Strolling through a Poem

In the mystical mist
vision is limited
but the possibilities are endless

The mist whispers the promise of poets
who scribble furiously and endlessly
lines that give meaning to living and dying

The lovers breathe it in
every molecule, a thousand poetry collections
every inhale, a tsunami of emotions

Merging and morphing
blending and believing
strolling through the mist
into a poem, the two are transformed

He swirls through her S’s
and rests on the strength of her K’s
She dances with his T’s
and rocks the curve of his J’s

Thank you for reading and listening. 🎶 Be well. 💗 Michele

Photos: my images, foggy sunset, Solana Beach

© 2022 MyInspiredLife

77 thoughts on “Strolling through a Poem

    1. Beautiful; evocative poem Michelle! 😁😁👌👌 Loved these lines in particular:

      “The mist whispers the promise of poets
      who scribble furiously and endlessly
      lines that give meaning to living and dying”…

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      1. Ooh, love that one! Although, my poems are like children to me… I love all of them. I have the privilege of birthing and nurturing them then letting them fly away from me. 💞 I would be honored and delighted. 🙏🏻One request… can it be after this week? I am attending/teaching at a poetry conference in Denver tomorrow-Sunday and don’t want to miss your share. 🤗

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    1. You do know how to bring it, Kymbelina.🧚🏽‍♀️Thank you for your creative response. Speaking of queen – you belong front and center in that poetic scene! 😊 btw you would have enjoyed dance class tonight. 💃🏽 Extra groovy! I danced for both of us. 💞 Wishing you a fabulous wrap-up to 2022. Cheers!

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      1. OMG so you danced the night away huh? You go girl. I simply love your vibe! 💃🏼🎶💃🏽Now, about this queen thing…hmmmm…..girlfriend, you are kind, but I am not too sure about the front and center thing! LOL I’ve got to earn that spot, so I suppose I will just have to work a little harder! 😜 Love you my friend and I raise my glass for great things to come for us in this new year! Whoooohooooo!!! Big HUGS 🤗 and plenty of smooches! 💋😘💖

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      2. Well girlfriend, I am certain that whether it was 30 minutes or an hour, you shmmied your way into the next go round of making magic happen in the world of music! YES!!! I join you in cheering the next phase and wave of greatness headed our way! Whoooohooooo!!! 🤗💖😘 Big hugs and smooches my Dancing Queen and Teacher Extraordinaire! 💃🏼🎶👩🏼‍🏫🎆💃🏽

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  1. Im mystischen Nebel
    die Sicht ist eingeschränkt
    aber die Möglichkeiten sind endlos

    Der Nebel flüstert das Versprechen der Dichter
    die wie wild und endlos kritzeln
    Linien, die dem Leben und Sterben Sinn geben

    Die Liebenden atmen es ein
    jedes Molekül, tausend Gedichtsammlungen
    jeder Atemzug, ein Tsunami von Emotionen

    Verschmelzen und Morphen
    mischen und glauben
    durch den Nebel spazieren
    in ein Gedicht verwandeln sich die beiden

    Er wirbelt durch ihre S’s
    und ruht auf der Kraft ihrer K’s
    Sie tanzt mit seinen Ts
    und rockt die Kurve seiner J’s


    I let the dream
    to speak for me
    for my own insight
    and the world
    in which I live

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    1. Not sure how I missed your comment. Apologies, Cheryl. How wonderful that you felt transported by my poem and musical selection – I felt the same walking through the mist and then writing about it. 💖 Of course, I love the idea of dancing in a dimly lit club… with someone exciting… bonus! 😁 Thank you. 🙏 Hope your new year’s is off to a fantastic start! Cheers!

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  3. When S’s swirl, the heart begins to sing. When K’s show their strength, love hums the melody. When T’s know how to dance, the soul glides with such ease. When J’s can’t curb their enthusiasm, a heart is exposed, transformed. Just from a stroll, through a lyrical poem! Lovely!

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    1. I am so glad you felt transported. That was my goal. It was such a magical moment! 💖

      Happy New Year, Layla. 🎆 Flowing words, yes! May we continue to flow down the inspired stream of language and creation! 💗

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