Moving Blog Challenge (reader share)

Sadie and Me” by Al Bell

A man well into his ninetieth year could not possibly start each day with a stunning young female contentedly on his lap. Think again.

My steaming coffee eases me into the day. I am mesmerized by the leaves of our lush Sissoo tree shimmering just outside the window in the gentle light of dawn.

She appears in the doorway. I smile, I nod; she enters. Taking her place on my lap, I slowly rub her back. She leans contentedly against my chest. Her intense gaze seems to peer into my soul.

Sadie is a Miniature Schnauzer. She bears much of the blame for my sanity. Some would argue she has more work to do.

We enter the morning light, Sadie barely feeling the leash our HOA demands. It drapes loosely over my fingers. A thumb clamps down if needed (rarely). Far more consequential are her three hundred million scent receptors that guide our path.

Dog trainers would NOT approve. Nor are any invited. Sadie’s ancestors knew what they were doing. So does she.

We come to a fork in the trail. Usually, her nose knows. Occasionally, she looks at me for a clue. I suspect she is just humoring me.

We return. Sadie is refreshed. I am filled with that psychic fuel called absolute trust. I get to “top off” every morning.

There may be more exciting activities to start the day, but none so calming. She trusts I will keep her safe. I trust she will share wisdom from the eons. Trust thrives where silence and patience prevail—sharing the trail with Sadie.

The day awaits. I am ready.

It is an absolute treat to share a “Moving” post submitted by one of my email subscribers, Al Bell, an incredible human being who I had the privilege of meeting a few years ago at a library event, where he was volunteering his time and vast knowledge. 📚

A special shout out to three other early bird bloggers who got their move on:

Dawn Pisturino’s Blog – She broke ground with this challenge. Literally! 🙌🏻

Samantha Burgett’s Blog – A fellow yogi took it to the mat. 🧘🏼‍♀️

Selma Martin’s Blog – Toes in the sand and a book in hand. 🌊

I encourage you to visit each of these beautiful moving posts! 👏🏻

Thank you so much for visiting! 💗A hearty thank you to the challenge participants, for getting your move on and for inspiring us with your writing and photos! Your names will be entered into the first drawing (5/18) for a Mintaka Collection GC (more samplings in photo). The second drawing will be held May 21st. Winners will be notified. 😊

There is still plenty of time to submit your moving post – challenge closes on May 20th at midnight (Pacific Standard Time). For challenge details, please visit my original post: What moves you? (Blog Challenge). Should you choose to join us, remember to link to my original post. Questions? Drop in the comments.

Photo 1: my image Photo 2: Al Bell and Sadie Photo 3: More samplings from artist Sammi Lee’s Santa Barbara Festival

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52 thoughts on “Moving Blog Challenge (reader share)

  1. Oh wow Michele, Al’s story is so touching and inspiring. And he is 90? I love it! 😊💖🥰 What a beautiful friendship you two have. I had an opportunity to read Dawn, Selma’s, and Samantha’s challenge posts! I love how different and empowering each of them present their “Moving” prompt! You rock my encouraging Dancing Queen! Hugs and smooches! 😘💖🤗🥂😍

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    1. Al certainly is an inspiring person who I am blessed to have met and what a treat to have him read along and offer occasional comments that engage and educate. 🌟 Thank you so much for reading his share and the other three movers and shakers! Fun! You are a wonderful and wise woman whom I am also blessed to have met! 🤗💖😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My feeling of blessings is mutual Michele my Belle. 🙏🏼 I think you give me too much credit for being wise 🦉, but I am trying to be as focused as I possibly can. I am so blessed that our paths crossed in such a wonderful and profound way Michele my Dancing Queen. Sending you a load of hugs and smooches. 🥰💞😊💐🥰🦋😄🥂😘

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    1. I am grateful for your visit and comment. Thank you! I am fortunate to have met Al a few years ago and to have him as a reader, with occasional comments from him that highlight his writing skills. ✍🏻 My pleasure!

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  2. So inspiring story of your 90 years old friend ( cannot believe age 90) very fit and his
    Cute doggie so lovely 🌷❤️🌝 the photos are all so beautiful , the doggie and you
    How glorious moments spent wonderful lines to read ✍️👍 grace wishes dear friend 👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Al is an inspiring and admirable model of how to defy age! Having a cute puppy is a good reason to get out walking. 🐕 Thank you for being here, Thattamma, and for noticing special details. 🌟I value your visits and kindness. 💗🤗

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    1. Sounds like a beautiful, calm, and inspiring way to start the day, doesn’t it? 🌄 Thanks a million sensational Samantha, for your presence with your kind comments and with your Yoga contribution. Grateful me! 💖 BTW – Artist Sammi and I are going to do the first drawing later today. 🌟 Will keep you early birds posted!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. A “jewel kind” – a fitting description for both the story and Al, yes! 💎 Thank you so very much, Selma. I feel your sincere blessings and I am grateful. 🤗💖 BTW – Artist Sammi and I are going to do the first drawing later today. 🌟 Will keep you early birds posted!


  3. Al’s story made me so happy! I grew up with a Miniature Schnauzer and he was the love of my early life. They are wonderful companions. I love the way he writes about her and his morning walk. Made me smile!

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    1. What a special connection! 🐕 Thank you for sharing that sweet puppy detail and for enjoying Al’s writing. A feel-good story! 😊 Great gratitude to you for your beautiful moving share this morning. It truly is moving. 💃🏼🎶🥰 🙏🏻

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  4. WE have a mini schnauzer who is now four years old. June is all black and she is the 4th Schnauzer we have had. We love the breed and June is the most affectionate Schnauzer we have had.In the morning she get up on to the bed and come over to me and gives nose a few quick kisses. My husband who walks her several times a day can pick her up and cuddle her and she loves it! So I was happy to see Sadie out with her Al .

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    1. I am loving the connection you’ve made to Al’s post. I get a sense you’d get along fabulously! Too bad you can’t meet and walk your cute little ladies. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Anne. Stories connect us! 💞

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