Her Cottage by the Sea (audio excerpt)

She squeezed her eyes tighter, but the image of kissing him goodbye was seared inside her. She wanted to fracture herself into a million pieces and scatter herself across the sand, let it absorb her, let it transform her. Broken pieces of her, shaped into polished sea glass that captured the rising rays, smoothing her sharp shards into an angelic display. Turning sorrow and all that cut her into shimmering slivers.

She wanted to be reduced to liquid, purified, then poured across the crest of an incoming wave, blending only slightly with the salty spray. That same fractured arc now baptized by a glossy tint, withdrawing back to its origins, never to be seen again.

If there was even the slightest chance that she could sprout wings, she would sacrifice her limbs to fly far away. The edge of the universe wouldn’t be far enough to escape the thoughts of him…

Writerly news:

Her Cottage by the Sea (novella)

Yesterday was a monumental day for this story. An emotional one for me, the creator of the story. I began writing this story five months ago with the intention of turning three dreamy poems with the same title, written a few years ago, into a sweet romantic summer read. This story includes those elements and more. It took on surprising layers that led my writing into complicated life and relationship issues. I am excited to share more about this novella, and the challenging process of writing it, over the coming weeks. For now, I just want to pause and enjoy the feeling of having completed a first draft before I dive into weeks of polishing for publication. This summer read will be published during the first week of summer.

Jade’s Broken Bridge (novel)

Having completed the intense creative process of writing the first draft of my novella will free up some of my time and focus to resume the query process of this work of literary fiction. This edgy story, about a young woman who almost loses herself trying to better herself, features a complex protagonist, serious themes, dark humor, poetic prose, and fantastical elements. It is ultimately a story of hope. I look forward to finding the right fit for publishing this story.

The Story You Need to Tell Writing Workshops

A new workshop started this week, titled, “Writing for Resilience,” offered through the International Association for Journal Writing. It continues to be an honor and privilege to assist author Sandra Marinella with her narrative therapy workshops and I look forward to working with her international participants.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and supporting my creative efforts. I am grateful! Be well. ✍🏻 Michele

Photos: my images from the Oregon Coast (my novella is set along the East Coast)

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90 thoughts on “Her Cottage by the Sea (audio excerpt)

  1. On the wings of a love story that flies into emotions of an audience hungry for an honest, romantic read, your tale tantalizes and tugs at heart strings beautifully, as a hopeful pull into happiness. I think you’re an amazing writer, Michele, and, as always, I love your voice. Best wishes going forward!

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    1. Yesterday was a mix of emotions, including overwhelming gratitude for making it to this point with this project. I thought I could write a novella in a few weeks. Ha! This story had other plans, including challenging me in unexpected ways. Thank you. I am grateful for you too!

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      1. I really appreciate that. Thank you, Rebecca. In response to your “poetic” comment – this story starts off with dramatic poetic prose then falls into a rhythm of poetic prose blended with everyday language and situations, with pops of the fantastical elements I enjoy weaving in. ✨

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      2. Enjoyable to read silently and aloud. 😁 I thought Delia Owens did a fantastic job adding some of that writing style into her wildly popular book. Of course, there are others who’ve done the same; she was the first author who came to mind. Retirement sounds nice! My teaching just looks different now. 😉 Thank you kindly for your encouragement.

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    1. Yay! 🙌🏻 Thank you! This little story put me to work! I am excited to have a first draft now I need a nap! 😆 Me? Next project? 🤔 You have come to know me, haven’t you? I will say, my novel and novella will be the only long writing projects until next summer’s beach read. They should keep me busy enough along with other things, yes. 😁🙏🏻

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  2. Well my dear Michele, look at you! Talk about great things! 👏🏼 You are quite the mover and shaker girlfriend. This sounds like pouring a drink 🍸🥂🍹 and letting Calgone take you away! 🛁🧼🚿 I am sooooo excited for you and proud of you my friend! Nice and steady as you go! Whoooohoooooo!!! 🌞💖🥰

