2 things I gleaned from the net in a series ‘From the FCS Book of Little-Known Facts’. What one doesn’t know about know about is amazing.

        My posts are short but many. I’m not attracted to long posts from others.

        Thanks for telling me about these. What ya don’t know. Now what can I sign off with? My favourite one’s not there. Can I access more? Oh well ……. 😜

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      2. Now you know why your life has been ‘sluggish’. You’ve been missing those Little-Known Facts……..

        I am experiencing an ‘awakening’, a ‘rebirth’ Michelle. I can thoroughly recommend a course of Little-Known Facts at that little- known site FCS. Kick-start you into life again. Like replacing spark plugs………

        By surfing this little-known FCS site I found out where the term Bluetooth comes from. I could have fallen over. It was a true epiphany Michelle. I felt warm and fuzzy all over…….

        Seriously there could be two reasons we are unaware of what’s hidden around us. One lot are too busy with life. (sigh). . The other lot are too lazy. Nah, don’t wanna watch the doco channel luv. Waste of time . Gotta watch ‘I’m a Celebrity get Me Out Of Here’
        Shit, Michelle………waste a waste of life

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  1. Oh a great share ma’am 🙂
    I read Cindy’s post about Kym’s new book
    And now this, you guys are really good friend.
    I shall read this book, need to see if it’s available in India or not.
    Also, really great pic. You look adorable. Kindly keep smiling

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  2. One again, Michele, you have nailed an important insight about living life more fully and with greater satisfaction. Wisdom on call. Well, that’s the way it looks from my perspective.

    The thing about deep diving is the quiet. Worldly noise is muted. We are more open to new insights in part, because we are seeking them, and in part because they will come and find us; our minds are open for new business and insight is always looking for new customers.

    This reminds me of icebergs, of all things! If we are sharing the sea with them, only twenty percent of their content is visible. It demands our attention. What we most need to know, however, is contained in the eighty percent we can’t see. Unless you don’t mind sinking. Ask the folks on the Titanic.

    Another important factor, I think, is the difference between looking and seeing. Seeing leaves a more permanent image. As Katherine Gehl (exponent of the ranked choice/instant runoff election system recently used by Alaska) said recently regarding the need for a better voting system, “once you see something clearly, you can’t unsee it.”

    Ah, those murky waters! It strikes me much like our approach to building muscle by weight resistance. The same applies to improving our ability to see by looking through murky waters to find clarity.

    Thank you for reminding us that the rewards of clarity are worth the effort.

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    1. This type of writing, that feels structurally like an essay but with a topic that defies structure, tends to evoke poetic prose. Thank you. I believe so, yes. The inherent nature of writing poetry pulls us to the deep. We have to come up for air sometimes, but life is richer in the deep! ✍🏻💖

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  3. beautiful reflections in your words Michele. Life is messy and in murky waters while not always pleasant it’s where we can dive deep and grow into our deeper souls callings.
    3 cheers for Kym and your wonderful sharing of her new Book!!

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  4. I adore your prose on truth-seeking. I have a tendency to lapse into thinking the internal work is complete, and yet I find time and again, completeness is not the aim, understanding is. I am very excited to read Kym’s new book. Need to check my mail, as it may be there now. Happy weekend, Michele.. 💖🌳

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    1. Didn’t Michele do a fabulous joy on her message Jeff. It was so spot on and very timely wouldn’t you say? I hope there is not a book napper out there. If you haven’t gotten the package by Monday, let me know! Hugs and smooches my kindred! 🤗💐🤩💖😘

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    2. Seems there is no end to understanding either, right? Each level of understanding brings us more questions, so the journey continues. There is no end (or completeness) to a circle, right? Enjoy the book and your own poetry orchard! 💖🌳

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  5. Hello Michele,

    I have a small complaint, I hope you won’t mind if I share it–there’s only one “Like” button, and I wanted to give your post entitled “Truth Seekers” ten stars! Keep up the great work; I can feel an evolution in your work that is simply AMAZING! 🙏🙂

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  6. Oh my gosh, Michele my Belle…Girlfriend I am literally on the floor. 😲 I couldn’t sit down in my chair because you are some kind of AWESOME. Oh, my dancing queen thank you, thank you, thank you! You are one amazing spirit and girlfriend I just can’t begin to thank you enough for the wonderful and heartfelt words you wrote on my behalf. You don’t need to write another word because you have no idea how deeply you have touched my heart and my spirit. But I think you already have the inside information on that one. I adore you girlfriend and I adore your wonderful post about the “Truth Seekers.”

