Golden Pink Gone

At least a dozen Happy Hours
are just down the road;
a theme and special
for every liking.

Attractive and peppy
attempting to lure people into
their brand of happy.

“No thank you, I have somewhere else to be.”

The hue is changing, I must move quickly.

Cheers to their form of happy –
pouring, sipping, sitting, slipping…
next day regretting.

I’ll settle for golden bliss –
stepping, clicking, admiring, beauty collecting…
peaceful sleeping.

Telephoto trickery. It appears the Superstition Mountain Range has lake view properties. This would be false advertisement. Over fifty miles from where I stand, to arrive at the base of this majestic mountain. My poem, “Superstition Mountain,” describes it powerful presence.

I last photographed Tempe Town Lake just over a year ago. Featured in my post, “Passion in the Park.”

Downtown Phoenix is in the background. The plane is headed for Sky Harbor International Airport.

Stray kitty.

Thanks for walking with me! Be well. 💗 Michele

Check out the tune below. It has a cool urban vibe and it matches my blissful bounce, stepping through my Friday happy hour.

Photos: my images, Tempe Town Lake sunset 12/16/22

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75 thoughts on “Golden Pink Gone

  1. Timothy Price

    Excellent poem. I never understood “Happy Hour” here. At the end of the day when you are overworked and depressed, you go to a bar and drink alcohol, a depressant. Maybe it’s like multiplying two negative numbers, you get a positive number. When I was in Rome, Italy, the bar on the corner of the street the pension we were staying in had Happy Hour cappuccino from 4 pm to 6 pm — 50¢ for a giant cup of cappuccino. Now than made me happy. Beautiful telephoto trickery, and, of course, I love the kitty photo.

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    1. Thanks so much, Tim, for appreciating my poem and photos. Yeah, many things exist that don’t make sense. I’ve had my share of “Happy Hours” – never did get a positive number from that experience. I prefer different views now. I would love a Happy Hour cappuccino in Rome, Italy! Would keep me up all night, but I would enjoy the late-night sights!

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  2. Michele, Gorgeous photos and upbeat narration. I love bridges! How I wish I could take that kitty home with me. Robert and I both love cats but are allergic.

    Well-written poem. I agree with you about “happy hour.” I never drank much, and now avoid alcohol. I remember that one drink was relaxing. Beyond that, drinking was stupefying. Enjoyment of life comes from awareness and participation.

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    1. I love bridges too. Photographing and crossing them and the symbolism they represent. I am grateful for your visit and comment. Thank you, Cheryl. I encountered a few stray cats – all in the same area. Poor little things. 😿 Your awareness and words are understood and beautifully expressed. 🙏🏻

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      1. No, don’t think of it that way. Read for pleasure. 😊 I have published four poetry collections – three are available as paperbacks. I have been querying my novel… a wonderful learning journey that continues. No other book announcements. Not yet anyway. 😁 Thank you!

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    1. Very gracious. Thank you, Brad. 🙏🏻Sunset chasing is a breathtaking and rewarding escape. Healthy too! Yes, it is a wonderful place to walk. A lake that used to be a long stretch of rocks and dirt. I have old photos of that too. Manmade may lack the natural charm but I do love walking near water. Cheers! 😁

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  3. Cheers to you, dear Michele, for your poetic appreciation of substantive beauty and happiness, rather than spending empty “happy” hours. I’d love to take a walk with you, sometime, both for the scenery, and to enjoy watching you smile in stride. Your local photography was a delight, including the telephoto trickery of Superstition Mountain (and, your ‘distant’ foot pictured stepping). Thanks for sharing…

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    1. Isn’t it gorgeous! I do miss the once rustic nature of the area. I rode my bike on the land where the water now flows and none of the office buildings and high-rise apartments were there, but I do love the water and images it can capture. ✨ Thank you, Rebecca!

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  4. I enjoyed your poem and I do love a good happy hour but I know when to quit ! haha
    To me it’s a social thing and to have a coffee or something else is perfectly fine.
    My husband and I have cocktail hour at home a couple of times a week, we relax and chat about our day/week.
    I love the tune, it has a certain ’60’s tone to it.

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    1. Thank you. 😊 haha! I’ve enjoyed many – didn’t always know when to quit. Low tolerance, high thirst! 😆 It is fun to gather and be social whatever the beverage of choice. Life’s all about balance. You and your husband do have it figured out! Love it! 💞 The tune- yes, that’s it!

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  5. Oh what a lovely poem to complement your incredible walk of “goldenness!” Your photos are awesome! And girlfriend, you know I had to get up and dance to this music. Girl, you have put us in a magical sweet spot today! Thanks a million Michele my Belle! 🌉🌞🌄💃🏽🥰💖🤗💃🏼🦋😁

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    1. A magical sweet spot sounds quite delicious! That’s one of the things I love about you, Kymbelina. 💗 You don’t let a dancing moment, pass you by. 💃🏽 Capturing the golden sunset was bliss, listening to music that put extra pep in my step while doing that was heaven sent. Thank you! 🤗

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      1. Oh my Dancing Queen, I wish I was there to experience this heavenly bliss. Moments like that tugs at our heartstrings, making us see beyond what we think we see! Awesome! 🥳👏🏼😊 Enjoy the rest of your weekend Michele my Belle! 😍💖🤗

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  6. A beautiful poem. I know of both of those forms of “happiness”, and, like you, I now live and thrive in the latter. Beautiful photos. As you know, I miss Phoenix at times, so I always love when I get to experience it through your lens. Happy weekend, and the holiday season to you and your family, Michele! 🎄❄️💖

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    1. This poem presented itself in a most annoying but humorous way. Wake-me-up thoughts, but not all at once. Lines, snooze, repeat. 😆 Thank you, Jeff, for appreciating my shares. Creative passions give life more meaning, and of course, joy! 💖🌳 Thank you, and to you and yours.

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    1. It brings me joy to capture and share the sunset. Thank you, Thattamma, for receiving my photos and words with such love and appreciation! I enjoy your sky photos too, and of course the beautiful photos of your family. Have a happy and healthy week. 💖

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  7. Beautiful poem and photos, thanks for the walk. Took me back to when there was no water there and my husband and I used to ride our bikes around Tempe everywhere, I remember riding our bikes under the bridge. It is so pretty with the water there now, a different kind of pretty. It was pretty before too.

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    1. I was happy to be there. Thank you for joining and enjoying! I have the same memories. 😁 The lake is lovely but still strange to me. My mom tried, on many occasions, to get my dad to buy property down there along the now water’s edge. He wanted new bass boats instead. He should have listened to her!


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    1. I am honored by the time you’ve taken, to read and comment on my posts. Thank you so much, Bridgette. 🙏🏻 With photography, I am right there with you. The long summers are brutal, but it does have its beauty. Thank you.

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