Poet Spotlight and Poetry Conference

“Letters Change Hearts”
by Vicki H.

I am a habitual letter

(note/card) writer

I, too, love the tactile
            connection between the
            recipient and me…

a thank you note for a kindness received,
a sorrow shared,
a memory restored
            from years ago
            or yesterday’s lunch
a birthday note on a funny card
            to remind the friend
            that you remember and care.

I love the long-ago missives from
            Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Robert,
            a passionate shepherd to his love…
            King’s letter from Birmington jail.

Letters to change hearts
and the course of history.

Oh, for the time each day spent in
            quiet reflection…
            resulting in just one letter.

My featured poem was sent to me by one of my readers and cherished friends, Vicki H. I was honored to receive her poem, written in response to my post, “My Last Stamp” – a poem about writing letters. My featured poet is an incredible woman who successfully served her community as a dedicated English teacher and then as an articulate distinguished elected official. Recently retired, she is an impactful individual who has, and will continue to, make a difference in the lives of others. I am honored to highlight her writing.

I launched a personal letter writing campaign, after publishing my “Last Stamp” post on February 1st. My goal was to send one letter a week. I’ve missed a few weeks, but I’ve mailed more letters over the last two months than I did all last year! Life is busy, but there is something quietly rewarding about sending some handwritten love through the mail. ✍🏻✉️

Thank you for being here! I am outta here… on my way to Denver to attend the National Association for Poetry Therapy’s annual conference. I will be coteaching a class with the author of The Story You Need to Tell, Sandra Marinella, titled, Writing for ResilienceFinding, Reframing, and Growing. You can learn more about the poetry organization and their conference here: National Association for Poetry Therapy. I am delighted by the opportunity to teach (in-person) with Marinella and to engage with other poets.

I will also enjoy visiting some familiar sights in Denver and connecting with friends. Unless I get lost in the Rocky Mountains or succumb to high altitude sickness, I will post more about the conference (and the area) in my Saturday post. For those who don’t know, Denver is the “Mile-High City.” The high altitude can leave one feeling nauseous and dizzy. Best to stay hydrated. 😁 Be well. ✍🏻 Michele

Photo 1: by Everett Collection Photo 2: Featured poet’s letter box

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60 thoughts on “Poet Spotlight and Poetry Conference

  1. A beautiful poem on letter writing 🌹🙏👌 there was a time , I’m another country and
    Waiting my Dad’s and sisters letters so curious waiting postman and the letter came
    Means full of happiness in my heart 👏😍 Time so fast changed and now teknologi
    What a super change happened , still some including my Dad’s last letter with me 😢
    The beautiful stamps photo so precious ❤️👌 Enjoy your conference and Best Wishes 💐
    Dear Friend 🥰🙏

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Endearing story about your dad’s last letter. 🤗 A cherished item for you. 💞 Thank you for sharing, Thattamma, and thank you for adding love, beauty, and kindness to my morning. Best to you and your family. 💐

      Liked by 1 person

    1. On behalf of the poet, thank you, Lauren! Sending letters is a pleasure and one that doesn’t take too long, but it easily gets pushed aside with other life demands. This may sound odd, but… making myself sit and handwrite a letter reminds me of holding and nursing my daughter. Those moments when the busyness of life can wait. 💗 Thanks about Denver. 🌄 So far so good! Take care.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Loving the opening line of this poem and its delightful narrative! Letters are a form of writing that have remained close to my heart since I started exchanging them with close friends. What we put in those letters are like little poetic snapshots and references back to the lives we used to live. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love it too! What a treat to share V’s poem. 💝 I also love learning that you write letters. I am enjoying my letter writing campaign… the stamps are getting expensive! Yikes! We better make every word count. 😁 “little poetic snapshots” Yes!! That’s worth a stamp! Thanks for visiting and commenting. I hope you are doing well as you wind down this semester. 🌵🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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