Dreamy Visit, Surprising Gifts

My post is both a true story and a tribute to a woman who left this world too soon, but not without leaving a lasting and loving impression on me, her niece, and on countless others who adored her. Those who have been following my blog since at least July, may remember from my post, …

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a Curiouser and Curiouser night

Answering to Alice A fantastical story, first read through child’s eyes meeting a white rabbit and a girl, simple and polite following a rabbit down a hole, curious she was, if not bright swishing past cupboards and bookshelves, tumbling into make-believe falling with her, down a long tunnel and in my childhood dreams into a …

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Dreams Do Come True

“There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.” ― Homer, The Odyssey I am going to share a secret about me, that is known only to those close to me. Even those who know this side of me, have probably forgotten, because it is something I rarely discuss. My …

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Pacing and Retracing My Words and My Steps (poem w/audio)

Pacing and Retracing My Words and My Steps When not sitting still long enough to write I find myself pacing and retracing my steps. A purposeful stride while I walk and recite – hearing the words, my words, as I read aloud. Listening to the sounds that slice the silence with their rhythm, pace, and …

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I Hear the Quiet Outside

I heard silence in place of the bell that continued to ring, although no children were nearby to hear it sing. The constant chiming, reminding me many things over the last three weeks, now quiet. The silence that remains inspired the following lines.

Making a Difference During this Fragmented Existence

Like everyone, I am over this virus business and want so much to move along, but I fear, in the U.S., we may be at the start of what is not a sprint, but a marathon. Because writing helps me process life and keep a level head, I once again find myself sharing words that …

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Two Transpiring Paradigms

Tried hard, I did, to push these thoughts aside. I started writing a humorous story about a runaway van, that was sure to get at least one laugh, but the grocery lines are long and the lines that follow this paragraph kept interrupting my funny story with their demands. A war of ideas waged. Funny …

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