Melting point

On the fourth day the far-reaching fog lifted
rushing bodies become
silhouettes at sunset

eyes witness the melting of gold
into one single point
origin and destiny fold

Photos: my images, Christmas sunset, Solana Beach, California

© 2022 MyInspiredLife

51 thoughts on “Melting point

      1. Poetpas

        Indeed. The sun and the sunset, the sea, the waves, the birds, the sand. Mermaids 🧜‍♀️ White sharks🦈, whales 🐋, crabs, seaweed, lobsters 🦞, topless women 😆

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    1. Nothing like those beach sunsets, right? 😊 Your photos from Portugal are spectacular! I also learn a lot from you. Thank you, Natalie, for appreciating my words and for the holiday wishes. 💗 Best wishes in the New Year. I look forward to more updates from you.


  1. Oh how beautiful, tranquil, and simply mesmerizing Michele my Belle. 🌅 Your patience rolled out the welcome mat of a transitory sunset. So awe-inspiring my dear! Love it. I hope your Christmas was just as miraculous as this sunset! Hugs and smooches! 🤗💖😘🦋🌞

    Liked by 1 person

      1. WOW, now that was indeed magical. 🌞✨🤗 There is not enough money in the world to be rewarded with the essence and spirit of such a sight from Mother Nature! Thanks so much for sharing this Michele my Belle! 😘💖🥰🎶🤩

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