Music on Main

Could be Main Street anywhere.
In towns that aren’t consumed by plants
            that push their way through cracks
                        in the asphalt.

Some cities pluck their weeds,
            but growth remains stagnant,
others have made investments in hopes of attracting
            dollars and participants.

Cities with endless volumes of deals and negotiations
            (some documented, some remembered).
            Mayors and stakeholders
            playing the game
                        of give and take.

Light-rails have replaced horses and horse-power.
Breweries have replaced old banks with walk-in vaults.
Barber Shops with barbers, who know what they’re doing, well…
            the best ones remain unchanged.
“Unhoused people” have replaced “bag ladies” –
            an updated name that paints a polite picture
            of those who’ve been swallowed by the cracks
                        in the asphalt.

Trendy coffee shops with free Wi-Fi and ten “milk” options
            have replaced records spinning in jukebox soda shops.
Sidewalk lyrics belting from an old school punk
            have replaced music blaring from cars that once cruised
                        up and down the block.

My images from a Friday night music festival that wrapped up with dancing and a set from 80’s glam rock band, L.A. Guns (not featured in photos). Main Street was lined with talented bands and bouncy people. I had a good time and following the pandemic that silenced live music for too long, it is enjoyable to see others doing the same. 💃🏻🎶

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful week! 🤠 Michele

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67 thoughts on “Music on Main

    1. So glad you enjoyed my poem, Cheryl. That is rewarding for me. 🙏🏻”Almost” but not quite? 😁 About two songs into LA Guns and I was officially done! 🥱😂 It was fun though, yes. Thank you! 💗

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  1. WOW Michele, you have certainly captured the essence and atmosphere of change. “…Cities with endless volumes of deals and negotiations…” speaks volumes about the environment of the laidback days of old, compared to the fast past look of “progress” in our current times. Love the photos you snapped from the event. 📸 I hope you danced and had an amazing time! 💃🏼😍🎶🎤🎸

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    1. Thank you, Kym! You have extended my thoughts further. These lines began with me considering three different (personal) scenes: all involving music (1st clarinet purchase, cruising, and live music enjoying). Memories! The lines took on a life of their own after that. You know how it goes. ✍🏼💡📃 I did dance, yes! 💖Thank you. 😊🤗

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      1. You DANCED! That’s all I needed to hear! 😜 But girl, I truly understand that when you’re writing a piece and you intend for it to go straight, but somehow it gets to a fork in the road and it splits to go both ways…yeah…a life of its own. Sometimes you have to relax and let it just happen! LOL 😂😲🤣 Now my dear, you are going with the flow, and taking the safety net off! That’s how you do it girlfriend. Enjoy the rest of your evening my Dancing Queen! 💖💖💖

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      2. Yes! 🙌🏻 The photo of the blurry shot was my dance room debut. 😆 That band was so danceable! Thanks, Kymmy. I have a dance class tonight, then I shall kick up my feet. 😁 Thank you and enjoy your evening. 🌄💗

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  2. I like your eye for detail . it comes out in your writings.. your depictions are amazing., your photos are a delight for the eye. You are the complete package.. you give us the ultimate experience, Lee. It’s a wonderful journey of discovering life through your beautiful eyes.

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    1. I set out to write about how I associate that street with music and the topic of progress came up. I did make my way back to the music. Thank you, Terveen, and yes, I definitely enjoyed the music! A variety of artists and sounds. 🥰

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    1. I did my best! 😁 In the club with the blurry photo is where I stepped it up! 😂 It was a fun night, made better with perfect weather! Best to enjoy it before summer makes her appearance. Thank you, Rebecca.

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  3. Wow, you gave breath to each scene in the picture my dancing Doll. Wonderful art of writing just lively feel to imagine the old – new changes but the beauty always lies in some unchanged things too. Loved it much ❤🥰👌💛

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  5. Sounds like you had a magical night of music 🙂
    ‘“Unhoused people” have … in the asphalt.’ – very poignant passage that’s sadly so true; powerful contrasts also in the last stanza between old and new. ❤

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    1. Certainly, a variety of sounds, including laughter, yes. 😁 Coincidentally and sadly, an “unhoused person” plopped down to the right of the sax player and spilled out a bag of prescription pills. A heartbreaking scene that I chose not to highlight. One of those situations where you want so desperately to help, but how? 😞 Thank you, Tom, for stopping by! I appreciate your comment. 💗

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