Lifeguard on Duty

I am doing fine.

I know. You are brave and you are strong, but in currents you can’t see, there’s a riptide that’s stronger than your bravery. I won’t carry you and you won’t drown me; we will both hold on to that which floats and side by side we will conquer the changing sea. Together, stronger we will be.


We may fight against it. We may try to deny its existence. We might pretend that we don’t need it.


Love can save us.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week. 🌊

Check out this sweet sexy tune by Mat McHugh. To this tune, I can’t not groove. 💃🏻

Thank you for visiting! Be well. 💗 Michele

Photos: my images, La Jolla, California (not sure what the object is above the lifeguard’s head in the first photo, perhaps something he’s holding?)

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78 thoughts on “Lifeguard on Duty

  1. Oh my goodness Michele my Belle, this is such a powerful and divine message. Love how you delivered such encouraging validation of just how magnificent love can strengthen us. Your music selection adds that extra spice that blow-up-tuates your words. Bravo my Dancing Queen! 🙆🏼‍♀️💖🤗💃🏻🥰💐😘

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    1. Your enthusiasm is uplifting! 🌠 Beautifully understood, Kymbelina. Love, in all its magnificent forms, can give us wings to soar, or strong legs to kick toward the shore! 😁 Thanks for listening to the groovy tune. I am sure you danced, too. 💃🏽💖💃🏻

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      1. I am also careful of pretty fish who sting 🐡 and those who lure you into their lair with promises, 🐠as I swim in a sea of madness, staying aware of the sharks 🦈 who can rip you to pieces and leave you scarred and alone on the sand once more 🥺

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    1. Thanks so much for reading that note, Pat. I see that (in the second photo), but I can’t make out what’s going on in the first photo, where the lifeguard is diving. Do you see the two points above his head? It’s not his flotation device – he’s dragging that. I don’t think I caught a bird in flight??


    1. That photo had me captivated for a few days – thinking about the different types of “life guards” out there. That thinking led to those lines. I am grateful for your feedback. Thank you, Lauren. A lovely song, yes! Best to you! 💗

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    1. Turbulent waters! I was captivated by the lifeguard who swam out several times to “rescue” people. Thank goodness for the lifeguards out there who lend a hand. 🙏🏻I must agree! 💞 Thank you, Bridgette, for your comment. 😊

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