Being a Woman – Chapbook

Being a Woman – Overcoming

Being a WomanOvercoming Poetry Chapbook

Poems by Michele Lee Sefton, Illustrations by Sammi Lee

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A bit about the chapbook~
This poetry collection is a collaborative effort between my daughter, the artist, and me, the poet. This first collection, began with one poem – “My Curves.” I wrote it, stood back, and thought I was done. Then, I realized this poem was the first of what would become a collection of poems, that reveal buried thoughts and moments women must overcome. My poems describe snapshots and sound bites from my life, however, the moments described in these poems are not mine alone to overcome. Women, often from when we are quite young, are told in both subtle and direct ways that the body and gender we inhabit are less than marvelous, less than glorious, less than miraculous. Although women still receive less than messages, we are stepping over those messages and stepping into our own. For women who carry the consequential words from feeble minds, may the words and images on the following pages encourage you to release those beliefs, because you are indeed a marvelous and glorious miracle.  

Early teasing and early hurtful words can sow shame, insecurities, and self-doubt, that over a lifetime can grow, but we need not accept that as our destiny. We can face those painful memories and hurtful words and give them back to the bullies, those who impose, and the uninformed, and reclaim what is ours – our glorious womanhood.

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Reader reviews~

“So easy to get lost in these words! I love the beautiful and poignant images that the author creates, and how the artist weaves you through the pages in a choreographed dance. I’m so looking forward to the next editions!” ~ Marylou

“As all who read her weekly blog already know, Michele is a gifted writer with a tremendous ability to take her readers on a journey through her words. This first collection of her poems is something readers will find themselves relating to, no matter their stage in life. In addition, Sammi’s illustrations weave their way perfectly alongside Michele’s words. I look forward to their next collaboration when they release their second collection!” ~ Kiki

Do you what [sic.] to have a better understanding of the women in your life?
Buy it. I did. Now I do.” ~ William

“A tapestry of poems that weave their way through what it means to be a woman. We struggle with our curves, roles, hormones, and childbirth. In this time of the pandemic, I especially loved “Makeup and Hair.” For “I am tired of styling my hair . . . “ Beautiful words that make this experience poignant and authentic. Sammi Lee’s illustrations wrap themselves magically around each work. This is a heartfelt collection that taps into the experiences of being a woman—and overcoming.” ~ S. Marinella (Author)