    For us my wonderful friend, NO Shallow swimming. NO Shallow breathing. NO Shallow connections. NO Shallow living! NO purposeless paddling! While we may become exhausted, we don’t give up! Now girlfriend THAT is the TRUTH!!! Oh and I forgot to mention, that photo of you really makes my book look good girl. 🥳💖😘🥂🤩💐🤗 Love you much!!! 💃🏼🎶💃🏽

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    1. You deserve all the praise and more. Your book is something quite special! Of course, I will read it and write a proper review!

      Amen! Love you back, Maven of Motivation! 🙌🏻 We are Poetry… I got all my sisters and me! 💞

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      1. Oh no you didn’t go all Sister Sledge on me! 🤩🎶💖🎵😍 You have done more than I ever expected. So trust me when I say, you’ve given me my flowers my dancing queen. I thank you from the bottom, top, and sides of my heart! 💃🏼💖💐💞💃🏽

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  7. Reblogged this on From Behind the Pen and commented:
    You know, yesterday was another one of those days when my humble meter went off the charts. Michele Lee Sefton was so gracious to give me a heads up that she was going to post a mention on her blog about my book, but yet again I was blown away like Wylie Coyote on the cartoon “Road Runner” by the heartwarming review she wrote. I felt especially connected to her post, “Truth Seekers” which resonated so intimately with me. 🙏🏼

    So today, I am reblogging her post because I wanted to absorb the deep essence of her message, “Truth Seekers” that I hope you will read or revisit if you haven’t yet.

    As I said and echoed from her message, “NO Shallow swimming. NO Shallow breathing. NO Shallow connections. NO Shallow living! NO purposeless paddling! While we may become exhausted, we don’t give up!” Thank you Michele for empowering us with your word. 🥰💪🏼😘

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    1. I am swimming in gratitude for you! Thank you, Kymbelina, for sharing my post and for wanting to linger a bit longer with my message. Introducing your book was a privilege for me. Your work on this project, that has spanned years, offers a unique perspective on poetry. I am excited for you and can’t wait to follow your progress on where this collection of poems, and the thoughts contained within, will take you. 💖

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      1. Oh my goodness Michele my Belle, thank you for your well received encouragement. While we may not post every single day or converse with each other all the time, when we do meet on this forum or through any other line of communication, it is real and heartfelt. I honestly appreciate what you’ve done because it has sent my mind to a new level in the stratosphere! Oh girlfriend, what a ride you hear me??? 🐱‍🏍🌟🚀

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  8. “But in the depths, swim the truth seekers, where things are murky, where one can’t tell if the hand stretched in front of them is their own, or someone else’s.” I can tell this is where you do your laps dear Kym. Keep it up!

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    1. Wow! Thank you very much, Dawn. Your generous comment is affirming. I was intent on writing something else, then this showed up. Go with the flow… 💗 It brings me great joy and purpose to support independent artists. It’s an honor. 🙏🏻

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      1. Wahooooo- that’s the part I LOVED. Lots of those words resonated with me and my life. I’ve always been a bit of a digger-inner, figure out what things are really about type. Lovely writing!

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  9. Rock on deep divers, truth seekers, those who refuse to see just what the surface offers and yet we live in a world where curiosity is becoming almost a lost art. People believe what they are told without researching or WORSE, they believe everything on social media or NetFlix.

    Of course we should question everything even the things we think are truths.

    Provocative wordsmithery Michele.

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    1. Especially with things we think are true. 😁 We don’t want to get to the end of our life and discover that which we held to the highest truth is actually a lie. OK, maybe extreme, but yes, we should stay curious. 🤔 I enjoyed reading what you wrote. Thank you!

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  10. Very powerful message here that I can definitely identify with as an introvert – avoiding the superfluous group gossip and small-talk in favour of deeper meaningful conversations with individuals. Lovely shoutout to such a talented author, Michele! 🙂

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  11. It is indeed easy to scratch the surface, and I love the way this thought flow takes a look at how essential it is to look below the obvious for what is waiting to be discovered underneath. I love taking that deep-dive into the unknown and seeing what arises from meaningful interaction.

    Love also your words on Kym’s lovely collection! What a fabulous title. ❤

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