Night falls, dreams rise

I sang a song with Venus. I offered a wish to the waxing moon. I pondered the vast darkness.

I am diving into the deepness where my guide awaits – the weaver of dreams, the spinner of fates.

Make a wish!

~ Michele

my image, Venus and the waxing crescent, southwestern skies (5/22) 🌙

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96 thoughts on “Night falls, dreams rise

    1. Nature never fails to delight and inspire. I love her quiet surprises. 💖 Thank you, Nancy, for the song contribution. A fitting one that reminds me of my hippy aunt. She played that one a few times. 😁 ✌🏻

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  1. Absolutely beautiful photo of waxing moon and Venus , written wonderful lines dream also
    by a great Author , she so sweet 🥰🌹🙏👍🏻I made a wish for you and me dear friend ✌🏼🙂
    Good morning and happy wishes 💕👏

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      1. I first interpreted your comment as not being under a starry sky. Thank you for courteously correcting me and for offering sensitivity and expanded awareness. I greatly appreciate that. 🙏🏻 Kind regards to you. 😊

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    1. One of the things I enjoy about blogging is connecting with people from different areas, cultures, etc. I am also intrigued by our different time zones… you are living in the future, and I am living in the past. 😆 Thank you for your thoughtful words, Pooja! 🌔🪄

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    1. Why thank you! No special equipment – just my telephoto lens and me standing very still. My camera was actually giving me some issues last night, so I was happy to get one decent one. I have a basic Canon that I hope to upgrade later this year. I shall make a wish! 📷🪄😆

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    1. Oooh yeah, love that line! Love your visits too! Thank you. Sorry I was remiss in not commenting on your last gorgeous post. My Zoom call zapped my brain. 😂 Please know how much I enjoyed your verse. 💖

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  2. Your astrophotography is lovely, Michele. ⭐📷 And, my wish 🪄💫✨✨🍀🤞

    I just made a wish
    Her name is Michele
    A romance novelist
    Warming hearts as books sell

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