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    1. Look at me… napping. haha I do love the idea of a relaxing bath. You are an endless source of brilliance! 💡 Thank you, Kymbelina poet podcaster! 🙏🏻You may want to reserve your great thoughts until after you’ve read it. 😆 I do love to move and shake, yes! 💃🏻 I will say the sweet little summer romance I had planned on writing evolved into something quite involved and moving. 💞 Thanks so much for your enthusiastic words! 🤗

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      1. Strap on your seatbelt ladybug. Get ready for the ride of your literary life! Stay the course, and do your thing my Dancing Queen…your way! 💃🏼🎶💃🏻 Cheers to a FANtabulous week ahead! 🥂

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      2. Oh girlfriend, you lost those training wheels a LOOONNNNGGGGG time ago. 😜 You are now on a Harley Davidson wearing a RED leather outfit…even in the heat and not breaking a sweat! 🥵 That’s what kind of a badass you are! 🏍🏍🏍

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    1. This story! My goodness, it has taken me on an interesting journey, making me earn every paragraph! I am not done with it, and it’s not done with me, but crafting an ending yesterday, was rewarding! I look forward to letting it fly free next month. Thank you! 😊

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    1. Thank you, David! I am glad you enjoyed my share. I see a few things that need fixing. That’s what a first draft is! Reading aloud helps me notice things. Thanks for joining me, as I work it out. 😁

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  3. What a wonderful story about heart paining incident happened to pretty great Author ✍️ imagined
    That the pain of parting from the person whom she most love , so sad that the mind and body alike
    feel the pain of being turning apart , she wants peace ✌🏼 and wants fly far away to get rid of thoughts 💭
    Such a true inspiration, amazing dear friend and so much this lovely story 🙏🌹👍🏻have a lovely weekend 👏

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    1. Parting can be such sweet sorrow, as Shakespeare wrote long ago. Love and the pain that can accompany it are timeless and universal human emotions. 💞 I am pleased to read you felt the character’s sadness and her longing for peace. Yes! Writing this novella sure took me through a variety of emotions. A beautiful and moving writing experience. A few weeks of polishing then I can turn the story loose. Thank you very much for reading and sharing your thoughts about this passage. Wishing you a wonderful week, Thattamma. 💗

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    1. Thank you for your graciousness, Cheryl. 😊 Allowing creativity to lead the way is rewarding, and at times, challenging! I am grateful for all of it and for connecting with fellow creatives, like you! Have a wonderful week. 🙏🏻

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    1. Sweetness! 🙏🏻 I do my best to stay healthy and open and act on those inspirational nudges, especially the persistent ones! 😁 Thank you, Selma, for being here and supporting my efforts. 💐


  4. That’s some stunning prose, Michele. I’ve felt this exact feeling standing at the ocean shore more than once—the feeling of wanting it to absorb me. You captured it so well.

    Congrats on finishing your first draft! That’s exciting. I’ve just started the query process for my middle grade novel and it’s overwhelming. I’m sending you all my well wishes you find the right agent to nudge it along and get it in the right hands (and hopefully into my hands too someday!)

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    1. Thanks a million for your time and kindness today. I really appreciate you, Bridgette. That novella (which may change titles) has taken over my query time the last several weeks, but I am not complaining. 💗I look forward to publishing it next month and getting back to the query process.

      I am very excited for you! One day at a time, you will get there. You seem like a disciplined doer, so it will happen. I am learning as a I go, but if you have any questions, you think I can assist with, please ask. Happy writing (even on the challenging days)! 😁

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  5. Oh my goodness, that’s so exciting you’ve finished the first draft! I didn’t know you were writing this and am happy to hear it’s gone well! I have such a soft spot for summer, coastal romance stories and will look forward to it. Sending you my very best wishes for the next stages of the process!! 🤍🎉

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    1. Phew! Getting there. 😅 One more week of my edits then it’s off to my editor. Even though it is a much shorter project than my novel, I thought it best to have another trained set of eyes look at it. I am grateful for your sincere support. Funny… I was just looking at my note about sending you clippings then here you are! Perfect timing. 😁 How is your project coming along? Projects, I should say.


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